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Romney Goes Bold: Pro-Life Catholic Paul Ryan Chosen as Republican Vice Presidential Candidate Comments

I just returned from the Romney/Ryan campaign event in Norfolk, Virginia. The crowd was massive, enthusiastic and hopeful. I don't know what I expected - but what I experienced far exceeded those expectations. Mitt Romney's bold choice of Paul Ryan as his running mate ensures that an exchange of correspondence between the Cardinal of New York and the Republican Vice Presidential nominee will now become a part of framing the issues in ... Continue Reading

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  1. Chris
    2 years ago

    I find it very interesting that Assemblymember Ryan thinks that his budget is based on Catholic Social Teachings (CST). I read the letter that he sent to Archbishop Dolan. He mentioned the principle of Subsidiary on multiple occasions, but not once did he mention Solidarity. I am Catholic, a Catechist, and a student of CST. It is my opinion that the Congressman's perspective is a skewed version of CST. This is from the Compendium of Catholic Social Teaching: "188. Various circumstances may make it advisable that the State step in to supply certain functions. One may think, for example, of situations in which it is necessary for the State itself to stimulate the economy because it is impossible for civil society to support initiatives on its own. One may also envision the reality of serious social imbalance or injustice where only the intervention of the public authority can create conditions of greater equality, justice and peace. In light of the principle of subsidiarity, however, this institutional substitution must not continue any longer than is absolutely necessary, since justification for such intervention is found only in the exceptional nature of the situation. In any case, the common good correctly understood, the demands of which will never in any way be contrary to the defence and promotion of the primacy of the person and the way this is expressed in society, must remain the criteria for making decisions concerning the application of the principle of subsidiarity."

  2. KC
    2 years ago

    I agree Joselyn, The USA needs refreshing, and most certainly leadership with solid moral values. But history is not on the side of the Romney-Ryan ticket with a Republican Catholic running. And we have had leadership with false Catholics in Biden and Pelosi, who have been telling our youth that it is ok to defy Church teaching and moral values do not matter. Despite the last 4 years, we will once again restate that we are indeed "One Nation Under God!"

  3. Mary
    2 years ago

    Doesn't being pro-life continue after the child is born? This man wants to take away benefits from the elderly and give them to the rich. This is just sad. I am strongly pro-life, but I do not see any evidence of this from that man.

