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Corrupted Women Take the Stage at the DNC: Abortion is Not a Woman's Prize Comments

The Democratic National Convention is featuring their favorite female "stars" this week.  They will be used to highlight this administration's "commitment to women's rights and health."  They will stand front and center as advocates of the only man who really understands them or cares about their needs. They'll be hailed by the media as the true American woman. I can't tiptoe around the truth.  I say with as much kindness as ... Continue Reading

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  1. Peter Orme
    2 years ago

    It is a brilliant and passionate article. Bless you for stating the truth so clearly!

  2. Beth
    2 years ago

    Diego, as a woman myself, I don't buy for one second the idea that the Church is "anti-woman". It wasn't until I "reverted" to the fullness of the Catholic faith in my late 20s that I realized and began to live the full beauty of my womanhood. The lies propagated by this modern culture have caused women to suffer greatly, disproportionately to the suffering of men (although men also have suffered). The fact is, it is the Protestant denominations - the ones who've changed with the times - who are seeing their churches emptying and relevance diminishing. After all, if it's none of my church's business what I do with my body - and the body of my unborn child - then what could possibly be of enough importance for my church to take any moral position at all? As far as the Church "going after" nuns who encourage people to have open minds... well, what the media of course has failed to report with as much gusto is the fact that all American seminaries have gone through a similar process of scrutiny. If those nuns wish to call themselves Catholic, then they'd better be representing what the Church teaches - or they should have the intellectual honesty to leave the Church. It is a CHOICE to be Catholic. Those who have taken religious vows have a responsibility to be faithful to the Church and her teachings. If not, they create scandal and confusion for believers and non-believers alike - and they should be held accountable for their errors. They cannot simultaneously thumb their noses at the Church's teachings while hiding behind their nuns' habits or clerical collars in an attempt to project authenticity and garner sympathy. What I finally realized in my late 20s was that I could either be Catholic OR openly dissent from Church teaching. I could not do both. It's called MATURITY. Best of luck at Georgetown - I pray you find the moral courage to stop worrying about the popularity of the Church's teachings, and instead focus on whether you believe those teachings are correct. As the saying goes, "The truth hurts." Defending the truth will cost you some skin along the way. But, in the end, it is the only thing that can set us free.

  3. Beth
    2 years ago

    One thing that I have found so interesting, among my acquaintances who embrace the same corrupt view as the women discussed in this article, is the universality of their animosity toward men. Having known so many good, decent, loving men in my own life, I find this so sad and unfair. There was a time in my life when I would have cheered this component of the Democrats' platform; now it just makes we want to weep - for men, for women and especially for children. Unfortunately, even as a woman, when one tries to speak to this issue from a pro-life perspective, one is dismissed as a self-righteous zealot and incurs even more wrath than the men who oppose abortion. If only those women who are so vehement about "abortion rights" could find the courage to allow their hearts of stone to be softened, so that the full beauty of their womanhood would be realized. We should be fighting FOR our children, not against them.

    Emma, you might be interested in the organization Feminists for Life. They do a lot of great work on college campuses.

  4. Jael
    2 years ago


    I knew about a woman like your described #2 version of women: "rather dumbed down, under the control of her husband woman, who chooses to live in poverty and ignorance rather than follow the prescripted advice of the first set of women." This "friend" of mine had never graduated from high school or gone to college, did not read many intellectual books, and was obedient to her husband. Her entire contribution to society was in only being a stay-at-home mom to her one kid. Her name is Mary.

    Don't look down on the "#2 versions of women"!

    Are "intellectual studies" the only redeeming quality that prove a woman's (or a human's) worth? What would you define as "ignorance" and "dumbed down?" I am sure there are many variations to what would qualify as "smart." We need to avoid assigning people value of life over their "intellectual achievements."

    Some of the best women I know are very "stupid" in intellectual circles. They don't have any college degrees, and are completely ignorant of many cultural and historical things. They don't know anything about classical music, art, or literature. They don't have high powered jobs or make a lot of money. YET, they are extremely loving, kind, and faithful to their husbands and children. Never shirk from the boring, unintellectual pursuit of grocery shopping, floor cleaning, cooking, and family care. And they love and serve God.

    I remember an obituary in our local about a woman. It did not mention the great achievements she had accomplished in her life. But it said that she always had provided Sunday dinner for her family throughout the years. I thought that said a whole lot.

    What does this have to do with the topic? It's a tangent. But it shows that the Democrats idea of what a "real" woman is is NOT the best or only way. And I can't stand the contempt toward stay-at-home moms or large families.

    To Emma: Don't let the worldliness and intellectual snobbery of university weirdos get you to doubt your self-worth and the unconditional love from God for you and your family.

  5. Bill Sr.
    2 years ago

    DLL, Thanks for your kind words for the beautiful soul... Diane F.
    I'd like to add also that if we are to imitate our creator by kindly forgiving one another there is an obvious requirement here to be willing to forgive ourselves. We acknowledge no one is without sin and that God is forever ready to welcome us back to communion with Him. The sacrament of Penance is always open to us but unless we truly believe we can and will be forgiven in the first place there would be no use in seeking it. Carrying the burden of sin on ones shoulder over time can erode or dissolve our faith in the redeeming nature of our Father's love. Don't let that happen. Trust in his deep love, surrender to it and go joyfully to him in repentance. Give him an opportunity to release his divine mercy. Surrender; empty your burden to him that he might fill you with the bountiful graces stored up just for you in His Divine Love.

