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Obamacare Begins Child Sterilization, Without Parental Consent Comments

With back-to-school season in full swing across the nation, parents in Oregon have more to worry about than shopping for sweaters and purchasing pencils. In the state of Oregon, the Obamacare mandate, which went into effect on August 1, 2012, provides free sterilizations to girls as young as fifteen. Now, your daughter, your high school freshman, can choose, without your consent, to be permanently sterilized. Continue Reading

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  1. Judy Claar
    2 years ago

    Rob, I pray that you will get True nourishment soon. You seem to be stuck in First gear.
    "THE GOSPEL OF LIFE"...{Evangelium Vitae}. p.63: "The divine origin of this spirit of life explains the perennial dissatisfaction which man feels throughout his days on earth...When he heeds the deepest yearnings of the heart, every man must make his own the words of truth expressed by St. Augustine: "'You have made us for yourself, O Lord, and our hearts are restless until they rest in you'". Prayers and Blessings...

  2. Rob
    2 years ago

    vance, in a crazy way you are making my point. None of the folks we currently have serving are Eisenhower or Reagan. Both of these men were willing to do something our current crop of do nothings has never been willing to do, compromise. And the result is a government that accomplishes absolutely nothing.

    vance, there is no opportunity today because we've lost sight of shared prosperity. During the times you mentioned we had that. You could get a job, earn a decent wage and if you were loyal and worked hard, you could even earn a pension. I can't even imagine the security that provides. You had the ability to not only provide for your family in the current term, but also for your future. No one was giving you anything and you worked and earned every penny. Reagan years were great because you could still do that. The focus was still on our economy.

    But today vance all the focus has shifted to the owners of capital. In a prior post you suggested I had a socialist view of employment. Actually the view I have I believe is just wanting justice for a worker. I'll use wal-mart as an example. A study was done in our state recently that showed that wal-mart, while employing a lot of people (very good) paid wages and constricted the availability of benefits such that the majority of workers qualified for various forms of state assistance. Now call this a happy coincidence, but the weekend that study came out I was watching a documentary about the wal-mart fortune. It wasn't a hit piece but was more of a special interest piece on an art gallery (multi-million dollar) that was being built in Arkansas. So the richest and one of the most profitable companies in the world ammasses all of these profits for a few while the workers barely scrape by? How in the world are these workers supposed to ever become self sufficient if to one degree or another all companies are playing the same game? Trickle down in theory sounds good, but in practice today, is a miserable failure. It's a simple matter of math. If you allow all the profits i.e. money to be concentrated in only a few people, that results in less pay and less of an ability to provide for yourself and spur the economy along. I don't think folks that work at wal-mart should be millionaires, but would it kill this giant to perhaps pay them above the poverty line?

    At some point we'll look at our history and see that when everyone wins (via hardwork) we all win. We are a long way from that today.

  3. Marian
    2 years ago

    Firstly, are fifteen-year-olds really children ? We expect them to run with the "big" girls and "big" boys, barely allowing them an adolescence or youth, inducing them to drink, smoke and fornicate without allowing them to know what it is to abstain and live in dignity. It is a tragedy that someone so young would choose to be sterilized but I believe that this is a sign of the times.

  4. vance
    2 years ago

    Rob, Glory Days??? I am an old cuss but the only time I remember Glory Days were during Eisenhower and Reagan years. These were times where everyone including our Demo friends felt good about the country and they felt secure that opportunity was always there for them. Discounting the Vietnam War and the Communist riots, the 1960's was a great time economically. The cheapest gas I found was 10 cents a gallon during price wars. I know, it's hard to image. After Ronald Reagan, things went down hill. Unless Romney wins with a majority congress, things are going to be tough. I saw your Party Boo and Jeer when Villaregossa put God back in the platform. Your guys are degenerating fast.

  5. Pauline
    2 years ago

    Hi Matthew from Orlando,
    I really did not understand your comment. Can you be more clear?
    I believe that the right to life supersedes every other right. In order to be a politician, you first have to be borne and be alive, don't you agree? If you want to do any thing at all, you must be borne first and be alive. Does that seem to you or any one else reading this, too far off the human common sence? I believe sometimes a great deal of us, "humans" speak and act more out of ignorance than common sence and knowledge. I encourage you to get your hands on a book called, "TORTURED FOR CHRIST" By Richard Wurmbrand. You may concider John 6:64-67. "Sterilization" Should women be made sterile? I do not understand that, are "WE" women, the maternal heart of a family, lesser that animals?
    Well, Matthew,
    have a nice weekend, Yes go to church. May God bless in all that you do, think and say.

