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Romney Goes Bold: Pro-Life Catholic Paul Ryan Chosen as Republican Vice Presidential Candidate Comments

I just returned from the Romney/Ryan campaign event in Norfolk, Virginia. The crowd was massive, enthusiastic and hopeful. I don't know what I expected - but what I experienced far exceeded those expectations. Mitt Romney's bold choice of Paul Ryan as his running mate ensures that an exchange of correspondence between the Cardinal of New York and the Republican Vice Presidential nominee will now become a part of framing the issues in ... Continue Reading

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  1. Judy Claar
    2 years ago

    Vance, Jo Ann & Rob, Indeed, you are all right. I especially liked Vances' keen observation of Rob "looking through a Socialist's Prism". And Jo Ann's diplomacy on Globalization. Rob, I enjoy your appraisal through the "Socialist's Prism"...(I like that term, can't you tell? no deragog intended). But I must say, you do come through quite clearly, when you See through the King's Prism as well. Praise the King...

  2. vance
    2 years ago

    Rob, interesting response to JoAnn, What you told her is correct about companies and stocks. I'm surprised how you view companies through a socialist prism. I am very familiar with the aircraft industry. They hire and layoff workers by the thousands like the ebb and flow of a tide. The workers of Boeing and MacDonnell-Douglas understood the nature of the business. Large contracts come in, so they hire thousands of people to fill the contracts. When the contracts are filled and fewer coming in, they layoff people. One year, two years down the road, the companies will get more contracts and hire back the workers. This is the nature of all businesses. They are there to produce products and provide services and "Make Money". They are not social programs. Companies can not afford to keep a person on board to sit around and do nothing. Yes, cost of labor is a companies largest expense but the EPA under Obama has become an even larger expense. When the EPA imposes unnecessary regulations on a business, it will cost the company many thousands if not millions to comply with the standards. If business is slow as it is today, it's more cost effective to relocate the plant in Ireland or China than to go out of business. It seems that Obama and the EPA could care less about the workers as they impose these business killing regulations.

  3. JoAnn
    2 years ago

    Rob: That wasn't the globalization I was talking about. Believe me, when what I.m talking about happens, (and we are almost there) no one is going to like it. If Obama gets in for a 2nd term, he will relinquish this nation's sovereignty to the UN. Prepare everybody. God bless.

  4. Rob
    2 years ago

    JoAnn, because I have been a corporate tax professional and in the corporate environment for awhile, I've come to know a few things. What drives the public company today is a concept known as shareholder value. A company will do whatever it can to ensure the stock holders are happy. This is a stark difference from what was taught to me graduate school where companies had steakholders of equal importance (stockholders, employees & creditors). Today employees are valued no more than copier machines. When the stock falls and they need to cut expenses, they go to employees, and they think nothing of buying and selling companies that continually displace workers. Having worked on several large M&A deals, I can assure you that no one is sitting around trying to come up with ways not to displace workers. It's just the cost of doing business these days. Outsourcing jobs has become second nature for manufacturing concerns because there is no conceivable way we can compete with the wages paid in China and India and South America. Many of which are below our minimum wage.

    I will agree with you that we should work to ensure our regulatory climate is conducive to business growth in this country. Trust me when I say it's not the EPA driving businesses out but labor costs. Is the EPA an added costs, sure, but it's not the drive. And taxes are easily planned around. With a big enough lobbying effort, the effective tax rate is driven down. As we've become obsessed with stock value, we've done whatever possible to increase that value. Outsourcing is just part of the play book now. They aren't making some bold statement against our regulatory environment, but doing it strictly for the bottom line for the benefit of the shareholders. Everything else is a distant second on that list.

    If I owned a company in today's environment where I am beholden to shareholders who care little about the business you actually run, you are right, I would probably outsource. But we wouldn't be sitting around the board room bemoaning the EPA or taxes, the accountants would be telling us how much $$ we are going to save on labor moving our operations to some third world country, never mind that oftentimes these countries represent everything we do not stand for.

    Just as surely as our country's moral decay is destroying this nation, so is our love of money. Those who own the nations wealth care little about how they earn it, so long as they do. If that means they inadvertantly strengthen our enemies, so be it. We expect no patriotism from our businesses. You speak of globilization, business achieved that decades ago.

