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Caroline Kennedy's False Witness: Who Will Speak for the Church? Comments

There were a lot of bad speeches at the Democratic National Convention, but Caroline Kennedy's speech was the low point in many ways.  She got up on a national stage and used her professed Catholic faith to justify and actually demand the preservation of grave evils that the Church explicitly condemns.  She presented lies for the truth, and tried to justify it with her Catholic faith.  I've been hoping to hear some strongly-worded ... Continue Reading

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  1. JoAnn
    2 years ago

    Cardinal Dolan spoke out LOUD & CLEAR when he prayed at the close of the DNC. He totally nullified Caroline Kennedy's proclamation. What the heck do you people want? He made an EMBARRASSING LIAR out of Caroline Kennedy NATIONWIDE!! Geez. God bless.

  2. Proud to be Roman Catholic
    2 years ago

    There seems to be a lot of confusion when it comes to judging. Please go to
    WWW.CATHOLICBIBLE101.COM. On the left hand side you will see different topics.
    Scroll down and find the topic called "Judge Not... ". It is the best definition I have read
    In regards to judging. I thought it was excellent. God Bless.

  3. Dennis
    2 years ago

    For the "do not judge" crowd that is condemning us for speaking out. (hypocrisy anyone?)

    If only God can judge, do we open our prisons and let everyone out? Because by your standard they were judged by men, not by God. And what if someone commits a crime against you, personally? Do we come to your aid or would that be too judgmental? Shall we disband our police forces and vacate our courtrooms?

    When Solomon asked for right judgment, God was pleased. When St. Paul said the Scriptures were good for instruction and reproach, he was inspired by the Holy Spirit.

    Please use the good judgement that God gave you! It is what separates us from the animals.

  4. Judy Claar
    2 years ago

    Outstanding Jennifer! I have wondered myself, Why? no one from the Church has spoken publicly about Caroline's words. But then I think: For a priest, bishop, or cardinal, to speak openly and publically, to one such as Ms. Kennedy, or other public figures, they would Really have to weigh their words. Why? Because their words cannot be taken back...and they go around the whole world. And, if one counts all the other beliefs, what a chance of being MISUNDERSTOOD!

    Everyone was on the ban wagon for Bishop Dolan to do MORE. Just as we would like done here. But there is Wisdom in what our leaders do, even though we may think to the contrary.
    (Error. Not everyone, Some).

    These public figures that speak, Knows what it means to be Catholic...They are Not Dumb. It seems to me, that they have either lost their way, or simply Sold Their is not for us to discern or judge. Only God knows the Heart. We can only wonder Why? Perhaps Jennifer, anyone of us can ask our own priest or bishop, Why?

  5. Debra
    2 years ago

    Jesus said, "Love the sinner but hate the sin." Condemning and judging our sister is not what our faith calls us to do. When God created man, He gave us free will. In a land of freedom are we called to take away what God bestowed on us in the beginning? Let's minister to those who are considering taking the life of an an unborn child (or any other sin) by providing witness of Christ's love and compassion. A frightened teenager is more likely to respond to our love and support than in the condemnation of their sin or politics. We can profess our faithfulness and bring about change as Christ did and not through divisiveness which will surely cause more separation and resistance to the Word.

  6. Mike
    2 years ago

    First our you catholic when you dont go by the churchs teaching ? I dont think so. Do politicians and those in power have the right to call themselves Catholic while making policy that goes against the faith ? These people misrepresent my faith. Either your Catholic or your not. I guess if your a politician your above God and what the Church teaches.

  7. William
    2 years ago

    "Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit" and that is... to call evil... good.

  8. Edward Lamp
    2 years ago

    Shame on the bishops and even cardinals for their silence. Permitting her the pulpit is destructive to the church and its teachings. Their silence is a grave sin and I wonder the price they are being paid for silence?

  9. Vin
    2 years ago

    I don't think much attention should be given to this poor soul. She has much to account for and needs prayers more tnan anything. By now, real catholics know there are many misguided people out there who will always be against morality and independence as we knew it years ago. We can only look to God to lead us out of the morass they have made of this society.

  10. Carol Lyon
    2 years ago

    Amen!! Every sentence you wrote could have been pulled from my heart. I wish I had your gift for words. Thank you for using this gift from God for His Church. I, too, get angry and sad when these wolves in Catholics' clothing spew what they want the Church to be and appear to be to the public. And there is no shortage of publicity for these wolves. We must pray without ceasing for our Church, and for its enemies.

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