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Caroline Kennedy's False Witness: Who Will Speak for the Church? Comments

There were a lot of bad speeches at the Democratic National Convention, but Caroline Kennedy's speech was the low point in many ways.  She got up on a national stage and used her professed Catholic faith to justify and actually demand the preservation of grave evils that the Church explicitly condemns.  She presented lies for the truth, and tried to justify it with her Catholic faith.  I've been hoping to hear some strongly-worded ... Continue Reading

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  1. DLL
    2 years ago

    Jennifer: I grew up during the same time frame that Ms.Kennedy did. No one really understood their faith,who God is,Jesus,The Holy Spirit,and the body of Christ,all that was a pure mystery. Christianity was a sort of political activism to get on the right side of the issue that seemed to be publically and politically correct,a nice person approach to most any issue. Christianity was a mess before the publication of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. That publication turned me from a Protestant to a Catholic. You cannot appreciate how those Cardinals,such as Cardinal Law and the Popes,JohnPaul 2 and The now Pope Benedict16 worked to make a sound Catechesis the current teaching we all enjoy today. Cardinal Law had a great program on Boston Catholic TV where he was teaching the Cathechism that got cut short because of the sex scandal in Boston. Boston Catholic TV has never shown re runs of that wonderful program. The Caroline Kennedy Catholic Church is not the same as the one I attend now. In her time you went to Church to be a good person,a political activist,social worker and so forth acting for the common good. Of coarse today we know that all of that is open to many varied forms of interpretation. That is because of all the conflicted post world war 2 thinking. The Democratic Party of the sixties is the model of what the party tries to be today. The Democratic party used to be the party of every Catholic. The Republican Party was Protestant,very few if any Catholics. To cross over from being a Democrat to Republican and vice versa was like converting from Catholic to Protestant and vice versa. One would be a family disgrace to do such a thing and anyone who has tried that,knows what it is,that I am writing about. The best way I can describe a person such as Caroline Kennedy,is she has brain farts,verbily expressed, that exposé her ignorance of her faith because she is simply a full party line Democrat,first and foremost,as are so are many Cardinals,Priests,Religious and Laity in our Holy Catholic Church Today. For many being a Democrat is much more important than receiving the Holy Eucharist. It seems to be more real to them than a Mystical Holy Offering to God,in the form of the Eucharist. Church is the weekly devotion for all Catholics,but so many do not think,just as Protestants,that you do not have to go to Church to be a food person. As for me I try to go to Church,for the same reasons that the Jennifer Hartline sees as the important reasons for being and acting like a Christian Catholic. Political Party and Church affiliations should help all to assimilate a mind of Christ,acting as the Body of Christ. Political affiliations are not important,as party platforms change with the times and not necessarily for the better. The Christian obligation is to evaluate political party platforms for their integrity and choose accordingly. Acting in accordance with our Catholic faith,is the act of our integrity,as human persons. Our Holy Mother of God in your arms,the child of a Virgin Birth,grew up to be our Holy Teacher,integrity itself,eternal wisdom and truth,acting always in pure and Holy Obedience to God and to God only. Thank you Jennifer for another well written article,for me thought inspiring.

  2. David
    2 years ago

    God bless you Jennifer Hartline! I would say that Mr. Michael Voris hits this issue on the head in his latest CIA (Catholic Investigative Service) production see: His thesis is that the Catholic Church - the hieacrchy has been associated too much with the democratic party. This explains the CCHD scandals and how many powerful politicians make claim to the Catholic faith without the fear of being corrected by their ordinaries. Along with this seems to be a deep seated fear of losing tax exempt status. We must continue to fast and pray for our bishops and priests.
    It seems to me that those who need to speak our are the laity, at least what's left of the faithful laity.

