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Debunking the Gnostic 'Parchment: Jesus Couldn't Have Had a Wife Comments

Have we really regressed, after 4,000 years of Divine revelation, to seeing the Trinity the way the Greeks saw the gods, sneaking into human bedrooms disguised as humans, in order to impregnate human beings so as to created demi-gods, in the process committing adultery against their divine mates ? Continue Reading

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  1. Peter Ramsey
    2 years ago

    Jesus has a wife - the church.

  2. Dr. Dom
    2 years ago

    Jesus was fully man ("a man like us in all things but sin") and fully God because He possessed after the Incarnation both the human and divine natures. But He is not a human person (one cannot say "a person like us in all things but sin" because then we would note His being eternal, all-knowing, all-powerful, etc., none of which we share, and all of which make Him different from us as persons in more ways than merely sinlessness). So a Divine Person with 2 natures, human and Divine. But He is most definitely not 2 persons. No person can become a second person by definition. This is because as a matter of Church teaching Jesus was and always remained a Divine Person from all eternity as the 2nd Person of the Blessed Trinity, so despite fully possessing human nature from the Incarnation on, He nonetheless could not become a human person but remained a Divine Person although possessing both a human nature and a Divine nature. This is why, after all, Mary is mother of God, and not merely mother of Jesus' humanity, precisely because Jesus is a Divine, not human, Person. But this also means He cannot marry, because while a woman can be God's mother, no woman can be God's wife (carnally, I mean, since the "marriage" of the Blessed Mother with the Holy Spirit is by way of mystical analogy and does not in any way make her non-virginal).

    But this also means that He wasn't celibate the way priests are because they take a deliberate vow even though they could marry. He was rather, as we might put it, "virginal from the beginning" because unlike created human persons, not a "suitable helpmate" for any created human person, Himself not being a created person, nor a human person (However his humanity was indeed created). His complete love-giving and life-giving Personal gift of self (to borrow from John Paul II) can only be to the other Persons of the Trinity. These Divine Persons are of Equal dignity to Him and make possible not only a love-and-life-giving suitable exchange of Persons, but one that is the real sharing inherent to the Trinity, and not merely an created image of it. Marriage carnally is limited to human created persons, who then can make a complete personal self-gift which aptly "images" the love of the Divine Persons for each other, without however ACTUALLY BEING that love.

    So Jesus is fully human, yes, but that is as regards his human nature, but not as regards His Personhood which was Divine and uncreated, not human and created. This is no incidental point because if true it means not merely that Jesus chose not to marry, but that He could never marry.

  3. Jane
    2 years ago

    I know my Jesus and my Jesus knows me. And someone who gives Himself so personally and lovingly to me so as to have His very Blood coursing through my veins as does happen when I receive Him in Holy Communion (not to mention everything else that happens when I receive Him in Holy Communion), could not have given Himself personally to an earthly wife. That would be too exclusive for Him. It's difficult to explain, but if someone came to me with a "parchment" like that one, my only comment would have to be, " WHATEVER." and that would be the end of the conversation or examination.

  4. abey
    2 years ago

    It is like liking between Pagan temple prostitution with the Jerusalem Temple. Revelations state that the first fruits of the lamb who are the 1,44,000 from the various tribes are not defiled by women, so how can their head- Christ be defiled or have been married to any woman . He who hated Hypocrites cannot be a Hypocrite.

  5. Rob
    2 years ago

    I will admit that I have not studied these concepts as fully as the author. But I too kind of took away the focus on Christ's divinity and sort of a downplaying of his humanity. I think I need to understand what exactly is meant by Jesus being fully human. The author seems to imply there are things that couldn't possibly be. I'm not sure how you can say that because I think God can do whatever He wants right?

    I didn't find Fr. Martin's article threatening. In fact, I think he is merely addressing the uninformed masses about the issues that automatically get brought up when things like this come up. I don't believe Jesus was married, and I don't think Fr. Martin does either. But I think we have to stop being so negative and defensive. If non-believers are talking about Jesus, then it's an opportunity to join that conversation. Invite people to discuss instead of slamming them over the head with theology they won't understand. Share with people your relationship with Jesus. No greater proof than that.

  6. Josh
    2 years ago

    So I guess Sacred Tradition that's been around for more than two millennium and written in four Gospels since around the 4th century accounts for nothing now? Yet, here we go again, the "liberal media" is off on another sensationalized trek down the "yellow brick road". Maybe if they get enough media outlets to push this 'junk' news they can get enough people to buy in to it. Today people are inclined to believe those whom they don not know because they've never been deceived by them. Perhaps we can get our politicians to make a pronouncement of their belief and we'll then know it's "gospel" truth - NOT.

  7. DLL
    2 years ago

    So many people don't seem to care about anything the Bible says,especially the "Secular Media"but THEY all seem TO CARE about THIS LITTLE PARCHMENT? How LAUGHABLE! To quote Scrooge:"OUT UPON IT ALL! I'll retire to BEDLAM"!

  8. Anna VanSant
    2 years ago

    While I accept the teaching of the Church that Jesus was celibate, this article goes against the teaching that not only was Jesus fully Divine, he was also FULLY human. It seems to emphasize the divinity of Jesus and to ignore his humanity. Jesus could have married, but He did not.

  9. Greg
    2 years ago

    Sounds like an other trick of satan. Similar to this lie: 'But the snake said to the woman: “You certainly will not die!" God knows well that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened and you will be like gods, who know good and evil.”'

  10. Allain
    2 years ago

    In this present time of counterfeit and self-glorification, what else or who else I should believe? nothing! no more! the wholeness of the holy bible must never be questioned anymore. giving anything or somebody attention for their counterfeit works to glorify themselves is simply waste of time. may Jesus Christ reveals upon the life of karen king to stop all these pretty inventions and selfishness. a very small piece of papyrus to contradict such thickness and length of the holy scripture is ridiculous! truly, Anti-Christs are here to stay for as long as people like us continue to give space in our lives.

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