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Corrupted Women Take the Stage at the DNC: Abortion is Not a Woman's Prize Comments

The Democratic National Convention is featuring their favorite female "stars" this week.  They will be used to highlight this administration's "commitment to women's rights and health."  They will stand front and center as advocates of the only man who really understands them or cares about their needs. They'll be hailed by the media as the true American woman. I can't tiptoe around the truth.  I say with as much kindness as ... Continue Reading

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  1. Tom
    2 years ago

    Beautifully expressed.

  2. Marian
    2 years ago

    Abortion is a very painful choice for a woman to make. A woman probably makes this choice mostly for economic reasons. We live in a material world which usually dictates our own morality and destiny.

  3. The Rose
    2 years ago

    Good Morning: Well written article, right to the point, truth presented in every sentence. I trully agree with the writer and I don't need to add anything else to the thoughts presented. I do want to applaud those, men and women, who are standing up for preservation of Life. Just think, if your mommie choose to kill you while you were in your mommies womb, or if my mommy, who was a teenager when I was conceived, had gotten rid of me because I was a problem in her life, where would true warriors of the faith be today. Where would true warriors to protect the innocent be today if mommies who have gone before us were so selfish, demonic possessed and gullible to accept a lie and kill us, O, God where would we. the Church, the United States of America, and our knowledge of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness be? O, God, where would we all be today if Barack Obama's mother decided to kill him while he was in the womb and go on tripping down the road to promote her own agenda.?..I must ask, is this the graditude Mr Obama has by the promoting abortion anyway he can do it, cohersion, perversion, and manipulation, that his mommy didn't slauder him in her womb? O, God, what a State of Affairs our country is in that man gets to the point of not blushing, no shame, when a little, fragil, resemblence of himself lies within a mothers body or just ourside of her groin and he deems it is alright to suck the brains out of the fragil frame of this creation, or the insertion of a a rod up a womans birth canel and tear the arms, the legs, the torso, the head apart as if he was eating chicken? O, God, the god of this world has taken possession of weak vessels and the little fragil creations of Yours is willingly being laid at the hands of the executioner to tear apart literally while within the walls of the vault of life -producing, the uterus. Satan was at Eves heels at the time of The First Temptation of the Woman Creation and how at this time, Satan is possessing the bodies and minds of women to destroy that which God has allow to be created, the fragil little creation called a baby. O, God...O. wait a minute, I guess my calling out to God is not politically correct per the DNC, therefore, I guess it is so in this memo! Yet, The Rose, must be politically incorrect. Nevertheless, we all must choose our cup of poison, for we are all surely going to die one day. I rather die going down with my right hand raised to the heavens praising God with my voice and knowing in my heart, I did what Thus saith The Lord God of all creation said and convicted me to do as in.Psalm 37..."Trust in the Lord and do good; dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture. Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him and he will do this; He will make your righteousness shine like the dawn, the justice of your cause like the noonday sun. " This is a Warriors stance, for if God is for us who can be against us. Think, what is the purpose of life: Worship God in all you do and stand up for the poor, the oppressed, the orphan and the widow for this is what is right in the eyes of God and then who can condemn you for doing righteousness. In these times, are we to let the little fragile baby withint the walls of the mothers womb be forsaken, an orphan even to the babys mother? I think not! Let me adopt each little creation before its birth and therefore each little one can never be called an orphan for each little creation has a home in my heart and in the heart of God. Jesus said, Let all the little children come unto me." Therefore, let it be. I claim all the unborn babies who are being casted aside as trash to be jewels of the Almighty God Nuggets from His Treasure Chest of Love. I claim these little treasures in the name of Jesus Christ and thus they are never to be called orphans again. Amen? Amen

  4. Robert Burford
    2 years ago

    Diego. Yes there will be young people who leave the Catholic Church over its stand on abortion and contraceptives. My daughter is a perfect example. She calls herself catholic but does not go to church. She is a cafeteria catholic. She picks and chooses what she wants. This is not new over the ages. There will always be those who will pick and choose and try to become minor gods because of their choices. The point is that if they do does that mean the Church should change and the answer is a resounding NO!! If I am the last person on earth who will follow God's will then so be it. If no one else stands with me then I do not stand alone because I would rather be on God's side than to follow the current trend.Ezkiel 33:7-9

  5. Jennifer Hartline
    2 years ago

    Jim, I'm confused. Please tell me where I said pregnancy is "a woman's thing." I'm not quite sure which words of mine you're referring to in your comment, but I assure you, I am not cutting men out of the pregnancy process. My point in this article is that abortion corrupts a woman in a way it cannot corrupt a man. By virtue of that fact that it is women to whom God gave the ability to nurture and co-create new life in the womb, women will always be far more harmed and corrupted by abortion than men will. I did not say men aren't involved, aren't harmed, or have nothing to do with pregnancy or child-rearing. Far from it. Only that the women being featured in this convention are all women who glory in killing the child in the womb. That is evidence of their corruption. Abortion corrupts the heart and soul of the woman who embraces it as her prized possession, as these women do.

  6. Catholic Defender
    2 years ago

    Great article. We need women like you to voice out clearly what "values" are for us and for the rest of the world. We in Asia do not need Obama's sense of "values" which he implements through his diplomats who are either openly gay or supporters of same sex "marriage" and artificial contraceptives. Spare us Mr. Obama! We are not your subjects!

  7. Chris
    2 years ago

    Diego, the church has not changed, it is still "one holy catholic and apostolic church." The church is full of sinners and saints. Although, there may be things you may not like, people of the church make mistakes, but it is ultimately the saints, Jesus, and Mary that we should be focused on and model our lives after. It is not about this life, it's about how we can get to heaven that is important. BTW, Georgetown University, although a Catholic in name only university (CINO), it does not adhere to the teachings of the magisterium of the church. A majority of Jesuit-run universities are very liberal and out of line with the church's teachings.
    Look at the liberal Jesuit "America" magazine, lots of pro-Obama articles within. The church is not dying and will never die. No matter what happens, the gates of hell will not prevail against the church. God bless you!

  8. Harold Olsen
    2 years ago

    I read some statistics a few years ago that you will never hear pro-abortionists talk about. The suicide rate among women who have had abortions is one of the highest in the country;

  9. Deacon Jay
    2 years ago

    Jennifer, this is brilliant! Extremely well articulated and defines abortion and those who support it exactly what it is and exactly who they are. The best defense of God's intent at creation I have read! Thank you!

  10. Andrew M Greenwell
    2 years ago

    This is a manifesto for the Gospel of Life! Well written piece that pulls no punches. Zeal for her Father's house consumes her! Thanks for cutting through the newspeak and engaging in truthspeak.

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