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Obamacare Begins Child Sterilization, Without Parental Consent Comments

With back-to-school season in full swing across the nation, parents in Oregon have more to worry about than shopping for sweaters and purchasing pencils. In the state of Oregon, the Obamacare mandate, which went into effect on August 1, 2012, provides free sterilizations to girls as young as fifteen. Now, your daughter, your high school freshman, can choose, without your consent, to be permanently sterilized. Continue Reading

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  1. Grafton
    2 years ago

    The ignorance, malice, and political spin of this so called Christian organization astounds me.

  2. Kathleen Blakely
    2 years ago

    I am absolutely physically sickened with this news. Horrified does not even come close to what I am experiencing inside. No child has the maturity, the continuity of life to decide at 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, or 20 what the future and God have planned for them. To allow our government the right to sterilize these immature babies of life is so obscene - so wrong it can never, ever, be right.
    We, as a people, as a nation, have fully and completely lost our way. Our 'leader' and I use the term lightly herein, is one of the most despicable, evil beings I have ever, ever, witnessed. I wonder how he would feel if one of his TWO daughters came home to tell him they were going to be sterilized at 15 or 16 and what he would feel then. They would not need his consent for that - and yet, we fight over voter ID laws? Our value = none. Our morals = none. Our pride = none. Our heartbreak = unmeasurable.
    Dear Lord - I am so, so very sorry.

  3. Taylor
    2 years ago

    This issue really has nothing to do with Obamacare: "Under Oregon State Law, the state's revised statutes (ORS) defines "informed consent" for 15-year-olds...". The statue that allows for this type of sterilization is a Oregon STATE law... I fail to see the connection to a state's decision to enact a particular statute and a set of federal regulations.

  4. vance
    2 years ago

    Death and human denigration are the fruits that the Party of Death bears. They are everything that Christ warned us about. They are liars and deceivers. We can vote them out this November.

  5. Diane
    2 years ago

    Mike, no gov't should be funding any elective surgeries or treatments such as sterilization, abortion or euthanasia. These things are not health care, their outcome is sterile mutilation and death. That's not health care. Obamacare is evil because it is the delivery system for those evil things. Other elective surgeries should not be covered either. Socialism has no moral compass.As for Oregon, they are a test case to desensitise people to those evils.

  6. debbie
    2 years ago

    I agree Mike. I think the focus should be on the positive aspects of Obamacare instead of always taking things to the extreme. This website seems to do that on every subject. Obamacare is doing what Jesus would have wanted us to do - tend to the sick, the poor, the less fortunate. I don't mind having to pay more in taxes or even putting up with slightly less quality or access to healthcare, if it means more people will be covered. I was actually hoping for Universal coverage (public option) because it is morally the right thing to do.

  7. Kasoy
    2 years ago

    Mike, will you let a 5-yr old kid play with a loaded gun saying that it is his right to do anything he wants? Freedom is not that power to do anything one wants. True freedom is the ability to do ONLY what is truly right. And the discernment to know what is truly right can only be given by God. How? As St. Augustine said: "by believing they may obey God, by obeying may live well, by living well may purify their hearts, and with PURE HEARTS may understand what they believe." It starts with believing (faith). Why do we want to do what is truly right? Ans: because doing what is truly right bestows eternal benefits, all other acts will have no eternal significance. (see The Dialogue of Catherine of Siena) Last point, the principle of subsidiarity empowers the family (parents) to make the decision for their children while they are still young. What can be decided at the family level should not be decided upon by the government.

  8. edward a. lynn
    2 years ago

    The fact that this current administration is going ahead with this diabolical action is proof enough that this President is lacking in any shred of morality; indeed, he is evil incarnate. The utter survival of this country, western civilization, and humanity in general requires that he be kicked out of office forever. Its time for some R & R. Romney-Ryan in 2012!!!!!!!

  9. James
    2 years ago

    A bit of constructive feedback on this story: you should really include links to the legislation and forms you quote, which will give the story more credibility when read by a skeptic.

    The Oregon Health Authority's forms webpage is here. It shows both the 15-20 and the 21+ forms.

  10. Eugenia
    2 years ago

    The only good thing I can see coming out of this evil is that it will be guaranteed these young women will grow up to be strong pro-life advocates along the lines of "Silent No More" when they realize and regret what they were essentially manipulated into doing.

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