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Is America stupid? World War III has begun. Wake up, America! Comments

Few Americans seem to realize it, but World War III has already begun. With angry Muslims storming embassies, the fundamentalist, Islamic jihadists have come out en masse to perpetrate violence against whomever they can, preferably Americans, and it's all our fault.  Continue Reading

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  1. JayKaye
    2 years ago

    Who could disagree that the US should be taking a stand. Looking at the trillions of dollars we've pumped into the middle eastern countries not only in aid, but through our military, who's saying we're not taking a stand. During the Obama administration, it has openly been declared that plans must be and have been put into effect to curb the dependency of foreign oil. The massive numbers of imports make this an impossible task to accomplish immediately. We have grown a thirst for oil over 150 years long, and "getting off" imports in this area will take some time. To put it on a timeline, to put a good dent in cutting imports of oil, today's alternative fuel vehicles must become a standard choice when buying new cars. Only then, will a majority of vehicles on the road be non-oil dependent.

    As for the US's strong taste for illicit drugs, we will never re-moralize our people enough to change the demand. Putting it in control of the government is the only other answer or alternative around. That would be to say, okay, so we know people will be smoking pot, taking heroin, or other drugs, so the government will give an option to the "demanding people" to get their drug of choice. It could be a good tool for curbing the National debt through taxes, if put in effect with tax laws, and put people back into jobs. Legal jobs at that. It's not legalizing drugs, merely controlling the flow. The effect on the Mexican/American drug cartels, if drugs were available easily through a source with enough push behind it as the US government would be enormous. The cartels would fold up or be cut down significantly. Sure, there would be flaws... but, I haven't heard any other plans to create a positive change in the calamity we have now.

  2. Robert Burford
    2 years ago

    In defense of Michael Brooks. Dwight Eisenhower said to beware of the military industrial complex. George W got is into Iraq which was a lie after 9-11 and the only war we needed was in Afganistan to search for bin laden. Obama went into Libyia and they thank us by killing our ambassador. We are a huge arms dealer to the world. We could balance our domestic budget in ten years if we cut our military budget. I remind all critics that Eisenhower was a republican. Then we get to Lyndon Johnson who approved the Gulf of Tonkin resolution when his intelligence told him it was a lie. This election for me is about the unborn and marriage. However I have no faith in the next president to keep us out of War. George W barely won each election. He needed a war to solildify his power base. We are not out of Afganistan and when we do leave there will be chaos and more misery because we did not go in and get ben laden and then leave.

  3. Rob
    2 years ago

    To JoAnn's point, I don't think we as Christians should ever be advocates for war. And I agree with Robert Buford's post in theory. The only troubling thing with the modern terrorist is the damage they are willing to inflict on humanity. And it's created a circumstance in the middle east where we really have no idea who's with us and with them. Some are downright supportive of them and others probably fear them and end up going along with them. Either way a bad deal. But I think we've seen the cost of invading countries to deal with this problem. That seems to be a no win situation either.

    What I absolutely cannot stand is the fact that by and large we fund so much of it. We are addicted to oil so our dollars flow freely to countries of questionable loyalty. And because we can't seem to provide enough wealth to the already wealthy, we've completely abondandoned our manufacuturing base and ability to be self suffienct. Meanwhile we are supporting the largest military build up in world history all because we can't get enough money and cheap electronics.

  4. norris allen
    2 years ago

    If you give money to the Catholic church you wouldn't be shocked if some of your money goes to the Vatican . When Muslims donate they can expect some of their gifts to go to middle east terrorist.

