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Clarifying the Facts: NFP Teacher Responds to Congressman Todd Akin Comments

While I do not wish to jump into the political fray over whether or not Senator Akin should stay or go, I think it is important to clarify the point he was trying to make.  Rape is rape, there is nothing to debate there, but the female body does indeed have the ability, when under duress, to delay ovulation. Continue Reading

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  1. JoAnn
    2 years ago

    Tara: I have two friends that were nurses, one a LP, one a RN. They WERE indeed taught that a woman's body can shut down during a rape because of the stress and TRAUMA. Akin spoke with the knowledge that he had. Yes, that particular study has been modified, unfortunately, Akin didn't do any more research on it in all these years. I agree he misspoke. Sooo, naturallly, anyone not knowing that it was actually believed, at one time, would jump all over his words. Akin's pro-life stance, which should be the same for every Catholic, that abortion, even in the event of a rape, is unacceptable. As Catholics, the only way that an abortion would be acceptable is if the mother was in MORTAL danger, and that, doctor's report, is very, very, VERY rare. What is going on here is, the "PROGRESSIVE FACISTS RINO'S" do not want another true conservative in Washington. They are very unhappy with the "new kids on the block" that were elected in 2010. What disgusts me the most is, that these RINO's will EAT THEIR OWN in order to keep power. Think about it. Who made the most TO DO about all this. Sure, the commies helped but it is the RINO's more than anyone that is making a big deal of this. True conservatives in Missouri elected Akin and if he stays in the race, these same true conservatives need to see that Akin is the next senator for Missouri. My sympathy goes out to Missourians because they now have Clair McCaskill, who has her head so far up Obama's you know what, that she is a danger to Missouri and to this country. I hope Missouri gets her out of office. We need to get all the Obama clones out of Washington. Yes, that includes the RINO's too. I read where these RINO's, Sen. Blunt, Jim Talent, Ashcroft, Danforth, Sen. Cornyn and that despicable Karl Rove, are recommending a more "moderate" candidate, Joann Emerson. who is another RINO to take Akin's place. She would just be a RINO McCaskill. I am so sick of the RINO facists in the Repubican party, I could puke. God bless.

  2. GW
    2 years ago

    Tara, I was not advocating "killing the poor," in any way. My point is simply this: if abortion is banned, as it should be, there will be greater numbers of poor children in our country. It's reasonable to assume that wealthy and well-informed women will still find doctors who will perform abortions for them. On the other hand, the poor will have to bear their children.

    We will not have the resources to properly care for these children, because conservative lawmakers will have starved our social safety net. It's as simple as that. We won't have the resources to care for them or to help them improve their lives.

    And please note that although I know that Margaret Sanger was a feminist from history, I don't know her writing. I'm not a Communist, Socialist, or even a Democrat. I'm just a member of the congregation who is asking questions.

  3. Janine
    2 years ago

    To GW,
    I believe the author's comment about not wanting to get into the political fray can be likened to someone saying, "I hate to tell you this..." or "I'm not trying to be mean, but..." It is a conversational way of speaking or writing. What I took her to mean is, I wouldn't normally comment on political issues, but this is something I can't ignore. Also, not unlike your spineless paragraph which started, "If things were different...". If you really believe that, have the guts to come out and say it.
    As to your other comments, no one knows for sure if there will be no provisions for what you claim will be an increased number of poor children. If nothing else, I'm sure there will be some democrats lurking around to find some way to spend our money. But the reality is, it is not the federal government's responsibility to provide for anyone. If anything that should be left up to the states, however, ideally it would be taken on as a responsibility of the local community, churches, etc. And that would happen more if it weren't for so much regulation involved in helping poor people. The feds are indeed perpetuating their existence by first making it difficult for people to help people on an individual level, then putting into place social programs which people have become irreversibly dependent on.
    Yes, if abortion is outlawed completely, there will be women who try to have it done anyway, and tragedies that result. However, burglarly is illegal and people are hurt all the time by that, shall we make it legal then? The same could be said about almost anything that is considered to be a crime. Shall we just have no laws then, lest someone get hurt in the process of committing a crime? Think for a minute of how our society has changed since abortion was made legal. Was it worth it?
    I do believe that abortion in all instances should be illegal. Making it illegal, however, is not enough. Along with that, there needs to be a refocus of our society towards traditional values that would help to prevent women from being in the situation to have to decide whether to abort or not.

