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'PISS CHRIST' Coming to New York City: Catholic League's Bill Donohue to Lead Protest Comments

Serrano said that "Piss Christ" was "meant to question the whole notion of what is acceptable and unacceptable." There is not much to question: decent people know it is unacceptable. But in elite cultural circles, anti-Christian art is not only acceptable, it is laudatory. Just don't offend Muslims. Continue Reading

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  1. vance
    2 years ago

    KarlVDH, Your posts are comical. No, I do not live in New York. If I did live there, you would see my smiling face with my sign in front of the museum. BUT you do have a point. We do have many Catholic Bishops and priests who do think like you. And this is precisely why Hollywood and the so-called art community feel comfortable blaspheming Christ, our Blessed Mother, and our Church. They know that nothing will be said or done. BUT I am walking the walk busy with Catholic Voter Registration to defeat your Dear Leader Obama and the Party of Death and Deceit. I am co-directing a local 40 Days For Life. This is starting to take on a Life of its own and spreading across country. We still have a ways to go BUT we will arrive. BUT don't cheer to loud for your comrades at the Art Museum because you might start hearing some noise.

  2. Gabriella
    2 years ago

    What are all these comments going to achieve, people? You are at each other's throats trying to up one another - not the way to go! We have to get down on our knees and beg God for forgiveness, pray for the offenders as they are badly misguided souls as are those who offer them venues to publish the expressions of their unwell minds.
    It is so very sad that there are people who completely lost their way but, they have us to help them find it.
    God bless.

  3. KarlVDH
    2 years ago

    Hey Vance... just wondering... since the "art" is already on public display since yesterday, the exhibit has opened, and the "artist" already GOT paid for it, I'm curious... other than creating curiosity and attracting people to view the thing, how's your little "protest" going? Got all the results you were going for? Seems a very large number have turned out "to see what all the controversy is about." Was that your doing, Vance? Well done, bro.

  4. kathy
    2 years ago

    If we were Muslims, we would be out protesting with violence...but we as Catholics do not. This sort of thing cannot hurt us. Our faith is not in a thing...a crucifix...a Mass...even the sacraments...our faith must be in and only in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. These people will have to answer on judgement day...and it is coming.

  5. Darrell Phillips
    2 years ago


    Your reflection in examining oneself as to our vehemence over the offense we offer the Lord through our own sins is a worthy point, indeed. Yeah, people can engage in all kinds of offensive and disgusting portrayals of our Lord and they think they are promulgating art to the world. Truth is, they are promulgating and revealing what's in their own hearts. Any decent and peace-loving person will see these "art" expressions as highly offensive and sad at the same time, as it only serves its own master - namely, Satan. He wants to defame and put out lies about the Saviour of the world at every possible turn. That's what he does by his nature. On the other hand, Christ calls us to something sublimely higher than all that crap and stenchful dung-heap. He calls us to a relationship to Him so beautiful that we can proclaim, Abba! That we can be as the Father is: good to those who treat us well and those who treat us badly. For he lets His sun shine and His rain fall on both good and evil alike.

  6. john catoliko
    2 years ago

    how can this be art? this is godlessness & just plain demonic. HOPE the guy Can REPENT before he dies.. otherwise as we believers believe, his SOUL will BE DAMNED FOREVER.

  7. KarlVDH
    2 years ago

    Vance, you're just so predictable. I'm not for Obama, you loon. I'm a realist.
    As to this mess... let's see...
    1) you think there's enough of a hardcore Catholic backing for this gallery that a boycott will hurt them? You're dreaming.It's no better than when Christians decided to boycott Disneyworld on gay family day... They won't care. In fact, they'll welcome the free advertizing.
    2) Do you SERIOUSLY think in an election year you're going to get someone from EITHER party to cut funding to the arts? Keep dreaming. And based on an objection stemming from religion? Get real, Vance. Neither the Republicans or Democrats have the stones for it. Ain't gonna happpen.
    3) You think such an action or protest on the part of the Church will do ANYTHING but provide this piece of garbage with anything other than free publicity? You're a fool.

    So go ahead, stand up, refuse to "tolerate" whatever you want. you're going to get absolutely NO result... the display will go on, the thing will become even more better known because you have to have your little moment of empty gesture,, and the kicker is... by doing it, You'll be the best friend this "art" ever had. You'll make them all love you.

    By the way, you even live near New York, or is this something you plan to protest all alone from somewhere far away? Yeah... THAT would really make a difference...

  8. DLL
    2 years ago

    Mike: I do not favor blasphemy laws either. If they get passed because of the irresponsible behavior of people like this artist,then the law must be enforced to protect his life. Blasphemy laws become necessary when ignorant people,like him,cannot contain themselves in their desire to offend others. One bad apple full of worms makes the rest of the apples in the bunch suspect. This is probably political hype,but if one lousy blasphemous tape can cause Muslims offended by it,to want to start a world war,than maybe there should be blasphemy laws. This is similar to the debate over gun laws. If everyone had a gun would everyone be more responsible? Probably not is my personal thought. Free speech and free expression artistically is a luxury,a cherished right to be protected. Cherished rights and trust are lost because of those that push it to the limit and then gladly go overboard abusing the right,then they ruin it for everyone else.

  9. Juneau Alaska
    2 years ago

    I'm posting less and reading less on Catholic And this is why: a challenge I find difficult to overcome in these forums is the willingness of others to look at a question, put a box around it, and examine it at face value. I suppose I could be doing a poor job framing my observations. I don't support blasphemy laws. Whenever someone is silenced by law, it not only takes away their freedom of expression, but it also takes away my right to hear or choose not hear what they are saying. There are civilized ways to make one's objections known. Gagging the First Amendment is not one of them. This artist is not doing anything unconstitutional. -Cheers! ~Mike, not a person of faith.

  10. vance
    2 years ago

    KarlVDH, Well let's see. Are you a Commie, or a Socialist?? HMMMM! Are you for Obama? Well, I guess I'll prove you right. ((( YOU ARE FOR OBAMA )))!!! Karl, this outright laughable. You are as obvious as the sun in the sky. As for shutting up and looking the other way. I don't think so. The Catholic Church needs to stand up and make it clear that this filth , which your Party of Death and Deceit supports, is NOT TOLERATED and we won't sit by silently. All public funds should be immediately pulled from the museum. AND if there are any big businesses supporting this, we Catholic will not buy their products or shop in their stores. This will accomplish a whole lot.

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