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Joe Biden and Paul Ryan, Two Catholic Vice Presidential Candidates and One is Being Faithful Comments

One cannot be a faithful Catholic and deny the Right to Life for our first neighbors in their mother's womb. Nor can one be a faithful Catholic and fail to defend true marriage and the family and society founded upon it. Given our numbers, U.S. Catholics can determine the outcome of this election. Continue Reading

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  1. Mike Robertson
    2 years ago

    Paul Ryan is not greedy. Obama and Biden are greedy. Both do nothing to help the poor. Both espouse a view which will make us equal-equally poor and miserable, like is happening in Greece.

    All income levels are better off with less government spending and low taxes-across the board. I have never made above $30,000 and I need for the millionaires to be better off, and for there to be more millionaires and more profitables businesses. That will make the job market a buyers' market for people like me. We will have a large choice of job opportunities available.

    Obama and Biden are greedy-advocating killing of the innocents, calling perversion "marriage" and destroying our economy. We do not need equality of distribution-we need more equality of production-no able-bodied person should receive assistance without doing something in exchange for it. And he should be thankful for the right to work in exchange for his benefits.

  2. Dave
    2 years ago

    Ron Hoyt: I am at a loss as to how people can rationalize things like..."Obama does not believe in abortion; he just does not believe it is the government's place to outlaw it. " The then Illinois Senator Obama supported no medical assistance for born live babies during an abortion... as in supporting the death on an innocent child. Further, Mr. Obama is also on record with the infamous statement regarding abortion concerning that he would not want his daughters punished...

    Psmith: Entitlements... from the government - I'm not so sure Jesus meant for the government to take care of our brother, that is our job to take of our neighbors - besides the government never has done anything efficiently (look at the management of these programs - it is a fiscal disaster with lots of wasted funds - funds that could be utilized help those are are still not being helped, that number grows even now...) You seem overtly vexed about 'gay marriage', as well...

    I am an American Catholic and I will vote for Romney/Ryan, I have many more issues with the current administration and what they directly and overtly/covertly support. Any good practicing Catholic with a properly informed conscience cannot, in good conscience, vote for Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden.

    Prayers for you both...


  3. kja
    2 years ago

    Does the Church also teach that greed is a deadly sin? Does the church also teach that we should follow the Beatitudes? This article is too biased.

  4. abey
    2 years ago

    Life, which is to "the Quality & the Quantity " means "The Faith in the Numbers", as the sands & the stars & on this the choice of Obama plays double fiddle, contradicting both faith & numbers to both Quality & Quantity.

  5. Lindangel
    2 years ago

    God bless, Paul Ryan, he truly lives his Catholic faith in his private and political life. But, Joe Biden is a "fake" Catholic, he supports abortion and gay marriage. If you are a Catholic you cannot support Obama and Biden, if you do the mortal sin is on your soul! God have mercy on your soul.

  6. J. Bob
    2 years ago

    Aside from Ryan being on a greater moral height then Biden, in the economic plan, the Obama-Biden plan simply is leading this country to economic ruin, as noted by the CBO graph below.

    While Ryan's plan starts to put this country back into fiscal responsibility, the Obama plan continues to expand the debt, & print increasing valueless $'s.

    Perhaps Ryan's comments are most closely linked to Dorothy Day's comments on government. That government, can be too intrusive to do any good. The Rand bit seems like a "red herring", more distraction then substance..

  7. Bill Sr.
    2 years ago

    What we see and hear here on this website and its many articles connected to the election is the clergy and the majority of the faithful are doing their best to truthfully illustrate the differences between the party platforms and the character of the candidates and give guidance to practicing Catholic voters. However, there is has come to be, and not altogether surprising as history and human behavior reveals to us, a very vocal and rowdy few who desperately echo the words we are so familiar with at times like this, "Give us Barabbas!".

  8. annem040359
    2 years ago

    Give Rep. Paul Ryan credit in that he lives out his Christian and Catholic faith in his life. He is a fruit of the Blessed Pope John Paul II generation. Yes, I would vote for him no doubt.

  9. Bill Sr.
    2 years ago

    This alone should end any further doubt as to which ticket is morally acceptable for a practicing Catholic. And there is no way you can justly separate the human conscience into parts, one faith and one politics, otherwise there is good evil and bad evil. But today some have decided that is perfectly normal. God help us.

  10. Ron Hoyt
    2 years ago

    You reminisce about Clinton - but make no bones about it - he couldn't have endorsed Obama more strongly. Ryan has lied more in his short time in the campaign perhaps more than any politician in recent history, but yet you still will endorse him. Obama does not believe in abortion; he just does not believe it is the government's place to outlaw it. To claim that Obama's position on abortion is any different than Clinton's is simply untrue. To prevent abortion, it would make sense that the Catholic Church would be in favor of making contraception readily available and making it acceptable yet that is not the Church's stance; your position on birth control demonstrates that your motivation is not to stop abortions. You can make the arguement that abortion is murder - but you're certainly not going to argue that capturing sperm in a condom is murder too, are you? As Americans, we must be able to separate the secular from the religious; otherwise, our country will be just like the middle-eastern countries trapped in a religious war from the middle ages. What you really want is for our country to obey your religious laws. And there is no room in our country for the joining of church and state - it violates the spirit of our Constitution.

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