  4. Tara Brelinsky
    2 years ago

    With regards to my comment that rape is rape, I stand by that. The problem, I think, is that some instances are labeled as rape when they are not. As I said in the earlier comment, I am not a legal expert, so I cannot rightly dissect that discussion, but the point should be understood. In the case where a person, male or female, had given their conscious, complete, informed (a child would not be considered informed in my opinion) and continuing consent than the label of rape would not be applicable. So there can be no illegitimate rape because if there was full consent it is not rape at all.

  5. Tara Brelinsky
    2 years ago

    @Joann and Alex, I completely understand your comments and in truth agree to an extent, also thank you for the correction. I think, though, that Akin's word choice was poor. I wanted readers to understand the basis of Akin's comment with regards only to the biological side. Since I am not well versed in the law, I tried not to dissect the circumstances of rape, but perhaps I was wrong in that regard. It is true that Catholics should not be offended by truth, but I suppose I was thinking of the rape victim when I wrote this and her deep wound. I was trying to be more sensitive in my words. Thank you again for your comments.
    @GW, killing the poor because they are poor is not a pro-life, pro-human nor Christian stance. I know that Margaret Sanger shared your thoughts and you can see where she led us.

  6. Kasoy
    2 years ago

    People should realize that life begins at conception and what God has given life to has the right to live regardless of the circumstances it was conceived. Let the baby be born, then decide whether to take care of it or to give it up for adoption. Catholic orphanages are ready to accept any "unwanted" child. The family of the rape victim and the immediate community (or parish) should be ready to support the victim financially as well as emotionally during the term of her pregnancy in order to assuage the victim's anger that rouses her to abortion. This is the time to show our solidarity with our neighbors (mother & child) in need. A grave sin (rape) cannot be negated by another sin (murder). I pray for all victims of sexual abuse for the grace of wisdom to discern God's will and the strength to accept it. I pray also for all victims of abortion, may they all rest in God. Amen.

  7. abey
    2 years ago

    Blessed be the woman who is raped but still bears the Child, for her love for God is greater than unto herself & her reward is great. Similarly can be said of Sarah, who gave her maid out of love to her husband to bear him a child, greatly Blessed to be called as "Mother of many nations" to the proof that Love sans sex, even by rape, the truth that is become scarce in this world, true to the Biblical words, for only a few will find the way to the Kingdom of God.

  8. JoAnn
    2 years ago

    Just wanted to correct a tiny error. Todd Akin is not yet a senator. He is hoping to win that position in Nov. Todd Akin is a Congressman in the House for the state of Missouri. God bless.

  9. JoAnn
    2 years ago

    Rape is rape. Really? Has everyone forgotten that rape can be rape while being consensual. I don't think anyone has thought of statutory rape. So you see, there is a difference. So, is there a difference between "legitimate" rape and statutory rape? Legitimate would tend to be a violent rape, whereby the body can shut down because of stress and trauma. When I heard Congressman's interview, that is the way I understood it. Congressman Akin believes that abortion is still abortion even if the child was conceived in rape, and therefore doesn't believe in it. I believe his words were, "why punish the baby because of the sin of the father." That is my sentiment also. Thoughts anyone? God bless.

  10. Alex
    2 years ago

    Not to mention the number of women procuring abortions CLAIMING that they were raped, when they in fact weren't raped. Such a claim undoubtedly makes their abortion sound more justified to our culture. This is an atrocity. The fact that Akin was bringing this to light should not offend anyone, even if they are a woman. It should illuminate the truth that is currently shrouded behind the dark veil of feminism, and that should make CATHOLICS rejoice.

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