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Is America stupid? World War III has begun. Wake up, America! Comments

Few Americans seem to realize it, but World War III has already begun. With angry Muslims storming embassies, the fundamentalist, Islamic jihadists have come out en masse to perpetrate violence against whomever they can, preferably Americans, and it's all our fault.  Continue Reading

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  1. peacebwu12
    2 years ago

    Wow, this is Catholic news facilitating Catholic values? It's sad and sensational work as far as I can tell. Yes, maybe WWIII is upon us. Yes, many in the middle east hate Americans and the USA. Yes, maybe the article does not overtly purport violence as a response (or as a form of "justice"). But, it's tone is inciting and sensational and its spirit seems anti-Catholic to me. Let us stand up for our values, but let's not look for a fight or even respond to being pushed into one. We're better than that.

  2. Rob
    2 years ago

    I find all this drum beating to war interesting. It seems like there are so many ready to go to war but when it comes time to pay for it or actually serve, so little are willing to do so. Less than 2% of the US population is willing to serve. And never mind how much debt we've taken on from enemies to fund our middle east excursions. Personally, I don't think our country has the stomach for war. We are great at being arm chair generals, but too few are actually willing to take up this fight. Coming from a family of veterans, I will not support any war until more people are wlling to fight. When we buried my cousin after his second tour in Iraq, this became crystal clear to me.

    As for what to do in the current situation. It's a tough one. On the one hand I agree with the sentiment that we should leave these folks to their own devices. Problem is that these governments have oil money and since were addicted, we'll fund our own destruction. And never mind the payoffs that we have to do to try and maintain some kind of peace and who knows what corporate interests we are also trying to further. Sort of like the US government trying to gain oil interest in Mexico during the persecution of the CAtholic church. Sick.

    With great power comes great responsibility. Do we invade country's to battle this threat, or is there another way? Thus far the invasion route does not yield much fruit. We cannot give these folks freedom and nor can we change their worldview at the end of an M4 assualt rifle.

  3. rn4dstork
    2 years ago


    I, will cry you a river
    And much much more
    My dear dear America,
    Once so beautiful !
    You sold your soul
    To a bunch of mercenaries
    Which entered your sheep-fold
    As wolves and goats
    You sold your skin
    To the highest bidder
    You resemble a harlot
    The new BABYLON
    Eating and drinking
    With the rich of this world
    Prostituting yourself
    For money and power
    And became a den
    Of thieves and murderers
    You forgot all about
    The One Who blessed
    You so abundantly
    Biting the Hand of the Blesser
    Embarrassed to mention His Name !
    Did He not teach you
    To be wise as a serpent
    And harmless as a dove
    Why then do you behave
    As a silly goose ??
    He invited you to His dinner Table
    He so diligently prepared
    But, you made light of it
    And went your worldly, haughty ways
    One to his farm,
    Another to his business.
    But as the Father of Fathers
    He waits for your return
    The return of His prodigal daughter
    Humble your pride
    And follow the Way, the Life and the Truth !!!
    Or, I SHALL cry you a river
    A river of bloody tears
    And much much more !!!

    Rita Biesemans 02/17/2003

  4. Kathy from Kansas
    2 years ago

    I'm confused. On the one hand, the authors say we need to wake up and realize that we are in a "WAR." But on the other hand, they say no Christian can advocate violence, and that we are to use law-enforcement methods to bring all these people to trial. Isn't war by its very nature violent? If violence was never necessary, why did we fight in World War II? Perhaps we should have tried arresting Herr Hitler and bringing him to trial? The whole reason wars are fought is that people such as Hitler -- and the al-Qaeda operatives who evidently were responsible for the murders at our Libyan consulate -- are not the kind of people who allow themselves to be arrested and brought to trial!

    One of the reasons we were struck on September 11, 2001, is that over many years al-Qaeda had repeatedly DECLARED WAR on us, and we refused to believe them that it really was war, and insisted instead on acting as if all we were dealing with was some criminal behavior by a few people, and that mere "law enforcement" could solve the problem.

