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Corrupted Women Take the Stage at the DNC: Abortion is Not a Woman's Prize Comments

The Democratic National Convention is featuring their favorite female "stars" this week.  They will be used to highlight this administration's "commitment to women's rights and health."  They will stand front and center as advocates of the only man who really understands them or cares about their needs. They'll be hailed by the media as the true American woman. I can't tiptoe around the truth.  I say with as much kindness as ... Continue Reading

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  1. SaraPalen
    2 years ago

    the morality of slavery was also blamed on ecomomics. Wesure have come a long way baby, I mean Marian. Economics cannot be an excuse for this mal en se, intrinsic evil against the "poorest of the poor". It was wrong when this country was founded and it is wrong now. Like the enlightenment about slavery after the civil war, there was enlightenment going on at the same time about the beginnings of human life. Fortunately, there are many ways to get involved and help people struggling with this. Firstly we need to learn about love and responsibility and then to live it, starting with our own families, communities and yes, legislative bodies. Use your God-given abilities. (oops, forgot at that convention it is not a God given thing after all, right, The Rose?-just a side note, but if I were that guy who brought up that amendment to the platform, I wouldn't be feeling to good about the future of America and my party right now).

  2. Levi
    2 years ago

    Jennifer, thank you so much for writing this! If only there were more women out there like you!

  3. Israel Ramirez
    2 years ago

    My name is Israel, and I'm a proud Catholic. Now the writter of this article talks about how "corrupt these women are". But let's but honest with ourselves here, yes the bible says to say yes to life, I'm 100% with her on this, but were does it say in the bible to help out the rich? Didn't Jesus tell one of the richest man to sell all of his possessions and to follow him. Republicans like to use things like homosexuality and abortion to scare off people, but if you vote for people like them, guess what folks. Deportations aregoing to skyrocket. Romnet already said he will repeal the Dreamers act if he gets elected. Guess what that's going to mean, alot of family memebers and friends who are here illegally will get deported. Romney also wants to cut spending, he's not going to do this by cutting it on spending, but on stuff like medicare, medicaid, grants and scholarships that helps us minorities. Another thing Romney wants to help out the rich so that the rich then as he put it "will trickle down to us". Come on people this happened with Bush. Guess what happened didn't we go into a horrible recession back in 08.
    I completely understand what this writer is trying to say, but if she's going to say this about democrats, the republicans are no angels.

  4. Rob
    2 years ago

    Jennifer, I'm not sure how long America will support this perversion. Sadly this evil seems to be able to weather the storm no matter who is at the helm. We have a sick culture. We have a culture that is starving for a witness of God's love. We have a culture that has lost hope. As Christians we need to rise and be shining examples of God's love and providence.

    Jennifer, you mention the founding of this nation on the premise that all men are created equal. I think we've struggled with that meaning since the beginning. As that document was signed there was still a segment of our population in slavery. Women had to fight to vote and the national guard had to quell the crowds protesting a few black children attending an all white high school. As you know the road to right those wrong was difficult and long. I expect this one to be no different.

    The answer lies in the truth of who we are, beloved sons and daughters of the father. Until we as a culture fully embrace that, the door will always be open to some sort of evil or enslavement of another. I don't know how old you are. In my lifetime abortion has always been. I hope for the day when maybe my great grandkids can say why did you guys do that? How could you do that? Sadly, we are a long way from their right now. To right slavery, civil rights etc it took civil unrest because our government refused to act. I'm not sure what part of 40 years we don't get. They aren't acting.

  5. Adam
    2 years ago


    It is painfully obvious that you are a planted left winger that makes up a credible past to try to persuade people to listen to you. What I don’t understand is how you think the church could change even if it wanted too? The church was founded on the teachings of Christ, so if the church then decides to no longer follow the teaching of Christ, then it is no longer a Christian church. It is then just a club or an organization. So in your opinion the Pope should tell everyone to throw out the bible and hey, let’s rewrite it, we’re smarter than Jesus was. I mean, we only believe he was God incarnate, he must have been wrong. I don’t expect your progress mind to be able to wrap itself around such a simple concept though.

  6. Philip Usher
    2 years ago

    Finally, someone who speaks plainly. Well done Jennifer.

  7. SaraPalen
    2 years ago

    Jennifer, like I said before, you are the Harriet Beecher Stowe of our times. Like she did, you are telling us women to pick up the fire hoses, steady the ladders- women and children are burning up in the flames of apathy, and some of the men (the stuffy old establishment types-the modern day wonkish dough heads of intelligentia that really wish this issue would just go away wthout resolution) are bickering about who is gonna look the best while doing the saving, all the while the flames are getting hotter. The flame of love and life, ever so ancient, ever so new, in the hearts of women needs to be kindled. No matter what these women say at that convention, they will never completely extinguish that flame. It is in the woman's nature. It cannot be denied. This "law of of the gift" may sleep in the hearts of men and women for a time, but not forever. The rights of slaves to their humanity were compared to the rights of the unborn to theirs by abolitionists. something they don't teach much about in law school these days. The slavers also would say they had a right to privacy to justify shedding innocent blood. Sebelious and co. displayed this old, stale ideology dressed up in the glitter of our times, at the convention, enabling the national crime of modern day flesh trading. We come a long way, baby.

    Way to go, Sparky!

  8. Brian D.
    2 years ago

    Diego claims the Church is anti-women, that it persecutes nuns who ask people to have an open mind and that it is shrinking. Let’s see- the Church wants to protect the life of unborn females (and males); the Church expects nuns (and priests) to teach the Truth of the Gospel; the Church is shrinking in some areas and growing in others. Oh, let’s not forget, the Church, unlike most other religions, honors Mary, the Mother of God. So we are anti-women because we oppose abortion? I am afraid Diego has bought into the liberal mindset that eliminates our need to be obedient to God’s teachings. So sad. Great article Jennifer.

  9. JOHN
    2 years ago


  10. mary sena
    2 years ago

    Jennifer, You are one hell of a writer! This is absolutely BRILLIANT!! Please continue speaking on behalf of women and children in the womb. God bless you.

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