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Paul Ryan and Joe Biden: A Tale of Two Catholics? Comments

Given Joe Biden's support for what his Church has identified as intrinsic evils - and thereby persistently against the common good - and given Paul Ryan's position consistent with the indisputable and unchangeable teachings of his Church on these issues, it seems that what is involved is not a "Tale of Two Catholics" but rather a tale of one Catholic and one . . . well, whatever we call him, it is something considerably less than ... Continue Reading

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  1. Bill Sr.
    2 years ago

    It is hard to believe there are Catholic voters still uncertain as to who to have as our next president. I would suspect that should you be hardened democrats, union members, a person of color, or a young first time voter new to the political arena you could be having a dilemma since voting for a republican is going against all the mainstream media and Hollywood and academia elitists have been trying to teaching you. But if you have been around as an adult for the past 20 years and carefully observing the direction the country is going over that period and especially the past four years you have no reason to believe your decision is a difficult one.
    First understand that contrary to what some who have lamented with ringing hands here may have you believe we are NOT in a campaign to elect a Pontiff or Archbishop for the United States. This is NOT a theological debate it is to appoint a leader of the most powerful nation on earth, your homeland, which is the greatest force for good in the world yet today for the next four years. The Church and its leaders with all its own issues have and will continue to survive though it be with fewer but stronger numbers no matter what happens in November. However, the one chosen can and very recently has inflected pain and suffering on the Church through policies and legislation which is destroying the religious freedom our Constitution guarantees us. So as it is in the case of political discourse it is important to consider the platform and promises of the candidates and the records of their service and decisions as well as an awareness of their personal lives and associations.
    Unless you are so closely bound to an allegiance as I have stated above and/or heaven forbid fear for your job or status as a result it should be quite clear as practicing Catholics who cherish our faith and its future in America we need a change of leadership in Washington to protect Christian values for ourselves and our children.

  2. Terri K
    2 years ago

    Ryan's voting record on abortion shouts for itself.

  3. michael
    2 years ago

    Both campaign tickets are highly flawed, for both are taking us down the road to Sodom and its end. The only difference is the speed at which we arrive. Biden / Obama have an express train to Sodom, whereas Romey / Ryan are taking the local to Sodom.

  4. Lindangel
    2 years ago

    The difference between these two Catholic men is very easy to explain: Paul Ryan is a true Catholic, because he walks the walk with our Lord and lives by his beliefs. Biden is just a convenient Catholic, he only uses the label of Catholic-when he wants the Catholic vote!

  5. ccs
    2 years ago

    @Steve - If I am reading Jane correctly, she is not saying that it is okay to support abortion in cases of rape and incest. She appears to be asking why so many Catholics turn a blind eye to a Republican Catholic giving political assent to abortion in cases of rape and incest (despite his personal opposition) - as Ryan has done publicly since joining Romney's ticket.

    @Nathan - I have written to Archbishop Lori's office in light of Ryan's recent political assent to the intrinsic evil of abortion in cases of rape and incest. I asked if there is any OFFICIAL Church guidance on what to do in cases when both tickets support at least one intrinsic evil. (Unfortunately, the guidance offered on the Priests for Life website is the prudential opinion of Cardinal O'Connor, not an official stance of the Church). According to the office staff, the Archbishop's office has been inundated with correspondence on this issue. So far, though, I have not received any clarification of what the Archbishop's quote means in light of the current circumstances.This is an issue that I think Catholic Online needs to address.

  6. ccs
    2 years ago

    @Kasoy - The Romney-Ryan ticket does not oppose abortion in cases of rape and incest. Ryan has publicly assented to Romney's stance of supporting abortion in such instances - for the sake of the ticket. Ryan has said that even though he personally opposes abortion in such instances, "the President sets the policy," and so the policy is Romney's call.

  7. David R. Gagne
    2 years ago

    Bill Sr. Sir, The Joy that comes from Standing Up for The Lord, Wow. You have said all very well! God Bless US one more time. Vivat Jesus!

  8. Shannon
    2 years ago

    Ryan is consistent with church teaching on abortion? Then why did he say he was ok with the exception of the life of the mother? And why is he not speaking up to his running mate's assertion about rape, incest, and "health" and life of the mother being valid exceptions where abortion should be allowed and legal?

  9. Bill Sr.
    2 years ago

    What is the difference you ask?

    We are granted life by God with the obligation to die at some point. This world and the imperfect conditions for living in it is the challenge all of us post paradise humans have to face and be judged for our performance dealing with it in the particular situation we find ourselves. True Christians know and understand this as the will of a perfect merciful God and loving Father and His son our Redeemer. They also know and understand we have limitations and that we are His children and we can’t become gods ourselves.
    Liberal thinking, knowingly or not, vainly attempts to deny this. They believe they can be more merciful than God and that their challenge is to replace God among mankind themselves. How, you may ask?
    The false power which comes from a union of minds with that notion, they feel, gives them the right to judge, proclaim, and act out the role of those with absolute authority within their society. And yes, they will forever consistently strive to capture by any means within their reach the power to set the rules of governing which allows them to pick and choose what is of value to their culture and to confiscate, and redistribute the wealth of their society in a fashion that will first perpetuate their power and secondly separate the citizens into a controlled productive minority as a source of capital sufficient to maintain a duped and deceived dependent mob willing to accept perceived equality and crippling social slavery disguised as justified benevolent charity.

    Anyone who thinks we should set our faith aside in America in order to avoid stepping over the line in this current political battle for the soul of our country is courting disaster.
    One thing is abundantly clear to any Catholic who understands the faith as shepherded by our Holy Father in Rome and that is the current regime in Washington D.C. under Barack Obama is by far the most anti-Catholic administration in the history of our country. The really sad thing is that our bishops had too long avoided the fight for fear of being accused of mixing politics and religion, and in the case of Obama the dreadful racist label from the media, allowing those of weak faith within their flocks who entered the political arena and sold their souls to party platforms in opposition to our faith and values to establish a pattern of Christian capitulation.
    We and our societal standards based on the founders reliance on Divine guidance are no longer recognized as a legitimate challenge to the status quo separation phrase used to deny them. Our elected officials who were put into office to protect our freedoms have chosen to be a ruling class unto themselves. Those like Pelosi, Biden, Kerry, Dodd, Sebelius and many others show no remorse for pandering to the enemies of Holy Mother Church and by default are part of the problem. The situation has become grave and we, with guidance from bishops who now realize just how serious the administration is in its effort to remove all obstacles to a full blown secularist society, have to get involved in the fight for the soul of America.
    It is time to stop pretending we are powerless to defend ourselves from those who have abandoned piety in favor of personal power and prestige. If we the laity, the Church Militant, are to be the martyrs for the faith standing together against the forces of evil which are consuming our nation as it progresses on the administrations path into oblivion then so it must be. It has and always must be for true followers of Christ a requirement to assist the Spirit of Pentecost within us in bringing forth upon our world the will of God to have life more abundant using the power of His Truth to make and keep men free. It is our duty, along with the message of hope and change within the church of Christ, to open the hearts of men to depend on the creators love to guide us to the place he is preparing for us not to succumb to the lure of an ever expanding totalitarian Marxist styled government promising to provide our every need in order to make us slaves to a godless political system.

  10. steve rainbow
    2 years ago

    Biden is compromised by his desire to keep the Electorate onside. His wilingness to spout trite comments appears to now be his stock in trade. With his President, a known Pro-Abortionist at his side these men represent neither America nor the majority of Democrats.

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