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More Than Traditional, It's True: A Call to Change the Way We Speak of Marriage Comments

We do not call abortion "choice" because it is never a moral choice. It is murder. Two persons of the same gender cannot enter into marriage.  It is ontologically impossible.  So it's quite silly for us to begin describing marriage as "traditional" vs. "same-sex" because it's drawing a distinction between marriage and something that can never even exist in the first place.  There is a better way to draw a ... Continue Reading

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  1. Larry
    2 years ago

    Great article!! It's too bad that the articles on this site don't get more attention. I'm sure they reach thousands but I think only a few hundred that are reading these articles actually could benefit from them. The Catholic schools should have their classes read these articles to help reinforce some values.

  2. Diane
    2 years ago

    Thank goodness for this article. I've been saying "true marriage"(between a man and woman) all along for the same reasons this article lists. Words really do matter.What homosexuals have is a mockery of true marriage such as devil worshippers have in what they call a "black mass". I'm not saying homosexuals are possessed, just that they are being used by the devil to mock and destroy true marriage and families. We should pray for homosexuals AND defend true marriage against the evil intent they bring to destroy it. That's called hating the sin but loving the sinner.

  3. Dennis
    2 years ago

    Sodomy is not marriage. It is sodomy. It does not need a new name. Marriage is what it is and cannot be redefined. Sodomy is what it is and cannot be made right with a different name.

  4. Jorge Gonzalez
    2 years ago

    I know it's the same old inadequate arguments for the same sex unions. The answers to some of these arguments are so simple that they can be overlooked. If Noah's elephants were both male, elephants would be extinct. It has been proven that even male elephants need a father to teach them appropriate behavior. The answer is in nature itself. If you look any further you are desperately looking for answers that are not there.

  5. Judy Claar
    2 years ago

    Jennifer, Brilliant! the Best article to date! and all your articles are pretty darn good! Enjoy reading ALL of them all the time. Thank you. Blessings...

  6. bill
    2 years ago

    Excellent explanation! Word games are a powerful tool for those who want to sway opinion. Dehumanizing the unborn by referring to them as "fertilized eggs" is a clear effort to circumvent the real issue which is the murder of the innocent. Likewise, categorizing marriage as "traditional" and "non-traditional" is an attempt to make it sound like there has always been two types of marriage, when in fact, there is only one true form of marriage.

  7. Robert
    2 years ago

    Great article! Now please tell the Democrats.

  8. p.bernhard
    2 years ago

    Words are important. Words in-form us an trans-form us. They determine our thinking and our beeing. Thank you, Jennifer, fór reminding us that we have to use our words and our language carefully.

  9. Harold W
    2 years ago

    People who claim to be pro choice aren't. Their belief is that if a woman chooses to have her baby she has made the wrong choice. The right choice, to them, is to abort the baby. Also, they claim that abortion is not killing. But I've noticed when I say to one of them that their mother should have gotten an abortion they accuse me of threatening their life. My response to that is to ask them in what way did I threaten their life since they claim abortion is not killing. I have yet to get a coherent answer.

    People who support homosexuality and same sex marriage have the same mindset. Heterosexuals who are adamant in their support of homosexuality say there is nothing wrong with being gay. When I ask them why they are so adamant in their support of homosexuality and ask if they are closet homosexuals, I get virtually the same answer every time: "No, I'm not a G-D f*g!"

    Homosexuals claim that homosexuality is normal and that people of the same sex have a right to get married. Marriage is, or should be, for procreation. I will consider homosexuality to be normal and will support same sex marriage only when people of the same sex are able to procreate without the help of artificial means or the use of a surrogate.

  10. abey
    2 years ago

    In the image of God created he him: male & female & so to this word "him" by the origin is the "male & female" which again has to be "one" by origin to bear fruit by themselves to every seed after its own kind & to this is termed the word "Marriage" which by itself is in the fulness having no "Suffixes" or "Prefixes" like its creator, "God" which word by itself has no Suffixes or Prefixes Hence it is only natural for Jennifer to get irritated in her Spirit due additions or subtractions, changing the whole meanings. Like to the words of Joshua in the congregation regarding the commandments of God neither "Left " nor "Right, Neither "Add " or "Subtract" but by His word. So the term gay marriage amounts to "the Leavening" of the original & so becomes unfruitful to harmful & that which is unfruitful to harmful is trodden upon, for the law of man cannot supersede the Law of God come in the natural, into changing or Alternating the original basic structure of Marriage, to the family.

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