  3. TheRose
    2 years ago

    Right on, Ms. Jennifer. You expressed truths very well. Apostasy is apostasy, yet the apostasy is first to the truths of Jesus Christ, His Church, His teachings of moral absolutes and the righteousness of Gods standards, and not our own, individually. These apostalites, rebels, to the foundational truths of Christ, have committed adultery with God first by having a drunken romance with the god of this world, rejecting their own marriage vows to Christ Jesus thru the doorway of the Roman Catholic Church. It is not just that each of the parties you have spoken of, who are used in the limelight of our world today, but, also, many others who seek to change the foundational truths of righteousness, pruity and holiness God has called all who claim His name to. This is spiritual adultery thru the acts of worldly fornication, a spiritual intercourse with the ways of the world, being used as pons by the Father of LIes thru demonic forces. If one is trully Saved by the conviction of truth thru the blood of Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit convicts the converted sinner the error of his or her ways and the gift of discernment is given to give the new saint the heads up what is of God and what is not of God. We all error and go off the path of righteousness, yet, thru the convicting power of the Holy Spirit, we know within our hearts we have errored, we thus repent and walk anew again along this path of righteousness and truth. True conviction of salvation thru the Way of Jesus Christ is lasting and convicting and ensuring of our walk onward and upward to the gates of heaven thru holding on to what we know is right and pure, life as God sees it and not as man sees it. If man does not continue to take his spiritual medicine thru the Word of God, thru confession, thru continuing renewel within our hearts and continuingly acknowledging we saints are changing and ever changing into the transformation of the image of Jesus Christ, then man is uncovered to allow the infestation of demonic persuasion and, thus, saints are taken back into the abcess of impurity. When man allows his own pandora box of the secret heart to open up to deception man is now encaptulated with the spell of disception and witchcraft which we all were in the hold of at one time until revelational light shined into our hearts and into our lives and then our minds opend up and received what saith the Lord God of Creation and The Church of Jesus Christ says. The teachings of the Catholic Church of moral standards is the reflection of what the Holy Scriptures say. If someone has a problem with the moral standards of the Roman Catholic Church, they have a problem not with the Church but with God. So their problem is with God. Nevertheless, in our days, as Jesus Christ said, You will know my disciples by their fruits. There are fruits of deception, lies and bewitchment to entice others to separate from foundational beliefs that others hold dear, to entice others to go down a path which seems to be right, because of the day and the hour, yet is not right by the measuring stick which we call the Holy Scriptures. And if one is confessing their connection with the Roman Catholic Church one is respecting the Pastoral leadership of the Roman Catholic Church whose responsibility is to God to uphold these truths which we, of the faith, find evident in word and in deed. Therefore, we follow the Shepherd selected by the faithful to care and lead the flock towards the gates of Heaven. In these last days are those who straddle the fence, have reprobate minds and forked tongues. It is up to us who The Spirit of God has allowed us to use the gift of discernment to speak up and say their tongues are forked, their words are lies and pray that they who are commiting adultery with God Himself and His Sons Church come to their right minds and see the error of their ways. Thank God, my sister, you are able to see the deception, and that God has given you the power of the tongue and the pen, via the internet, to shine light upon truth and untruth for the love of God, for the love of Jesus Christ and for the love of the Roman Catholic Church, her leaders and for the love of thy self and thy neighbor. Peace in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

  4. Tim
    2 years ago

    The reason you haven't heard a "public condemnation" of Caroline Kennedy is because she has far greater credibility than our bishops. She is a household name who represents dignity, motherhood and family.

  5. fr jim
    2 years ago

    I spoke up at my parishes especially since both she & biden referred to their Catholicism..... would that our bishops speak out clearly, but alas their voices are, for the most part, silent.

  6. Larry
    2 years ago

    Caroline, Nancy Pelosi and others can and will say what they want. That's politics and I don't listen to them but... I have grown weary that over the years, the leaders of the Catholic Church have seemed to do nothing when they and others like them (Ted Kennedy for instance) express and do things in public that go directly against Catholic teachings (abortion for instance). I suppose they're all interpreting things for the 'cause' and hope that before they die, they will do a 'good confession' and settle the score. My point is who is not challenging them and setting the record straight about their association with the Catholic Church. People may speak out but where are the leaders?

  7. Charlie
    2 years ago

    Yeah!!! You said it well Jennifer! I share your outrage. These public figures speaking on behalf of Catholicism are indeed a joke and help to make the Catholic church a joke in the eyes of the secular world and worse- a joke in the eyes of improperly/poorly catechized Catholics. I often wonder if these public speaking "Catholics" know what they are doing by speaking against what the Church teaches. If they do know, they should also know that their deeds are PROFOUNDLY evil which would make them PROFOUNDLY STUPID or arogant. What!? Do they think they will be spared judgement on judgement day because THEY decided what is RIGHT! Adam and Eve made that mistake once.

  8. Bob Cook
    2 years ago

    If you want to get involved and actually do something (other than vote) to show support for the Church's teachings and try to influence the upcoming election, google Faith and Freedom Coalition. They are a grassroots organization trying to increase the number of people of faith who will actually vote.

  9. William Snyder
    2 years ago

    Forgiveness must be the first stepping stone for man, He will then find the Love and Peace spoken of. Judge Not, lest yee be judged. Pray for Caroline and the World as One, Pray for All things, that they may be respeceted as the creations of the Lord. See Jesus Christ in All things, for His residence is there. You can hide, you can ignore, you can suggest falsehoods, but TRUTH is ALWAYS TRUTH, even a lie becomes truth once it has been released, IT IS TRULY a LIE, a FALSEHOOD, a DECEITFUL INTENTION. Pray for the LOST SHEEP, PRAY THAT JESUS CHRIST is Recognized by them as they are ALL Recognized by Him, no man goes into life without the LORD, for the Creations that exude Life, are the expressions of the OMNIPOTENT ONE. Fear Not, For God is With you ALL, His MERCY is without bottom, HIS LOVE NEVERENDING, and His Compassion Constant. Pray therefore for LOVE EXPRESSED in the Hearts of Man, Pray that Hatred becomes unthinkable, Pray then GOODNESS FOR ALL, and I WILL PRAY FOR YOU !!!

  10. Carmen
    2 years ago

    Jennifer I applaud your courage to stand for the truth and the sanctity of the Catholic Church.
    It is sad to see how these politicians and public figures open their mouths and speak and defend evil. When they speak,figuratively, i see toads and serpents coming out their mouths.
    I pray that God will give them the grace of humility, they speak with such arrogance!!!!!
    God bless you

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