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'PISS CHRIST' Coming to New York City: Catholic League's Bill Donohue to Lead Protest Comments

Serrano said that "Piss Christ" was "meant to question the whole notion of what is acceptable and unacceptable." There is not much to question: decent people know it is unacceptable. But in elite cultural circles, anti-Christian art is not only acceptable, it is laudatory. Just don't offend Muslims. Continue Reading

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  1. vance
    2 years ago

    Albert Maas, Yes, it's free speech but the sicko' s blasphemy was sponsored by tax payer money. He can't blaspheme on MY DIME. Our senators and Reps have a responsibility to pull any funding for this filth. Sicko can blaspheme on his OWN DIME. The Art Museum IS NOT obligated to show this filth. This is where We The Faithful come into play. We can exercise Our Free Speech by demonstrating outside the museum. The Art Museum should not receive a penny of tax payer funds for this filth. Our Reps should immediately pull all public funds.

  2. Albert F. Maas
    2 years ago

    Hey Vance, it is called free speech. Blasphemy is not a crime it, is a necessity in all free societies,

  3. JeanCatherine
    2 years ago


    The Catholic League was started by the church and a priest if Im not mistaken. They work with and through the Catholic League thats why the appointed Bill Donohue for the job.

    I would be very surprised if they didnt know what was going on. Bill is the best person to represent all of us including the clergy. Thats why this organization was set up.

  4. Sum Nemo
    2 years ago

    While I can certainly understand some of the outrage, the problem with making noise about some of these "works of art" is that we generally serve only to provide these "artists" with free publicity, which is generally the fifteen minutes of fame that the "artist" in question was counting on when they were "expressing themselves". One instance I can remember well was the Church response to Madonna's video "Just Like a Prayer" where Church officials chose not to provide Madonna with free publicity. I have often wondered what would happen if we were to ignore these "artists", that maybe they will simply disappear into obscurity where they belong. I guess it is a hard call. Do we express our outrage, providing free publicity to an obscure artist who would probably be quickly forgotten anyway or do we wrestle with our conscience by ignoring them?

  5. KarlVDH
    2 years ago

    It's not art, it's garbage, intended to incite people of faith- which it did, because we LET it. The only reason this thing has any importance at all is that WE GAVE IT TO HIM. Mapplethorpe got exactly what he wanted... FROM US.
    think about it a second. The sort of person something like this appeals to... they don't actually CARE. It's only the reaction they get from US they're interested in... and so while I applaud Mr. Donohue's position, I think he's being foolish; it will be WE CATHOLICS who keep this thing in the news, and give it exposure. Some things are just to stupid and inane to dignify with protest. All we're doing is playing into the hands of the people looking to make a buck off this disgraceful thing... and we're giving it to them. And what will we accomplish? NOTHING, except giving them exactly the attention and controversy they want. And we have no "win" here. It should be just ignored- like it deserves. It's garbage. WE are giving it too much attantion. WE will be the ones to keep it in the public eye. And we'll call it "defending the Church." Pitiful.

  6. DLL
    2 years ago

    God will not not be mocked,this kind of art mocks all of humanity,humanity cannot mock God,in attempting to mock God humanity only mocks itself. Humanity is the source of it's very own damnation,as is each and every human being. God does not damn anyone to hell because we are the ones that damn ourselves. "Choose a Blessing or choose a curse"!

  7. Jorge dela Selva
    2 years ago

    I can’t help but wonder if Catholics and other Christian Communities are now at liberty to: (a) riot in the streets, (b) murder the innocent, (c) burn down the Edward Tyler Nahem gallery, (d) demand the current administration to profusely apologize and outlaw “art” like this, and if (e) Christian religious leaders can now issue the equivalent of an Islamic Fatwa on the lives of those that have aided Andres Serrano or his family?!?

    Get the point? Why is Islam treated so differently and the world cowers in fear to even comment on Islam. Yet, when it comes to Judaism, Christianity and numerous other religions, when outright grotesque blasphemy such as this is published or displayed as “Art” using U.S. tax dollars in some cases, everyone remains relatively calm and the ACLU says it’s a matter of free-speech! I do not condone murder and riot, but it needs to be pointed out that Western Democracies and its citizens need to stop kowtowing to Islam and being held hostage to its immaturity and Temper Tantrums!

  8. Scott Perry
    2 years ago

    The fact that Christians and Jews are persecuted moreover all the other religions is simply a reinforcement to the fact that Christianity is the one and true faith. The Lord Jesus Christ told us in Scripture that we would be persecuted for our belief and love of Him. Satan has his hands in the powers of media, government, and the judicial system.

  9. Michelle
    2 years ago

    I wish I had not seen that demonic picture today. It makes my stomach sick. However, I offer to our much offended Lord the tears I shed in reparation to His Most Sacred Heart.

  10. abey
    2 years ago

    All this shows that Man is still a Barbarian, especially so the case with the Elites, the learned people with all their Doctorates , Phd's , arts & awards thinking themselves to be gods, but foolishness unto God, cause The Truth of the Spirit, the basis of the physical, eludes them.

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