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Warning to all Catholics: Prepare for Catholics for Obama Phone Calls! Comments

The Obama supporter then launched into her "canned response" and started reading from her call script: "Well, I am a practicing Catholic, and I strongly support President Obama." The mother then asked her if she was "familiar with the Pope's five "non-negotiable's."' The Obama supporter had no idea what she was talking about and explained that it was only the Pope's "opinion" to ban the use of contraception. Continue Reading

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  1. Joe
    2 years ago

    As to the comment that God does not care who you vote for, that certainly is not true. One's vote is sacred and it is integral to the gift of Freedom given to us by God. One who lives in America and partakes of her bounties has a duty to vote and a further duty to vote intelligently. Catholic Americans especially have a duty to study each candidate's policies and to select the ones who will best protect and defend the ideals found in Catholic doctrine.

    Abortion is an atrocity, and any candidate who supports abortion does not deserve the vote of any moral person. Many lies are told by those who do not respect life, lies that are meant to deflect from the horrors that result from their policy. There are many people who have grown up in one political Party who cannot see how that Party has veered from its traditions and has been taken on a distinctly and frightening immoral path. Such people are gullible and will believe and pass on to others any and all propaganda in the effort to garner more votes. Then there are those who are using the Party for their own agendas and who school their minions in the art of deception. We all must be aware of this and be prepared to counter their arguments.

    As for Mr. Romney, his Mormonism was for me a huge obstacle to overcome. I feel that he and other Mormons may, in great part, be using this election to convert others to their Faith. However, it sickens me that the members of the mainstream media are using Mr. Romney's religion as a weapon against him. I have tried to find some way to justify staying home this election cycle and not giving my precious vote to either man. I am sorry that the GOP has made this election so close by giving us such a weak politician. Then I look at the option and I am bursting with impatience to vote for Mr. Romney and to end the reign of evil that has encompassed this nation for the past almost four years. Mr. Romney IS a decent man; and, although his religious beliefs must be a part of how I see him as a candidate, all other things being balanced in his favor, I am bound in conscience to vote for him.

  2. Mack
    2 years ago

    Catholics have for two hundred years helped elect a great many presidents, only one of whom was Catholic. I don't concur with the teachings of the LDS, but neither do I agree with the teachings of Baptists, Episcopalians, Methodists, or Presbyterians. Governor Romney appears to be a good man, a man whom I would trust with my family and our nation.

  3. Red
    2 years ago

    So the argument comes down to a candidate who attacks the sacrament of marriage and life - all concepts emitting from the Word. What about attacking the Word itself? Mormons believe in a completely different version of the Bible and a VERY amended version of who the Father and Son are as well as a different concept of the Trinity. Their BoM is a completely unhistorical addition to the Bible. Jews got in a boat and headed to the New World before Columbus or the Vikings?

    Read the various letters - read the second half of the New Testament. There were warnings against false teachers and false prophets, many who come in the name of Christ. There is far more danger from the wolf in sheep's clothing. As for Mormons who say they believe in Jesus and that he is the Son of God. Well even Satan believes this. But it is when you take what he is, what the Trinity is, and the canon and completely modify it, you have separated yourself from what being a Christian is. Christ said he would go and be at the right hand of the Father and prepare a place for us. NOT to go to the Americas to visit some non-existent group. They have claimed actions that Christ never did. And have said he said things he did not.

  4. cken
    2 years ago

    Whether you consider Mormons a christian religion or not, their values are more Christ like than the Muslims. The choice should be clear for anyone who considers themselves a Christian. I will admit that Obama has claimed himself at times to be a Christian and at other times a Muslim. Romney has always been consistent in his religion and his religious values. I think it would be nice to have a president again who attends church while in office. I am an old fashioned kind of guy, maybe I am out of touch and don't understand the pressing demands of the presidency. The pressures of the office don't seem to keep Obama from having time to golf or shoot hoops, but I guess going to church, even once in awhile, would be too time consuming. Obama bows to Muslim leaders but not to God. I am sorry but Obama's religion, or lack thereof bothers me. Like many other things about Obama, no one is quite sure what he is or what he truly stands for. As to those who are not bothered by these things, I question their ability to question and I fear such sheep, after they are sheared, will be bleating in panic as their Shepard leads them over the fiscal cliff.

  5. Dale Wight
    2 years ago

    Just a question: if that caller lied about Catholic, Planned Parenthood's, Pres. Obama's, and Gov. Romney's positions, why would we assume that she told the truth when she said that she was a Catholic?

  6. Norton Nork
    2 years ago

    I believe this article to be a fabrication. This is the kind of thing that republicans do. You are trying to start some kind of scandal. Obama is consistently leading the polls in Ohio- why even entertain such a stupid tactic. I oppose Obama, too -- but from the left. Free abortion upon request for all women. Free contraception for all. Stay in Church and out of politics. Cheers.

  7. The Atomic Mom
    2 years ago

    WOW! All I can say is WOW! Good to know that this is what is coming for my Catholic brothers and sisters. I am a Mormon and I support you all if your efforts to keep the Lord's commandments, to serve others and to value and cherish life.

  8. Marybird
    2 years ago

    We know that the Obama campaign and supporters have a "loose association" with the truth ( wasn't it Mitt Romney that put it that way?), and will say or do anything that pushes their candidate. I'm not surprised that an Obama promoter would make false statements about Mormonism, (or anything or anyone else), so I'd certainly not take his/her word for the time of day! I've always been of the opinion that a person's religion or personal beliefs are just that, and don't or shouldn't factor into their political life, so I'd never vote for or against someone because he/she professes a particular religion. If that belief system/religion makes a person better, gives their life meaning and an anchor, and gives them peace, that's good enough for me. And from all indications, that's what Mitt Romney's Mormonism does for him.

  9. Patrick
    2 years ago

    God does not care who you vote for. God will not ask you "How did you Vote"? Politics is a game played by Men when they think they are smarter then God. Worry about God's approval, not your neighbors. Love they Neighbor. All else is a distraction at best.

  10. Randy Churchill
    2 years ago

    This is a great article, and I respect the author's comments. The push call insults me as a member of the LDS Church. For the first 19 years of my life I was a member of a Congregational Churchi congregation. Since then, I have been a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and I have been amazed at the strength of the Catholic Church's stance against the current Administration on the health care mandates and dictates as well as the strength of members' faith on all other moral issues.

    Although I am not obviously as well versed as you on Catholic faith components, I am amazed at the ignorance or dishonesty of the push caller. Planned Parenthood does not counsel or participate in abortions? Yikes. Obama does not support abortion? His final watershed was refusing to help with partial-birth abortions. He does not deserve re-election.

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