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Paul Ryan and Joe Biden: A Tale of Two Catholics? Comments

Given Joe Biden's support for what his Church has identified as intrinsic evils - and thereby persistently against the common good - and given Paul Ryan's position consistent with the indisputable and unchangeable teachings of his Church on these issues, it seems that what is involved is not a "Tale of Two Catholics" but rather a tale of one Catholic and one . . . well, whatever we call him, it is something considerably less than ... Continue Reading

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  1. Rob
    2 years ago

    JoAnn, ok I have some follow up question to your post to pab and particularly because Judy's husband has referred to your post. I don't ask these questions to refute your questions, but honestly, I'd like to bounce them off our medicare folks as I work for one of the largest providers of healthcare to the elderly in the nation. We've been studying and preparing for the ACA since it passed. 1) Would you please list the benefits that have been reduced and/or cut? 2) As healthcare costs for every American citizen have risen double digits for years, is it fair to assume that premiums for medicare would rise also or do receipients have the expectation that the government would subsidize market increases? 3) Would you reference the bill or legislation that you are referring to where Medicare will be abolished? 4) Would you please elaborate on the suspension of service by your physician in regards to non-coverage due to Obamacare, particularly whether that decision was done formally by CMS (if he was denied to be a Medicare provider you may have other issues) or did he choose to stop seeing you due to the reimbursement rate? 5) Would you cite the medicare regulations you are referring to regarding denial of care, particularly for the procedure you just cited? 6) Could you please cite the bill whereby a single payer system is planned?

    JoAnn, I don't mean to ask such pin pointed questions, but you are making some pretty serious assertions. The "cut" to medicare you mentioned was in the form of reduced reimbursements to providers with a large share of these representing subsidies to insurance companies. Now it is absolutely fair to say that care can be impacted as the law requires that there be no cut in provided services. The government can only control what it pays to providers, it is up to them to decide if their business model will make it profitable. So to your complaint about rising premiums, the only thing the government can do to control costs is to draw the line on increases it pays. Some providers may decide they do not want to take medicare patients. But there are many, many other providers who know that whatever loss in reimbursements they are losing on one category of care, they will make up because more people will have access to services and be able to pay for them. Maybe our delivery systems change, but if we are never going to do anything to control the costs of healthcare (healthcare finance is a whole other topic), then this is the way it's going to be. Too many seniors to bankroll and someone has to pay for it and since we can't raise any taxes, this is what you get.

    Ryan's plan to be clear achieves those saving in a different manner. There is no plan to extend care to the millions who are uninsured. For those of us younger than 55, we will be given a stipend, voucher or tax credit (they aren't clear on this) to purchase care. Currently there is no private market booming to care for the elderly as this segement of health care is heavily subsidized by the government. So the senior will be forced to pay the difference. Most seniors I know do not make the income they make while they are younger. But the procedure you mentioned is horribly expensive. The senior in Ryan's plan will pay the difference. They really don't explain how this will happen (I guess my 401K is going to work some serious magic before I turn 65), but they basically shift the cost to the senior. Maybe seniors will be a lot more wealthy in the future?

    Honestly, Ryan knows that he and his family will enjoy a government funded healthcare plan that you and I could only dream about. But I'm not sure how you construe that he is saving medicare? Medicare as you know it will be fully absorbed by today's seniors. The rest of us are left to fend for ourselves minus the stipend we get from the government. And I bet the medicare taxes I pay will not be reduced one dime over the course of my working life. I love the solidarity we have in this country. Such an example for other to follow.

  2. JoAnn
    2 years ago

    Judy: I'm glad I was able to help your husband understand just exactly what we are all up against. "Obamanation" is not going to be a very pleasant place to be living. It will be more like "Pottersville." You know, from "It's A Wonderful Life" with James Stewart. They'll probably blame it all on Bush anyway. Socialism never works because eventually the people who have the money that give it to the people that don't have the money, run out of money. That is, except for the elites like Obama, Biden, Soros and all the commies. They will be ruling the poor and there won't be any middle class. God bless.