  6. Rob
    2 years ago

    I know vance, I hate every time a dem is elected because abortion comes back. Those years when it's gone is really something isn't it? Heck, it's awful when those dems get in office because Mayberry goes by the wayside and then we end up in Detroit. I so long for those days again....those glorious years just like during the Bush administration. So much properity was created that I love the position we are in today.

    Geez vance. I'd work for the GOP if I actually thought their platform was real and not a prop. But let's see, I predict that if they lock up all three bodies, social issues will fall off to the rear of the bus and it will be all about the economy. By the time they get to the social issues, the balance of power will have shifted again. Sorry I'm jaded, just using history as a guide.

  7. vance
    2 years ago

    Rob, "What do I mean when I say Vote Catholic Values?" I mean Pro-Life where all Life is sacred from Conception to natural death. The Constitution of the United States of America is a Catholic Value - The Right to Free Exercise of Religion. The Holy Sacrament of Matrimony of the Catholic Church is a Catholic Value. To fight against Drug Trafficking which leads millions of youth into drug abuse is a Catholic Value. Chastity and modesty in social behavior is a Catholic Value. Fiscal Responsibility is a Catholic Value. Taking care of our own elderly parents and special needs family members is a Catholic Value, not the government. Digging into our own pockets to help the poor not the government is a Catholic Value. Teaching a poor man to fish so he can feed himself is a Catholic Value. Your Party of Death and Deceit has trampled on these values for the last 78 years.

  8. Judy Claar
    2 years ago

    Rob, Please read my post on the article: Santorum; Obama Talks....etc. I Day ago I placed a post that perhaps answers you? Let me know. As far as Ryan and Obama, I am not 100% enlightened...that is, my understanding (I think) is totally different than yours. And before I discuss that one, I want to make sure where I am. We are doing a big project and I am only attuned to CO. So until this is over, CO is my main source of info.
    IF, it was something that was said at the GOP Convention, then I refer you to JoAnn. She taped it, so their can be no disputes.
    And again, I ask you to re-read my post to you of 22 hours ago. What don't you get about the GOP? I named each party as they are respectively. And I will say it again: Neither one is with out sin, but one holds the Keys to Life, Faith and Family, A Strong America (Oil Independence; not beholing to the Middle East) Jobs, Jobs, Jobs; and most of all, Are NOT of the Culture of Death! Rob, what don't you get about the GOP? Blessings...

  9. Rob
    2 years ago

    Judy, I do not disagree about your assessment of the dems right now. If anything, I appreciate their honesty. You vote dem you do so with eyes wide open. But I just don't feel the same way about the GOP.

    When I was assisting with the organization of our local men's walk for life, the pastor who is assigned to the effort gave a wonderful homily in the mass before the walk. He said the walk is great, it offers testimony to a public that is blind. But he challenged all the men their to really ask themselves if they were pro-life to the point of putting everything on the line for it? Did we do more for the cause this past year since the last walk? Or is this it? Are we just a bunch of talkers?

    I really do believe that more and more voters are taking the prolife position more seriously. But it really doesn't matter if we do if our politicians will not act. I think the social teachings of the church are pretty clear. They don't give much leeway in supporting a vote for someone who is pro-choice. I get that. But when you vote in that manner cycle after cycle and nothing really changes, at some point people are going to stop using that as objective criteria. At some point these guys have to be willing to put everything on the line as we do with our vote. There is a huge disconnect between what is expected from a voter versus what is expected from a politician once elected. A voter does not get to say, well I hate war and so does Obama (just a poor example) so I voted for him, but year after year we take these same lame excuses from a party that is supposed to be pro-life, fiscally conservative etc? Dems lay it out there, what you see is what you get, I have no idea who the GOP is.

    But if we have all accepted that "it's the economy stupid" then we've already signed up and gave them another pass on doing nothing about life. And sadly, because they are "our guys," we'll never challenge them on it.

  10. Matthew
    2 years ago

    Please be careful with your headlines. This article, entitled "Obamacare Begins Child Sterilization" sounds like Obamacare is deciding and doing the sterilization, when actually they are only offering it. The controversy should be over the offering of this service to someone very young. On that part, I agree that 15 is too young to make such a decision, but I found your title very misleading. - Matt in Orlando

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