  6. DLL
    2 years ago

    Diane F : you are a truly great woman that has truly learned the real meaning of life,to love! God has touched you,forgiven you,because he is madly in love with you. When we all sense that we have gravely sinned we must also forgive ourselves. That is the hard part. It is so hard to forgive ourselves and others. That is what redemption is Forgiveness! That is why Christ suffered the humiliation of the Cross that became a Holy Symbol of sacrifice. The cross is the symbol of all of humanity that have died for a worthy cause. The symbol of the cross,crucifixion, trancends religion. It is as symbol of sacrifice. Every aborted baby is the sacrifice of a kind that is at war with selfishness and the ignorance that would call this evil,abortion,a good thing. The aborted fetus is an example of redemptive sacrifice. I believe that because they never got a chance to live,that the aborted child precedes all to heaven.May God strengthen you and always keep you firm in the Catholic Faith. I believe that in heaven you will see those 2 aborted human souls,they love you,you love them. They forgive! To forgive is to love! Always remember:"Jesus I Trust In You". I know: God is Love! Love never dies! Love is Eternal! May the Paraclete teach you and keep you strong in faith now and forever. Amen! God is Great!

  7. Emma
    2 years ago

    What I understand the democrats position to be is that there are only two types of women. There is the 21st century, intelligent, well-educated woman who advocates for sex outside of marriage, supported by the use of artificial bc and if it fails, abortion; then, there is the 21st century, rather dumbed down, under the control of her husband woman, who chooses to live in poverty and ignorance rather than follow the prescripted advice of the first set of women. They forgot women like me, a young, married woman with a new little boy who took a short leave from her studies to welcome this child into our family and is now returning to her studies. After listening to so much of late, from both sides, I had begun to believe that the aforementioned were my only two options and since I'd opted out of #1, I would be #2. Instead, I'm neither. When I took my son for our day care orientation on my campus this week, I had many misgivings. Mostly, that I was going to be the exception. Much to my surprise, there were many young parents there; students with children! not only mothers, but fathers. And this, on a UC Campus of all places!! I don't know if there is such an organization, but what we need is one of university women coming together for life. There IS a third option for young women. These particular women, just don't want anyone to know that there is. They themselves are victims of the lie. I don't see this as much an attack on women, per se, as I do an attack on parenthood. My husband is also a grad student. Together we play with our son, juggle schedules, take turns getting up in the night, study, and pray. So, yes, Jim, I agree. I have a very special husband, a loving father and friend. But, he grew up in a family with a loving father. So many of our generation did not. I believe that we won't turn this around in the political arena. I believe we will turn this around by living our faith and showing others of our generation and those to come how much better life can be when it's shared between a husband and wife. Two, now one unified in Christ.

  8. buster
    2 years ago

    Great article,
    The Truth can at times be brutal, I have noticed that some folks that are weak in faith or ignorant or maybe just angry for their personal failures love using that " "Judge not, lest YE be judged," and "By what measure ye mete, so shall ye be judged?" line. Sad that people use that line to justify sinfull behavior. A person's action's will usually say if they are corrupt or not. Seems like Jennifer is guilty of having a keen eye by calling this one correctly.

  9. Jennifer Hartline
    2 years ago

    Diane F, God bless you. Your brave voice is so powerful. Thank you for sharing your pain, your hope, and your love with us. I'm so glad you have found Him, received Him, and been restored by Him. God is good.

  10. Jorge Gonzalez
    2 years ago

    Great article! We have to argue your point and not deviate from the main subject. Jennifer is pointing out the sales pitch is for women. The party wants and needs the women"s vote. The intelligent and eloquent women speakers are pitching their corrupt ideas at possible women voters. (Even though we know abortion and contraception involves a couple or more partners). The speakers are using the idea of freedom and individual rights to promote their agenda. That is clear men, don't be insulted that the women were not directly speaking to you. Secondly argue the point, is abortion evil? Don't answer with war is evil, capitalism is evil. Just argue the point, is abortion evil? What does God and the church ask of us in this situation. Should we vote with our pocket books and ignore the plight of the unborn. Is this the example we want to show our children? For those of you who want to vote with your pocket book. You should know what the church has responded, to vote for the lesser of 2 evils. I am hispanic and a reluctant republican. I have college aged children and care for my aging mother with alzhiemers. You bet I care about the economy. But this party is not the one I will side with. They sell me the care for the poor and tuition money but at what expense? Don't you know that the Lord will show Himself strong, to those whose heart are best for Him. He will bless our decision to honor His commandments. AT WHAT EXPENSE DO YOU WANT TO SELL THESE CHILDREN AND WOMEN TO THE SLAUGHTER HOUSE? Would you turn your back on Our Mother MARY?. Call me crazy, but as for me and my house we will serve the Lord, even when the road is tough. Is abortion evil and should we vote to stop it?

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