  3. JoAnn
    2 years ago

    Lynn: Thank you for your post. You are absolutely right about the middle class. By the time the Dems get through, there won't be any middle-class. I wish these people would wake up and get out of the Obamanation before it's too late. God bless.

  4. Lynn
    2 years ago

    Dear Joann from 13 hrs ago: You probably wont read this, but none-the-less, I'm with you on every word. Obamacare is one big mess that will ruin our medical care completely and alot of people believe Obama when he says it will be affordable care for every American. Well, I'm still looking for a job & I cannot get coverage at all, so it is NOT for every American. And when OB says it's affordable, just wait America, it'll be through the roof. My mothers S. S. check will be much less every month and she depends on every cent. And, when OB tells women how contraceptives & this & that are free, well, our taxes are paying for that (NOTHING IS FREE)! That stupid woman Obama picked up at Georgetown University (she should be smart), WILL be paying for her own birth control pills and many other womens too.....when she becomes employed. She'll probably work for the Government. OB most likely bribed her with a promise of a job after graduation. She'll be another Government moocher (with brains????). The Government is Bankrupting the American middle class, plain & simple. They cannot keep spending more & more money that doesnt exsist. BUT THEY ARE!! AND THE MIDDLE CLASS WILL PAY DEARLY FOR THEIR GREED & CORRUPTION. WHY can't someone do something about it?? THEY DONT CARE!! OB should have been impeached by now, for all he's done!!!!!

  5. Judy Claar
    2 years ago

    JoAnn, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, for your response to pab! I just read it to my husband. He Finally! Understands Medicare, SS, Obama's sticky fingers, etc.! Sometimes, it takes other persons, different people, to say the same thing, only in different words. That is just how it is here at CO. One might not "get" what one says, but clearly understands another! WE are all so uniquely made!
    One part he did not "get", but certainly I did because we are on the same page, is a "Catholic Democrat". When I explained you meant "THIS ELECTION", he chuckled and smiled and said, 'Oh", nodding his head in agreement.
    Now, since he "got it", and this topic has been discussed many times before on this board, THERE IS NO EXCUSE TO CLAIM CATHOLIC DEMOCRAT! (AND I am Not putting my husband down. He is Not on this board. He does not read our discussions. But if I can read pab's post, and JoAnn's response to him, and (he is as open-minded as one comes,) he "gets it", then I am saying, persons on this board, NO LONGER HAVE A VALID REASON, for their Incorrect Reasoning.)
    I REALLY LIKED that there is "NO SUCH THING AS A CATHOLIC DEMOCRAT" this election. NO Excuse.
    The Party of Death=Abortion, Sterilization, Euthanasia, etc is ONE BIG AVENUE. But so is, Obama's sticky fingers, to further induce and guarantee his Obamacare, of Death for Seniors.
    Rob, and those under 55, be prepared for a shorter life of those you know and Love, not to mention yourselves. It has already been polled, that i/3 of you will not ever retire now. Thanks Obama! ARE YOU STILL A CATHOLIC DEMOCRAT??? Love, Life and Liberty to All...

  6. Rob
    2 years ago

    Judy, it's not my intent to confuse or tell anyone to vote against their conscience. But you'll have to forgive me if I'm more than skeptical about either party doing anything about abortion. 40 years and counting has made me lose all hope that they will do anything. I have about as much faith in their ability to take care of this issue as I do regarding fiscal matters. We have the most non-solutions orientated group of individuals I've ever seen in my lifetime. In the real world they would be fired, but in their world they keep their jobs and some even get promotions with the best healthcare and pensions that our money provides.

    But to say the GOP is the party of faith, hope and love is not a moniker I'm willing to ascribe to a secular body that is just as responsible for the cess pool we are in. They are all leaders and they are all accountable. They both pass what is truely important to them and their funders. The rest is just words.

