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Cardinal Dolan's Prayer at the Democratic National Convention Reflects True Christian Leadership Comments

This wonderful Cardinal rose to the call and invitation of history. He was faithful to his episcopal office once more. He did not let his detractors distract him from doing what was right. On the closing evening of the Democratic nominating convention he stepped up to that microphone and prayed a prayer that not only was heard in heaven but is still reverberating on earth. Continue Reading

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  1. sally Rodriguez
    2 years ago

    May God truly bless those who have the courage to act on his word even to the point of endangering their own lives. I hope that those who criticize actions before they happen pray to our dear God to shower them with patience; "Jesus words should be ringing in all of our heads, do not judge others so God does not judge you in the same way.... Love your enemies..." It is our responsibility to pray for those who are confused regarding what is just and right before the eyes of God"

    I am a woman and I must say I want my Lord God to be the one who protects my freedom and not the judgement of men who is imperfect.

    Thank you Cardinal Dolan and God bless you.

  2. Janusz
    2 years ago

    I share Michael's comments and concerns: we give in an inch and they take a yard!
    We must be loving but firm. The times for being naive must be over!

  3. Lyn
    2 years ago

    Michael - The good cardinal made the sign of the cross at the beginning of his prayer. This sign/prayer is always in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. So, even though these names were not spoken aloud, the Holy Trinity was indeed invoked at the beginning of the cardinal's prayer.

    I hope a few Democrates softened their hearts during this prayer. I wonder if BHO prayed along with the delegates as this prayer was read.

  4. SOS
    2 years ago

    Wonderful eloquent speech, inspiring. But I still maintain church and state complete separation.

  5. Donnie
    2 years ago

    I believe Cardinal Dolan was sincerely civil and truthful at both Conventions. Many of us were praying for him as he offered the prayer at the Democratic convention, however, and it seems that he manifested an extroardinary grace of humility at that moment. You can view video of both prayers here:

  6. RichStine
    2 years ago

    "War on Women".

    Evokes a bloodbath of semi-nude female forms piled high, surrounded by enrobed, rosaried, men with upturned eyes, and hands outstretched towards the heavens.

    Ah. Such lingo! It is about as bright a slogan as the vividly painted, bloodied portraits of little human beings with limbs pulled-apart from a suction-abortion apparatus.

    Our both sides trying to out-do each other with equal parts sensationalism? Civility. Uh, good luck with that one, as michael has pointed out. The human element is not so friendly to civility, in reality. Nice Concept, though.

    Once again:
    I cannot for a minute embrace the notion that women aren't capable of making the right decisions for themselves.
    1. You cannot force someone to become a believer of Christ Jesus. First of all, any faith avowed or ritual heeded via forced participation makes invalid any lip-service or actions, and hell is where I believe those who force such blasphemy, will go. Probably more quickly than those who do not believe, but because of tyranny, are forced to lie and live a lie.

    2, Women who are true believers and try hard at living out their faith, do NOT fall short of being faithful in practice, any more than men do. It's just that since men can't get pregnant, it is not men who are most likely to be 'caught'. Nowhere except for perhaps pleading from the pulpits, are men called to responsibility by the Church for their roles in unwed parenthood. It is a measly, unmanly attempt to do the right thing, but is impotent in function. Men of cloth are always messing up. I won't even bother to mention recent scandals and gobs of fiscal restitution and belated apologies to flocks who have been victimized...women no more need government or all-male leaders of the church to tell them how to act then men do.

    3. "Traditional Woman" in your point of view, Alex, is not the same as my interpretation of "Traditional Woman."
    First, who gives anyone the right to define another human being as 'traditional' or 'non-traditional'?

    I see the word 'traditional' and think Norman Rockwell.
    I see the word 'traditional' and think of all the women who have suffered because of traditions imposed upon them by patriarchal societies.

    Jesus was quick to call on the sand-carpet, those who were so quick to judge women.

    We need to stop the childish blaming. Stop reducing women to ribs of men, and be resolute in our faith that there is a better way to deal with this.

    That we are only now signing into law, here, in 2012, equal pay for equal work, regardless of gender, elevates my point. Perhaps another word other than 'War' could be used. But if you were making 77 cents to every dollar a woman made, you'd be on your own warpath.

    Pray about it.

  7. JoAnn
    2 years ago

    You all should see some of the nasty and vile tweets and comments on the liberal blogs abotut Cardinal Dolan from the DNC convention. Disgusting. God bless.

  8. Alex
    2 years ago

    The war on women is not what we think. The real war is on the traditional woman. She is being eradicated from society. The real war, is the war on the family. I'm dismayed the our Church does not voice this clearer. She only seems concerned with policy issues. But underneath these issues lay something darker, more sinister. Speak louder my brothers and sisters, and more clearly. God created man to be masculine, and woman to be feminine. He did not create women to assume every role that man once had.

  9. michael
    2 years ago

    I have to admit that Cardinal Dolan's benediction at the DNC was far better than I expected. Although the Holy Trinity was not invoked nor was the prayer offered through Christ, it did touch on important moral topics that certainly made some a bit uncomfortable in the audience. Good for Cardinal Dolan for afflicting those comfortable with murdering the unborn and embracing sodomy. By the way, I often wonder why our good bishops never offer a prayer or benediction in a secular setting in a Catholic way with the Blessed Trinity and per Christum Dominum Nostrum. I mean, what would the audience expect a Catholic prelate to do? I have no problem with such benedictions which have been offered for years at these events on both sides of the political spectrum. I do have a major problem, however, with inviting Obama to a Catholic event to be honored and to have a big photo-op with the shepherd of New York. It simply tells Catholics that it must be fine to vote for such a man that has dinner with the top Cardinal in the USA. One last point, the good cardinal is calling for civility. This is a waist of time. We live in an uncivilized society and you cannot expect civilized political discourse. You can't dialogue on killing or not killing babies. The cardinal should read the signs of the times and see that this is a time for counter-revolution and reactionary behavior.

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