  5. JoAnn
    2 years ago

    Michael Brooks: HOW DARE YOU!! You have the nerve to suggest that Republicans are the ones that want war. Sure, that's right, they all want our men and women to put their lives on the line just because they love war. They drool when they see all our friends and relatives come home in body bags. They laugh when our men and women come home minus legs or arms or are blinded from battle. You disgust me. NO ONE wants war!!! I have a grandson that has been to Iraq twice, Afghanistan, once and since he re-enlisted for the 4th time, he will be deployed again. Oh yeah, I want him in harms way. Can't wait. You are the most insensitive boor, who is in desperate need of a history lesson. You can start with the Bible. I guess you, like Obama, think there is going to be this wonderful Eutopia and everone is going to sing cum by ya and love each other and there will be no more wars because the messiah Obama is going to make everything hunky-dorry. Obama being in a party that has caused all the wars that we have had throughout history. It was the left that removed the indians from their homes. It was the left that started the Civil War, It was the left that started WWI. It was the left that killed Lincoln. It was the left that killed JFK. It was the left that started the KKK, and on and on. Well, I have news for you. The only peace this world is ever going to know is when the REAL "MESSIAH," Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ comes back. DEAL WITH IT. I will pray for your soul. May God have mercy on it. This probably won't be printed but it needed to be said. God bless.

  6. JoAnn
    2 years ago

    Gaguy: We have been at war with Islam ever since Muhammad came on the scene. Me thinks you need to get into some history. Even Thomas Jefferson had trouble with them. If you are interested, there is a wonderful CD by William Federer. an Islam historian. The CD is "What every American needs to know about the Qur'an;" A history on Islam and the United States. Then follow-up that CD with one by Msgr. Michael Witt, a very well know church historian titled "How Catholics should respond to Islam." These two CD's will tell you everything you should know about Islam. God bless.

  7. Michael Brooks
    2 years ago

    It seems that someone in the USA is pushing the fear factor, and may well be a Romney Supporter. Congressional Republicans did not want the Wars to end, and we all know why that is.........there's lots of $$$$$$$$$ to be made from WAR. Wall Street may well be an instigator in the unrest in the Middle East, it may not be just that video. We absolutely do not need the Oil from Middle East, as we can and will produce our own Oil, but we need to learn how to do that with out endangering lives, and the Natural environment, or just stay with renewable energy such as Solar and Wind Power. Corporate Monopoly on Wars and our Natural Resources is very Dangerous game to be playing. If anyone is going to start WWIII...look to the greed of Wall Street, US Corporations and the Congressional Republicans/TP's.

  8. Robert Burford
    2 years ago

    I will leave the judgement of mental capacity to someone else. Yes there will be those who attack America but it is not War. These are religious fanatics and terorrists. They are no more than the Ku Kluk Klan of the 30's. Yes they will attack Christians in their own countries and attack America but this is not a World War. When 9-11 occured some 10-20% of the victims were Muslim. The KKK were fanatics and just like these Muslims terrorists they have a perverted idea of what God is about.Just like the KKK of the 30's which had its roots in poverty and the Great Depression, the terrorist of today and their gospel of hate will die away. The economic situation that bred these people are still the same today.Yes you will know them by their deeds but just like the KKK the gospel of hate cannot survive for long. The only thing they feed on is violence and that is a shallow meal.

  9. Becca
    2 years ago

    Bill- I'm in my late 20s and was only 18 yrs old when those planes flew into the Twin Towers. If my generation hadn't already figured out that we were going to be faced with some hard times and consequential decisions to make, there was no longer any way to deny it. In Government and US History classes in high school, we were more or less told that there were these entitlement programs the government created but the money would be long gone before it was our time to be on the receiving end of it. i would ask friends of mine that went to public schools or were in other states if they were under the same impression I had- that we couldn't depend on SS or Medicare when planning for our own retirements- and we all seemed to be in agreement that we would pay financially for these programs without benefiting at all. The sacrifices that we knew we would have to make never included stepping up and fighting terrorists after an attack on our homeland, even though it was the natural reaction of so many young men and women. All of us have heard some of our veterans tell stories of how they enlisted to fight as a direct response to the 9/11 attacks and they were all so proud to do their part (and those of us that didn't go to fight the wars are so proud of them). The sentiment that prevailed just over a decade ago that filled us with patriotism and allowed the country to fight 2 wars with an all-volunteer force is just something I don't think today's 18 yr olds have in them. That's really what it boils down to and even though our politics are so divided, I don't think that has anywhere near the impact that people think it does when you look at things from the perspective of those who we would need to step up to the plate here

  10. Diane
    2 years ago

    I totally agree. Why do we continue sending money to these countries? We need to bring our young soldiers home from these middle eastern countries to defend our shores.

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