    I do not mean for this to sound petty because it's really a question I have, but since the dems seem so bent on taxing the wealthy, would we be willing to support a tax increase on the wealth in exchange for no funding for planned parenthood? Would we be willing to sacrifice a party sacred cow for the sake of doing something real and tangible? Are they pro-life enough to sweeten the pot so to speak such that they would completely alienate their base for the purposes of life? Guys, I'm not convinced they would do that and until they are willing to do that, nothing will change.

  7. Brian English
    2 years ago

    "This election is not to decide the legality of abortion. No one is talking about challenging Roe v. Wade."

    Roe v. Wade can only be challenged in Court, and we need a fifth vote on the Supreme Court to overturn it. If re-elected, Obama will most probably appoint one, and possibly two, Supreme Court Justices. If that happens, you can forget about overturning Roe.

    Even worse, you can say goodbye to all the pro-life legislation passed over the past few years. Goodbye partial birth abortion bans, goodbye born alive legislation, goodbye informed consent legislation, goodbye parental notification legislation, goodbye fetal pain legislation. I find it very alarming that more Catholics do not seem to be concerned about this aspect of the election. The justices that Obama would appoint to the Supreme Court in a second term will be affecting this country for decades after Obama retires and writes his third memoir.

  8. Estela Barry
    2 years ago

    So Mr. Ryan is a living saint and Mr. Biden a living devil? Is that what I must get out of your article?

    Ah! I'm chosing Mr Biden over Mr. Ryan in coming Presidential election...I found your article bias!


  9. JoAnn
    2 years ago

    pab: As one who receives Medicare, I have to say that you are mistaken. You have to stop listening to that liberal propaganda. Because Obama raided Medicare to the tune of $700 billion dollars to finance his Obamacare fiasco, my benefits have diminished considerbly, two of my medications are not covered anymore which makes my medicine bill much higher, and my premium has been raised dramatically. Once Obama is re-elected (God forbid) he intends to abolish Medicare altogether and incorporate it into Obamacare. Hence, the reason he won't even discuss Medicare reform. At that time, my regular doctor that I have been seeing for years, will no longer be available to me because Obamacare will not cover him. My medical care will be up to bureaucrats in Washington (not doctors) who will determine whether I am to be treated or not. Sooo, if I, in my 70's, happen to need a hip or knee replacement or any other treatment that is going to cost more money than what the bureaucrats are willing to pay, I go without. "Get Granny a wheelchair until she dies." It's called the 'Complete Lives System." The above is what is going to happen to you if you are a senior citizen or to your parents and grandparents. Ryan's plan will save Medicare for our children, grandchildren and so on. Don't forget, he has a mother on Medicare and he wants it to be available for he and his family one day. Once everyone is forced to get their medical care through Obamacare, Obama, will then change the monstrosity into a UNIVERSAL SINGLE PAY plan which means less people will get quality medical care and it will cost so much we will have a hard time even paying for it, if we can pay for it at all because what few doctors that are left will never be able to care for 330 million people in this country. Care will be drastically cut and more people will die from lack of care than ever before. This is not propaganda, read the bill. And, this is not to mention that our tax dollars are going to finance all abortion/murder of unborn babies on demand. Which, of course, will put the blood of all these murdered babies on your hands. How are you going to explain that to Jesus when you meet Him one day? You're either a Catholic or you're not. There is no such thing as a Catholic Democrat. God bless.

  10. pab
    2 years ago

    This election is not to decide the legality of abortion. No one is talking about challenging Roe v. Wade. Romney/Ryan's budget plans will severely cut Medicare and Medicaid from what we've heard. Millions of families will have trouble paying for healthcare. Many who have parents in nursing homes will likely face bankruptcy and poverty. In order to prevent this, it is more in line with Christian values to vote for Obama than Romney. When I entered this comment a few hours ago, it was not posted. Comments have been stuck at 37 in number for hours.

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