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Nigerian Woman Writes to Melinda Gates: We Don't Need Your Contraception Comments

I see this $4.6 billion buying us misery. I see it buying us unfaithful husbands. I see it buying us streets devoid of the innocent chatter of children. I see it buying us disease and untimely death. I see it buying us a retirement without the tender loving care of our children.  Please Melinda, listen to the heart-felt cry of an African woman and mercifully channel your funds to pay for what we REALLY need. Continue Reading

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  1. Cronan
    2 years ago

    Problem with Gates is she thinks she is a philanthropist and yet she doesn't understand the way that African women think. It is a fact that many African women like having children and the introduction of contraception is only going to ruin the African families. This if it's a further step into globalization... I would Gates give $4 billion to African governments to fund for schools, infrastructure etc

  2. abey
    2 years ago

    Unless there be truth in the one can then only the truth be received which truth is called Life & for such it profits to be against Life in its very name called "The Merchants of death".

  3. Erica
    2 years ago

    Who did this letter go to? This is such a wonderful authentic voice - it needs to be heard far and wide. We must pray that Mrs. Gates is converted.

  4. Lidia
    2 years ago

    What a beautifully worded letter, let's hope Melinda hears and responds.

  5. Diane
    2 years ago

    Poor Africa and Asia. The above picture of M. Gates looks as if she is beating her breast. What she does is intrinsic evil. You have to be spiritually dead to be so blind to the evils of contraception and abortion. I'm reminded of that old description of evil, "the banality of evil". The most ordinary looking people can do the most horrible things to others and then appear pious in doing so. But then, some of the supporters of Hitler, Lenin and Stalin were very wealthy and convinced themselves that the evil they supported was for the good of mankind and they appeared very pious about it too. How very, very sad that people like the Gates have become very ill with the disease of control even to the point of destroying others. Many contraceptives are also abortifacients.

  6. Judith Parzynski
    2 years ago

    Gates is just another rich, arrogant woman that knows what others needs are and she is wrong..

  7. christinaf
    2 years ago

    What a beautiful letter!! So beautiful in the way that it shows the happiness life and love can bring even in such poverty....extremely sad to compare it to "our" way of thinking. Melinda, if you wish to use your money to help them please do, but don't use it to destroy them the way we have destroyed our own country!

  8. Mike F
    2 years ago

    What a courageous women! How can we write her in show our support?

    Gates' attitude is typical of the US Liberal condescension. The attitude that "we", the intellectual, rich, American upper-class know what's best for "you" poor, ignorant, Africans. However, it is they who better us in their attitude and outlook. The author gives very specific examples of how to use the proposed money in ways that will truly improve the lives of the recepients. I'm sure, based on the letter, that Ms. Gates hasn't a notion about the true needs of the Africans. Hers is a typical American Liberal thoughtless gesture of: just throw money at a problem and the problem will go away..

  9. Patrick Reynolds
    2 years ago

    A very well composed and thoughtful letter. Let's just hope that Mrs. Gates isn't too blinded to see the truth in it.

  10. Kasoy
    2 years ago

    Contraception program is a world-wide coordinated effort by some of the largest corporations and their surrogates (Gates Foundation, Planned Parenthood) with the help of developed countries like the US (if headed by a Democrat president) and the UN (WHO). Many large corporations that rely on scarce resources that can be sourced from African, South American, and Asian countries would be the major beneficiaries of controlling the population of fast growing nations endowed with rich natural resources. By UN estimates, 7 African nations and 8 Asian nations will be among the 20 most populous nations in the world by 2050. If these nations' population grow uncontrolled, domestic consumption of these resources which will add to the international demand will make these resources more expensive and less available to the more developed nations whose economies depend on cheap sources for these vital resources. These misguided people who advocate population control by contraception do not realize that one of the motivating reasons why poor people want to have many children is for the simple reason that poor people from poor nations depend on their children in their old age unlike people from developed nations who have access to government-run social security. These same people (who promote population control) fully understand that Europe, Japan, Singapore are all starting to experience "demographic winter" and have started liberalizing their immigration policies. So the only reason why they like to limit the population of poor nations is to preserve the natural resources of these nations or at least reduce drastically their usage for the benefit of their sponsoring multinational corporations. "Store up treasures in heaven... where your treasure is, there also will your heart be." Sadly for Melissa Gates, her treasures are not in heaven. Melissa Gates cannot justify before God her good intention of eliminating poverty through contraception because God revealed to St. Catherine of Siena (The Dialogue of Catherine of Siena - Treatise of Discretion): one cannot "cause injury of sin to self in order to be useful to others".

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