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Is America stupid? World War III has begun. Wake up, America! Comments

Few Americans seem to realize it, but World War III has already begun. With angry Muslims storming embassies, the fundamentalist, Islamic jihadists have come out en masse to perpetrate violence against whomever they can, preferably Americans, and it's all our fault.  Continue Reading

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  1. Judy Claar
    2 years ago

    Bill Sr., A historical and heartfelt post! Very Good. Your question at the end is mature. For its answer, I am sorry to say, I agree with Rob. I think our Nation is very divided.
    Not only politically, but Ethically and Morally. Rob and I have conversed on this topic before. Ethically and Morally, only some men and women of today retain those same Values and Virtues...and,... "Are made of the same guts or stuffings, our WWII relatives were made of". The agreement Rob and I both came to, can also be found Historically, from the war's end, until today. I am speaking of, the Entire World's History that has transpired, as well as the US. They, our WWII relatives, had the Virtue of Faith. Plus, a Virtue called Courage. And Charity. Some of course, had even more Virtues.

    When one sees the US today, or the World today, there are not near so many, in my opinion, with just three of those Virtues. Hence, my answer. Blessings....

  2. David
    2 years ago

    This article doesn't claim that Muslims sitting at home should be punished. However, it does rightly say that they should be taking a stand condoning the actions of Muslim extremists- and so should they!

  3. scottr
    2 years ago

    Remember Lepanto and the Crusades (the real history not the protestant rewritten versions) and you will find that fighting evil is not new to the Catholic Church. Christ was not a pacifist. He told his apostles to take swords when appropriate and he violently physically fought corruption. Self defense is Biblical as is defense of your nation and your faith. This is not a new fight. However, in our politically correct world, it may be our last.

  4. abey
    2 years ago

    To the Biblical statements "Your Sons & Daughters will Prophesize", the sad & truthful words of Rita Biesemans narrated in her poem.

  5. Gaguy
    2 years ago

    I found this article disturbing. Claiming that all those Muslims that are not participating in the riots are required to do something rather that sit meekly by was a judgement that was very uh-Christian. As a Catholic I do not wish to be responsible for the actions of all other catholics, and it is equally unfair to judge all Muslims on the actions of a few. Jesus himself said " blessed are the meek" the riots are wrong as was the killing of innocent people. Those who participated should be punished. The numerous anti-Muslim articles here is enough to prevent me from returning to this site. We are not at war with Muslims. Maybe the authors should revisit the teaching of Jesus.

  6. greg
    2 years ago

    @Bill Sr. - Exactly!!! Well said sir.

  7. greg
    2 years ago

    Video - savages, unbelievable. Allah must be so proud of them - NOT. What on earth is wrong with these people? Is this what their prophet Mohammad taught them. Act like savages and denigrate one of God's children in his death?

    Mohammad has become more important than God. They idolize a man more than their creator.

  8. Rob
    2 years ago

    Bill, your question to end the post is spot on. Personally I don't see it anymore. We are so hopelessly divided. That division is probably our country's greatest weakness.

  9. Mike
    2 years ago

    At the resolution of ww III a NEW WORLD ORDER will emerge.
    (slave system)

  10. Bill Sr.
    2 years ago

    We Christian Americans are dedicated to living our spiritual lives by the events and history of two thousand years ago in Israel. But we seem to have lost all memory and knowledge of what was done and occurred just 80 years ago in our own country.
    A world weary of war had recently fought a bloody battle which at the finish they called the war to end all wars. That of course was more false hope than anything close to reality. As America was trying to recover from the Great Depression the evil in the hearts of power hungry men in control of the nations of Germany, Italy, and Japan were overrunning their weaker neighbors in Europe and Asia with unspeakable savagery and ethnic cleansing in extermination camps to expand Hitler's Master Arian Race and Japanese Imperialism. The sudden onslaunt of superior military forces caught tiny and unprepared nations off guard and helpless. Even France was no match for Hitler and the British were being besieged by daily aerial bombings. Burma and China were under the ruthless swords of swarming Japanese armies. There seemed to be no way the Axis powers could be stopped from dominating over half of the globe. That is until the God fearing nation with God given rights guided by Divine providence and Trust in the power of the Almighty had seen enough. Yes, America, the nation of immigrants who built their government on Christian values and the desire for liberty for all men would rise to the occasion going to the ends of the earth shedding the blood of their patriots in every land to subdue the Evil and establish peace once more standing alone as the greatest force for good in the world, even helping to rebuilding the nations we defeated.
    We still are that nation but are we still those people?

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