  5. vance
    2 years ago

    JoAnn, "Freedom or Free Stuff" You hit the nail on the head. you and I have been around for a while and have witnessed the Party of Death "Buying" votes with taxpayer money. This shows how evil these people are. They play off people's Greed when they promise something for nothing. The Death Party plays off people's Envy when they pitch the old "Class Warfare" and play off people's Hate while they play the "Race Card". The latest Obama pitch is playing off people's Sloth with more Food Stamps and Welfare. He allowed everyone and anyone who "Claims" to be disabled to collect Disability Benefits. The Death Party is one group of insidious folks. Keep up the great posts. God bless.

  6. Judy Claar
    2 years ago

    Rob, Jo Ann & Buster: Enjoyed reading your dialogue! Glad to have you on board Buster! Also read your comments To debbie. Very Good. Rob and Jo Ann, I think many agree with you about more jobs in the US of A. BAD MOVE to be indebted to China and no jobs at home! We are indeed going "Global". Last Christmas, our Entire family decided to buy gifts that were USA made only. Well, it was SOOOOO HARD, that not everyone could comply! And I understood, because I had the same problem. Our shopping took a manner of speaking of course, and yes, even we could not comply with all on Santa's List. It is darn hard to find articles made in the US. It is a crime! Keep posting! Live Christ Today...

  7. Judy Claar
    2 years ago

    DEACON KEITH: Thank you for writing as a private citizen. Thank you for sharing your unforgettable experience. Thank you for sharing your viewpoint. A wonderful insightful article!
    Live Christ Today....

  8. JoAnn
    2 years ago

    Rob: Creating jobs in China is what Obama is famous for. I agree, our free market industry has to come back to America. But they have to have the environment here to make it worth while to come back. Overburdening regulations and high taxes is not the way to do it. We all know China is cheating by manipulating the dollar and cheap labor. If you owned a company, you would do the same thing. Don't tell me you wouldn't because I wouldn't believe you. I would do the same. After all, being in business is for the profit, right.? You have to admit Obama has made it very undesirable for companies to expand. He is putting them out of business. For him to say that the private sector is doing just fine means that he is either very naive when it comes to business policies or he is an out and out liar. Have you read Agenda 21 yet? If not, please do so. You will be enlightened to where this nation/world is headed if we don't try and stop it. If you are for globalization, that's your right. I am not. I know, eventually, that will happen because prophecy says so. I look at it this way. If Romney wins, God has given us a reprieve and we better not blow it. If Obama wins, God has had enough and we had better get ready for a very bumpy, ugly ride. Everyone should be praying to our Blessed Mother and St. Michael and pleading with God for mercy, because when there is a global government, global religion and global healthcare (yes, Obamacare and all social medicine throughtout the world will be one) it is not going to be very pleasant living anywhere. We were at the mercy of private health insurance before. Are you telling me you were getting inadequate health care? God bless.

  9. Rob
    2 years ago

    JoAnn, if you do not have medical insurance you are in the same boat. You can't get that done in an ER visit. And once those problems creep up, good luck trying to get insured. Once ACA is repealed this person will be at the complete mercy of the private insurance market.

    I think we need to really put America first. We need to stop sending all our work overseas so people can actually find jobs so the need for "free stuff" as you put it is no longer necessary. We need an investor class in this country that shows some modicum of patriotism for this country. If we have any hope of fixing our broken social programs, we'd better start leaning on our so called job creators. Creating jobs in China is not what we should be encouraging companies to do.

  10. JoAnn
    2 years ago

    Freedom or "free stuff?" Choose. You can only pick one. People who choose freedom are Patriots - people who choose free stuff are Socialists. And to the Socialists, I would like to remind you that there is no such thing as "free stuff." Whoever, gives you the "free stuff" is also the "whoever" that can take your "free stuff" away. Socialism is a euphemism for communisim. Communism will not give medical care to anyone, if it will be too costly to the "collective." I have, or should I say had a friend, who lived in Europe, I will not say what country, She was in need of a heart transplant. They put her on a "waiting list." There is nothing wrong with that as everyone in need of a transplant will always have to wait a while for that type of treatment. BUT because of her age (65), younger patients were always treated first. Needless to say, she never got that transplant and she is now with the Lord. This is the type of government and healthcare that Obama's "hope & change" is all about. Is that what we want for this country? God bless.

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