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Nigerian Woman Writes to Melinda Gates: We Don't Need Your Contraception Comments

I see this $4.6 billion buying us misery. I see it buying us unfaithful husbands. I see it buying us streets devoid of the innocent chatter of children. I see it buying us disease and untimely death. I see it buying us a retirement without the tender loving care of our children.  Please Melinda, listen to the heart-felt cry of an African woman and mercifully channel your funds to pay for what we REALLY need. Continue Reading

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  1. Ify
    2 years ago

    Well said. Ask the american women how much Melinda has contributed to their cancer fight. or are there no Americans dying from self inflicted cancer from long usage of contraceptives. Please tell her that we do not have money for cancer treatment yet and that we suffer whenever we see a loved one die from this chemically inflicted disease. In my country Nigeria, at birth our mothers move over to care for us, love us and teach us how to care for our babies. We in turn learn to do that to our children too. It is our prayer to raise God fearing children who will have families and take care of their parents in old age. Not aged parents abandoned in government run homes where there is no love and happiness. Without children visiting.

    Also inform Melinda that her organization does not account for how many deaths occur annually in Africa due to war and diseases rather they want to kill us more.

  2. Beth
    2 years ago

    Wake Up Please, I respectfully suggest that you wake up. Population is not the cause of hunger in the world - the majority of the time, it is man-made crises that cause people to go hungry. Sometimes, it is a natural disaster which exacerbates a situation that is already fragile due to a man-made crisis. Your simplistic, uncharitable point of view is neither accurate nor constructive. Dumping billions of dollars worth of contraceptives into these developing countries will do little, if anything, to solve the problem of hunger. We have to consider the medical, cultural and ecological impact of the aid we support. If family planning is desired by the people being served, there are very effective, safe and inexpensive methods available that have shown tremendous success in developing countries, without the health risks associated with hormonal contraceptives and the risk of coercive practices so often present in contraceptive-focused public "family planning" initiatives. Please do your homework before you spout off on a CATHOLIC forum about high birth rates being the problem. We have enough food to feed everyone on the planet and then some. What we need is more JUSTICE, not fewer people.

  3. precy nosotros rabal
    2 years ago

    I am simply sorry for the biased comments of persons that has a prejudgement of Africa and the 3rd world countries including mine.... i was raised up in a family of 12 children and am proud to have inherited a solid inheritance of moral and gospel values deep rooted in my faith and culture... I´ve learned from my youth that my body is not a mere product nor a thing to be disposed as it is in anyway i want to... my body is a temple of the Holy Spirit ... image and likeness of my Creator... thus i have my sense of discernment and filosophy in life that i´m not just a thing and so other men and women around me... not because we are less fortunate in material things and so we succumbed simply to the fate and decision of "generous benefactors" to have a better future... My late father was a jeepney driver but he ensured us with the legacy of education that he believed to be an important inheritance than a piece of testament containing a bulky amount of money... You better take care of yourself instead of telling the world you are sorry for us because we are poor so you decide better than we are what is right to do so... We are not trash... we are humans and we have the same dignity to live happy as you are... just give us the right to be happy and leave us on our Catholic faith...

  4. Becca
    2 years ago

    I'm a girl in high school and I think this article in beautiful!! I really really hope her letter is heard!

  5. Alena
    2 years ago

    To whomever wrote "WAKE UP, PLEASE": We Westerners can't assume that we know why African women are having so many babies. I highly doubt that these hard-working, faithful, ethical people are somehow unable to restrain themselves in this area. Perhaps they really just want more children. Or perhaps they haven't been taught NFP so that they are able to space their children if they need to.
    As Christians, it is our obligation to help those who are suffering. We are not asked to question why people are starving, but we are commanded to relieve their hunger. What if Mother Teresa refused to help prostitutes - after all, it was their fault that they sold themselves into prostitution, so they should learn to stop being sluts before they deserve our help! Or what if I walked by every homeless person on the street and refused to help them - they could at least find a job at some fast-food place, it's their fault they're out here!
    The fact is, most of the time I have no idea why people around me are suffering. But I do know that I have the power to effect change in their lives and to bring the love of Jesus to them. To refuse to do so is dangerous, for we can easily become proud and judgmental.

  6. debbie
    2 years ago

    Where does it say in the bible that contraception is evil? I think people need to be realistic. The planet can only hold so many people. Eventually we will run out of natural resources. We are already have water shortages. And with global warming more droughts will occur leaving to crop failures. So there will be food shortages as well. And as we go over that tipping point nature will take over and plagues will break out. I just don't understand the Catholic belief that contraception is going against God. I know he said "be fruitful and multiply" but what else is there?

  7. 2shinnie
    2 years ago

    "Wake up please" what do you know about Africa? Don't donate money to Africa if you don't want to. We don't live on your donations. Those moneys don't get to the people. Our people are stooges in the hands of our corrupt govt. How better off is your society due to rampant has contraceptives use? There is too much stress and depression here in the US meaning that children are still not your problem bc the problem still stares us in the face. You wake uupuup.

  8. TR
    2 years ago

    The "Wake up, please" comment seems to ignore the fact that the writer of the letter is saying how babies in Africa inspire and give hope. It's probably a difference of POV. I get the impression that a lot of privileged Westerners think that a baby is equivalent to money that could have been spent on one's own wants and needs.

    I come from a Third World country too, and we have a current battle between people for and against public contraceptive funding, though in this country I am among the more privileged ones with a good education (from here and abroad). Talk to a cab driver (not a great-paying job) in my country and ask how many kids he has. Then ask how many of them go to school. It's surprising yet common for them to say how many of them had finished college.

    For places who still have love in their hearts, I believe that the family and children are driving forces of growth. They inspire you to go to work everyday and aspire for a better future. They are reminders for you to be morally upright in order to set a good example and to keep their childlike qualities in an otherwise unstable world.

  9. Kasoy
    2 years ago

    The real longterm solution to overpopulation is economic development, not contraception. The major reason for having many children in 3rd world nations is that people depend on their children in their old age. Look at the developed nations, people naturally choose to have few (if at all) children because they can support themselves with their retirement savings or government soc security in their old age. Contraception is intrinsically evil. As revealed by God to St. Catherine of Siena: one cannot cause evil of sin to oneself in order to be useful to others. You cannot do evil in order to do good to others (the end cannot justify the means). If you do so, you are saying that it is more important to help people than to please God. Sin is an infinite evil because you offend an infinite God. Alleviating the suffering of the poor is good, but it cannot counter balance a single venial sin against God.

    2 years ago

    These people in Africa have more babies than they can feed. Then they expect the rest of the world to help feed them, or watch them starve to death.

    They need to learn RESTRAINT... Failing that, FAMILY PLANNING is indeed in order.

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