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The Hypocrisy of Barney Frank Comments

Barney Frank suggests that Paul Ryan--and other unidentified "right wingers" who are supposed followers of Ayn Rand--are wed to a philosophy of individualism and are accordingly acting against the common good.  That's the rub.  That's the hypocritical pretense. Barney Frank's entire lifestyle is against the common good. Continue Reading

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  1. Barney2
    2 years ago

    How can Barney Frank ever have been elected in the first place? He is not Congress material. That is not the kind of representative I would ever want. What is wrong with voters in Massachusetts? I don't think I ever plan to even visit there. How far from the common good are they in electing such a person repeatedly. Guillty as charged.

  2. vance
    2 years ago

    Barney Frank is a national disgrace. He doesn't have a single moral fiber in his whole body. What's worse than him is the people who voted for him over the years. It takes an immoral people to vote for an immoral politician.

  3. Judy Claar
    2 years ago

    Barney Frank. Does anyone take him seriously? Blessings...

  4. Manuel Rivera-Lebron
    2 years ago

    Wrong choice of photo to head the article.

  5. Kasoy
    2 years ago

    I'm having nightmares of one day seeing on TV America's presidential couple, President & Mr Harold and Steven Smith, having dinner hosted by her Majesty Queen Elizabeth during an official visit by the US president and HIS husband to the UK. May God continue to protect us, our children, and grandchildren from moral decadence.

  6. Marie
    2 years ago

    Stuff in this article reminds me that evil wants to look good and wants good to look bad.
    May God, I pray, have mercy on us and on our world.

  7. Diane
    2 years ago

    Barney Frank is such a repulsive person. He has ended up without one saving grace. I guess that is what a lifetime of lies and perversion lead a person to. What a disgusting way to end ones life. Of course he airs his lies and craziness on the Al Sharpton show, they're two amoral peas in a pod. Anyone with right reasoning should know never to listen to them. Seems as though the democrat party has completely fallen off the cliff. I came from a democrat family and was a democrat till about 20 yrs. ago until I began to face the fact that it is the party of hypocrisy, lies and all sorts of perversion. Most of my family are still democrats and don't have a civil word for me. They are easily the most intolerant people I know if you differ with them yet they tolerate every kind of perversion and call it good. They are ending up pretty sadly also as they long ago lost their Catholic faith. I still have mine, thank God and I am certainly not a democrat, thank God for that too. I could never reconcile the true teachings of the Church with the party platform of the democrat party and I have every intention of remaining a good Catholic. My Faith is the most important thing to me.

  8. Rose
    2 years ago

    What a disgusting picture, we don't look at this website to see pictures like that.

  9. DLL
    2 years ago

    This is Un-Conventional Marriage. Barney and His partner are representative of a un-conventional marriage. A Conventional marriage is a 1 man to 1 woman marriage. Un-Conventional marriage is for alternate life style individuals. Un-conventional marriage has no specific definition. The Mirriam-Webster on line Dictionary has already redefined marriage as between opposite or same sex couples. This is wrong because the entire matter is still in debate,as same sex marriage is trendy thinking at best,not the actual understanding of marriage,as most people on the planet learned it,when young,as being between a man and a woman. Hitlers Germany changed the meaning of words to indoctrinate the youth to accept that not all people were equal with an equal humanity,that insured equal human rights and the right to life. Jews ,homosexuals,Catholics and certain other to be determined,undesirables were subjects for scientific experimentation then for extermination. Jews were taught to the young to be no better than the worst animal. When the basic meaning of a word is changed,especially a basic meaning,than that is the violation of the basic human rights that govern all people. Lies must never be taught as absolute truth. It is a lie to change the basic meaning of a word to force an agenda like so called"Gay marriage". Any government body loses the respect and the common trust of the governed,when it chooses to change the the meaning of something,so that the lie is the agenda that the governed must accept as the truth.

  10. abey
    2 years ago

    Either go with God or with Mammon, either say Yea or Nay, beat not about the bush, in terms of Gay behavior weather acting individually falling into unions, even unto its pride . It is sin, trying to define it in legal terms through strange names like 'Rights" to gain acceptance but in the truth, called to come out of that, for unto Sodom & Gomorrah God did to give any chance for it to be least accepted ,even unto having a soft corner through sentimentalism to Lots wife becoming salt, but utterly destroyed it & to think He will accept it now is to a strong delusion, for they believe not the truth, clearly to the Prophecy. Today the supporters of "Gay attitudes" in what ever form, even through their "Sentimentalism " called 'Appeasing the Sin" (for people like Barney to say his gay behavior turned into an attitude, from young but for his heart's hard hardness in the rebellion against the truth of God hiding behind Paganism & Atheism)) can take a cue from that pillar of salt to the greater salt of Sodom. Hell.

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