    No Christian can use violence, not even in self-defense? Tell that to St. Ferdinand (San Fernando III of Spain, who led quite a few battles against Muslims). As for me, I'm not buying it.

  5. KarlVDH
    2 years ago

    SpiritusGladius, first, may I ask what braqnch of the military you served in, and respectfully, what war you saw combat in?
    Thatbeing asked, OK, I'll be right behind you, and Pope Urban... just tell me which weapons Christ told us to use against other human beings, and I'll bring one.

  6. Judy Claar
    2 years ago

    Brian A. Cook: You are right. Our Holy Father calls for Peace. Jesus and His Mother calls for Peace. But Who in the Middle East is Listening?

    Certainly Martyred Coptic Christians! Living their Faith in Peace. Overwhelmed and bombarded with Violence because they will not renounce their Faith and become Muslim! Have you an opinion about your Coptic Christian Brothers and Sisters and Children? Do you not have Heart?

    Yes. WWIII has started. In the Middle East! Do I want to enter for War? No. I want to enter for Peace. But my friend, the question is, is it possible?

    In my opinion, History proves, demonstrates, how this group of Islam believes and reacts. They have been doing it ever since the cults barbaric institution. And on that note, this article was 100% Right On. Silence denotes approval. History denotes barbaric behavior. Read its History and see if it has changed. I would recommend that you get JoAnn's suggested tape.

    Without a load of History and Bible knowledge (I do not infer that you do not have enough) one tends to view this issue abstractly, rather than concretely,

    To Peaceful Muslims of Love, I ask: Do you not have voice in your own religion?
    Do you not know that Silence Speaks Volumes? It Speaks of Your Agreement with Violent Muslims.

    Why do some project Islam as a religion Not of Love, but of Hate and Coercion?
    Sunday Blessings....

  7. Spiritus Gladius
    2 years ago

    I long for the day in which we again have a Holy See with the bravery of Pope Urban II, to stand up and call all Christian men to arms for the sake of the Kingdom of God. If Urban II were alive for 9/11, surely we would have had a different response than the one Pope John Paul II gave when advising Bush not to enter war. Alas, he may have been right. And for this reason America, I shall lull you back to sleep. This is a not a war for you to fight... This is a war for Christians to fight. America is not Under God, but the Children of Christ always will be.

  8. John W. Zimmer
    2 years ago

    At first like many (US) Americans I was a bit upset that people half-way across the world would storm our embassy's and burn our flag. The real issue was Libya that does not seem related.

    In our country we practice the freedom of religion and freedom of speech. Even if we disagree with others - we defend their right to say it.

    If the reverse were true and we were a theocracy - we very well might be inclined to do what terrorists seem to be doing here... the big difference is we are a big country with really military might.

    So while I don't like seeing our flag being burned anywhere including here - I can see how one may want to protest - however misguided we think they are.

    So I guess I don't much care what people in other countries do... if our government thinks it is to much to take - we should just get out of that country and cut off the aid. They are no danger to us because if they get to big (like a whole nation) - they will lose any battle/war... if they stay on the fringes - well welcome to the new world where we have to stay ever vigilant.

  9. JoAnn
    2 years ago

    Ooops! I got the title of that CD mixed up with another one that we had at the seminar that same day. One CD is "What Every American Needs to Know About the Qur'an." A history of Islam & the United States by William Federer. The other one is by Msgr. Michael Witt, a very well-known church historian. His CD is "How Catholics Should Respond to Islam." Get both of these CD's and you'll know everything you need to know about Islam. God bless.

  10. George Mason
    2 years ago

    islam slanders christianity altogether and yet, we aren't killing any muslim for our theological, ideological belief system differences. unless human rights are respected inside the west(freedom of speech, freedom of thought, conscience and of religion...) the war of islam on the west will go on unimpeded and we will be obliterated,. the cowardice and curruption of our corporations, banks, politicians towards the current islamification of the west is proceeding and sharia law is slowly penetrating europe and america, replacing human rights and the rule of law for the most inhuman, anti-freedom, oppressive law system ever-the ephitome of barbarity!

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