  4. Paul-Emile Leray
    2 years ago

    Very interesting. A few short comments. Notice how many billionaires who have made their fortunes via extreme (and often ruthless) capitalism at times tend to offer immense support to left leaning policies and political ideologies. Why? Could it be that they seek to enslave us instead of liberating us? After all, Pope JPII mentionned something along the lines of seeing similar realities present at the back doors of communism and extreme capitalism many years ago; but if my memory is a little off I stand to be corrected. Does communism liberate or enslave the citizenry? Does extreme capitalism liberate or enslave? In one reality, one is a slave to the state and the massive bureaucracy in place which sees forced upon coercion to push through ideologies. In the other reality, the common man is a slave to a handful of extremely wealthy capitalists. Either way, he is being controlled by entities which have too much power over him. Unless? Unless he sees beyond nationalism, borders, partisan politics, the government, and realizes that only Chrisitian existential living with high degrees of sincerity can offer radical freedom. It transcends partisan politics, nationalism, borders; but you have to be willing to put your life on the line for your beliefs. And? Then, this would make one a martyr and would strengthen the case even more; if some lunatic does take your life. You see? Not possible to lose. Let us see if a democracy is more than a mere mobocracy that often results in being little more than one big shouting match filled with opinions, emotions, and lots of noise. If the right policies are properly aligned with the right principles and deeply understood roots underneath those principles, then it ought to be like an artesian well in how it operates for the common good for all: the water will flow up like a fountain and society will flourish. Let the laws and policies and governing flow out of the artesian well of undeniable natural laws and truths. Then, you will see what happens. Human will power is NOTHING compared to truth and natural laws. I know of no human who put existence into existence, do you? Precisely. We are part of nature. And when a volcano decides to erupt, human will power seems quite insignificant in trying to stop it does it not? With cautious hope, I am beginning to suddenly feel a little more optimistic while remaining rooted in REALITY as much as I can. (knowing full well the intrinsic nature of politics and politicians...power and control) Why not give Mr. Romney and his VP choice a chance? If they mess up, change the democratic system and FORBID campaigning altogether in the future since effective campaigning does not guarantee effective governing. Campaigning is marketing. Governing is governing. I have to state I think Mr. Romney has proven he has a lot of talent. If he has his heart properly aligned and centered on truth (Jesus) and roots himself in Catholic natural law then possibly the truth of Catholicism and the high effectiveness that so many Latter Day Saints exemplify might result in something good. (with caution and hope I say this, since I am cynical about politics and politicians and trust NOBODY...why? Human nature and original sin.) All this having been put forth, I can think of many more potentially disastrous combinations than what we have at present with Mr. Romney and his VP choice. Root your laws, justice system, political economy, in Catholic natural law right down to the artesian well.....and it is practically guaranteed America will rise like a rocket once again! And listen to your Catholic church leaders, right inside the Vatican as well. Years of theology and philosophy results in having many highly wise and intelligent men with good hearts leading the Church. And based on history, I would guess that the Catholic Church will still be around long after a few more political terms have passed. True? True. And the Catholic Church will still be around after all of us, myself included, are dead. True? True. (including those reading this note) The single mission of American leadership? To realign America and reroot it in the artesian well of truth. I have to say I am quite a fan of Dr. Stephen Covey and his no nonsense straight ahead age old wisdom. As far as your medicare is concerned, on the public/private percentage balancing ratios, along with how to figure out how much who pays; I suggest to have a look at the Japanese system. 80/20 or 70/30, the last time I checked. It takes into consideration income levels, it is based on previous tax filings, is highly integrated on the economic front, and while not an expert on this subject matter it does seem to offer some good points from a governmental perspective, private insurance perspective (competitive aspect; free market), and takes into consideration peoples' income levels seeing premiums directly tied to previous tax filings. Naturally, care needs to be given for the weak, poor, needy, elderly, and economically disadvantaged. I could be doing other things (like resting), instead of writing this from another country, at past 4a.m., on a Saturday night/Sunday morning. If this falls into the hands of anyone who might benefit from this, if it can help some people in America, I simply put this forth in the spirit of good will and intent. If I am not writing anything you don't already know, then simply disregard and sorry if I wasted your time. There is a price to be paid for leadership. It is called character, rooted as much as possible in truth, and at least let us try to live it with high degrees of sincerity. (even though we are all flawed due to our human condition, original sin, and numerous imperfections) In Canada, while the quality of health-care and training is world class; the system is so lethargic and bureaucratic that by the time a person actually DOES see a specialist he might be getting analyzed AFTER he's dead! It gives the ILLUSION of being accessible to all, with very long timelines to see the exact type of specialist you need. Why? The bureaucracy. In Japan? 3 days to about 3 weeks for an MRI, based on experience. In Canada? Someone told me it took 18 months! The lethargic nature of Canadian medicare in terms of not quality, but FAST ACCESSIBILITY to specialists and treatment, is embarrassing...all the more so, that Canada is supposedly a 1st world nation. In Japan, you do NOT need to be referred to a specialist. You go DIRECTLY to the specialist and if you happen to be at the wrong place, he knows enough to know which kind of specialist you need. To those who think a fully nationalized health care program is kind and altruistic, do NOT be fooled by the illusions and lies and ignorance of the left leaning politicians and their low level critical thinking. It is a matter of days or a few weeks to see specialists in Japan. In Canada? MONTHS! The money is supposedly there to help research, doctors, nurses, to then help patients; NOT to grow the bureaucracy and keep a bunch of bureaucrats, administrators, and unionized security seeking selfish people employed! What is the purpose of a hospital? To TREAT and HELP people. A fully nationalized medicare system is IGNORANCE! It does NOT work. It's a beautiful idea, but it does NOT work. (something like communism and exaggerated socialism; and also extreme capitalism without enough checks and balances) Being a capitalist is NOT a bad word. People who place too much trust in top heavy governments, bureaucracies, administrations, are too weak and STUPID to do anything on their own; therefore, of course they seek security, safety, and all sorts of job protection and seek to position themselves inside a well cushioned institution (public or private). There are stewards of the state and stewards of the corporate state; very similar types of individuals, in reality. However, at least the stewards of the corporate state in the private sector are not as much on YOUR tax money as the others. Good day. Either way, I do not live in Canada or America; simply offering some words if they can help. If not, disregard. Obama is a wonderful speaker, but what a SOPHIST lacking in WISDOM! Shame on you people for being so NAIVE! Go back and root your education in EDUCARE, not so much with only instruction and technique and how to pragmaticism. Aristotle: the mean, the center. Balance. With excessive influence from Wall Street on the one hand AND the bureaucrats on the other; we then fall into excesses and deficiencies all over the place. And do these words not align well with what the late Pope JPII stated about the back door realities of communism and extreme capitalism? Why would extreme capitalists on Wall Street support leftist political parties? Power and control. Over who? YOU! Why? They seek not to liberate you, but to ENSLAVE you. Period. Solution? Revolt. How? Use your God given FREE WILL the way it was intended. Once again: Christianity, Democracy, and the American Ideal; by Jacques Maritain. ISBN: 1-933184-01-9 Good luck!
    Paul-Emile Leray

  5. JoAnn
    2 years ago

    Praise God. This is the first time in a long time that I have felt a small ray of hope. Thank you for the wonderful article. I knew of Paul Ryan's credentials and I hope this piece will ease the minds of the skeptics. God bless.

  6. Joselyn
    2 years ago

    I'm VERY EXCITED about the GOP ticket. I hope they win in a landslide and we can try to regain the ground that was lost over the last 3 1/2 years under the "tyrantking" as one article writer calls him. Go Romney/Ryan 2012!! I love Ryan's pro-life stance as a true Catholic unlike Biden.

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