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Obamacare Begins Child Sterilization, Without Parental Consent Comments

With back-to-school season in full swing across the nation, parents in Oregon have more to worry about than shopping for sweaters and purchasing pencils. In the state of Oregon, the Obamacare mandate, which went into effect on August 1, 2012, provides free sterilizations to girls as young as fifteen. Now, your daughter, your high school freshman, can choose, without your consent, to be permanently sterilized. Continue Reading

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  1. Judy Claar
    2 years ago

    Rob & Theresa, I agree with both of you. Rob, when you mentioned bad parenting, along with that as you know, came the neglect of proper religious training and upbringing in the home. It is a wonder, Church and CCD teachers, got through to a percentage of some of these unfortunate children... Whose parents thought, that by doing a "hit or miss" in dropping off of their children, they were performing their duty as "good Catholic parents". When in reality, they themselves needed to be Evangelized. So, here is an example Rob, that would come under the heading "to clean your own house first". But we must remember, Jesus Never Forced. And He knew when to shake the sand from His sandals and calmly walk away. He Accepted. In Evangelizing, sometimes this is hard to do. When we must face the fact, the only thing left, if prayer.
    Theresa H., "Comfortable cocoons" that do not like the struggle to break free. Yet once they do, they become energized with "New Life". And leaving the old life behind, they flit and flutter, wherever they may, leaving a trail of beauty. Oh, that these "Comfortable cocoons",
    would seek the Transformation of God, to be butterflies, inhaling His every breath!
    Blessings to you Both...

  2. Jeff Willis
    2 years ago

    Disquieting, to say the least! But not surprising.

    Obama's key constiuent, the "Green movement," supports global population control. This is why we are setting aside grain(40%) of this years corn harvest to make ethanol. Ethanol has proven to be reduce carbon missions "marginally" at best! The primarily motivation behind this misguided action is to reduce the global food supply.

    The decision to offer sterilization to 15 year old girls without parental concent is to reduce the number of unwanted pregnacies. The administration's view on promisscuity is apathetic. In reality, they don't care! The thought of encourging abstinence is part of their agenda.

    It goes back to the moral decline that has been encouraged by this administration.

  3. Theresa H.
    2 years ago

    Rob, how well you identified the problem. Today, we live in a culture that acts "as if God does not exist" and it has invaded many, if not most Catholic families. But, the laity, just as much as the priests and sisters, are called to go out to all the world and evangelize just as much as the early Church, but we have, instead, withdrawn into something of a comfortable "cocoon" amongst ourselves. This is why the Pope is calling for the "Year of Faith" and the "New Evangelization" of CATHOLICS beginning Oct. 11, 2012.

  4. Beth
    2 years ago

    The length of time this law has been on the books is marginally relevant. The point is, when Obamacare is implemented, insurance companies will be required to pay for it - making it more accessible, probably not a whole lot more common among minors, but more to the point, yet another indication that we are being forced to embrace (and pay for, through our tax dollars and insurance premiums) a contraceptive culture that disregards the family.

    Sheep? Who's failing to question this culture of ours? Who bows down before the altar of instant gratification and empty relationships? I *used* to be a lost sheep, buying into the idea that I needed to use contraception, engage in premarital sex and support abortion "rights" in order to be a liberated, modern woman. Thank God I was brought back into the fold of Holy Mother Church by right reason - and faith in something other than my arrogant self.

  5. Free Religion in America
    2 years ago

    Politics and Religion don't go together. Separation of Church and State. If you don't like the laws, that is understandable, BUT YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO USE YOUR RELIGION TO FORCE EVERYONE ELSE IN AMERICA TO THINK AS YOU OR TO LIVE AS YOU DO. This is a free country, we have freedom of speech, free will, and freedom of religion. If you don't like those 3 basic rights of every single person in America, then GTFO and don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

    They aren't sterilizing kids, according to the language of the legislation. They are sterilizing well-informed, non-coerced reproductively-able people who CHOOSE to have the procedure.

  6. Joy
    2 years ago

    This article was not written well at all, your facts are all mixed up. This law has been on the book in Oregon for awile now. What Obama care does is makes it free to get sterilzed. I am not for Obama care at all, but this article is twisting the truth.

  7. Judy Claar
    2 years ago

    kacuff: I, and may I say, hopefully most Catholics, are not mere timid sheep! Put us to the test and you shall find out. Speaking for myself, I am the Freest, the most wholesome I have ever been!
    I am not in a pen. I am Free as the bird that flies. Flapping my wings of course at times, so that I may reach a higher altitude, and just glide...on automatic pilot...feeling the wind beneath my wings. Believe me, I am in no pen!

    It amazes me what those on the outside perceive. Especially when they are not open to learning or understanding because they have already made up their own mind, for whatever reason that might be. Peace...

  8. Dennis
    2 years ago

    The defenders of this evil on this blog are incredible. Can they hear themselves? Insurance companies are being forced, under Obamasnare, to provide FREE, yes FREE sterilizations. This has never before been true in America. Real people work for insurance companies. Real people pay premiums. No decent human could possibly justify sterilizing a child!!!

  9. kacuff
    2 years ago

    Uh.... ok, so talk to Oregon about changing their age of informed consent. "Obamacare" has nothing to do with that. Scare tactics from the church? I'm shocked. OK, not really, but come on

    "Party of Death", Vance? Really? Timid little sheep, soaking up the fear of what lies beyond the pen your masters keep you in. So sad.

  10. Judy Claar
    2 years ago

    Debbie, Your post coincides with my thinking exactly. Only I put it a different way. One that was more personal to the person. P.2, ! Day Ago. Your post took it a bit farther by adding more facts.
    Very Good! I wonder??? the reasoning behind Obama's motive of sterilization? When there are proven scientific facts that speak contrary to his thinking! I think he needs to be Called on it. I think there needs to be petitoning on his insulting hypocrisy. Not just for Catholics. but for the Common Good of Society itself! What he has sneaked? in, is unpardonable. It represents him as Not intellectually charitable. Instead, by not using the common intellectual facts available to him or his ass. , he puts something, and I'll say "sneak" again, into Obamacare, because hardly anyone read it, and he knew it would end up that way, because of how Huge it was. Who was going to read it? Even part of it? He is so underhanded and devious in this way, that when he is called on it, he usually is insecure and pretentious all at the same time... all the while using his retiring rhetoric, to reorganize, reshuffle, and perhaps offer a review on the matter, when we know darn well, that he is Not.
    Therefore. We The People, who are better informed than he, Need to Retaliate Peacefully, by the way of Petition. What else can we do? That is my opinion. What is yours? Anyone? Blessings...

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