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Catholics for Romney Leadership Team Formed: Six Former Vatican Ambassadors Lead the Effort Comments

We are all called to advance the moral teachings of Christianity in the life of our country. Where the stakes are highest - in the defense of life, liberty, and human dignity - we have a duty to act that is greater and more urgent than allegiance to any political party.In the election of 2012, this conviction has united all of us - each a former ambassador of the United States to the Holy See - in support of Governor Mitt Romney's candidacy for ... Continue Reading

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  1. JoAnn
    2 years ago

    Vance: Thanks. I guess it's because of our ages. We've already "been there-done that." I'm quite a bit older than Judy but let's not dwell on that. I've been through the 60's with the riots and bombings. The "Weather Underground" crowd, the "hippies", etc. So, Judy and I know history pretty well. I loved history so I spent a lot of time with my nose in books. Still do. I never bothered with fiction. I see where Romney picked Paul Ryan as his running mate. I think that's a smart move on his part. I know Rubio was the darling, mine too, but we need every seat in the Senate that we can get. Since we already have a majority in the House, Ryan is a good choice. We have got to get a big majority in the Senate because if Obama gets back in, he can be impeached. You know, I read that there was a new report out from US Senator Jeff Sessions office. It shows over 110 million people in the US today are receiving some sort of handout from the government. That's 1/3 of our population. Those numbers make me a bit uncomfortable with the coming election. It made me think of something Alexis De Toqueville said. "A Democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a DICTATORSHIP. The average age of the world's greatest civilizations has been 200 years." The 110 million does NOT include SS nor Medicare. Just for everyone's info who think that SS and Medicare are entitlements, they are NOT. We seniors paid and are still paying a hefty amount for those benefits. Romney is our only hope to return us to being a Republic. If anyone doesn't know the difference between a Democracy and a Republic, you better learn FAST!. God bless..

  2. Vance
    2 years ago

    Judy and JoAnn, As I read your posts, you both are so spot on. I had an interesting conversation with a 1960's Marxist Radical who converted. He asked me why do people who support Obama continue to do so given what he has done to this country. My best answer was that they are sociopaths. I explained that I worked for many years with Leftists/Marxists and began to understand their mentality. They are in a spiritual/mental vortex that is in a never ending downward spiral. When they are confronted with truth that challenges their mentality, they retreat into their beliefs because they cannot accept that they are wrong or made a mistake. The folks that challenge both of you are in ideological straight jackets that they find themselves unwilling to escape. Both of you amaze me and I continue to learn from you both. Keep up the great posts. God bless.

  3. Tom
    2 years ago

    Mitt Romney of the party that gave us our last despicable war and no telling what he has in mind for us with respect to Iran. A big no thanks!

    Be opposed to President Obama but don't put your support behind any more vile undertakings..

    I am a Church going member of our faith and came to this site for the readings and not to be politicized.

  4. Judy Claar
    2 years ago

    Jo Ann, I did not scream, but I did brace myself for something awful...And awful IT was! I do not know why I was shocked, I should be in for anything by now, but what an evil horrid mess if it is true. Here is another Obama scheme...hopefully, now, not hidden, not able to be covered up. Like my sister says: "She can't understand All the bad, evil, he's been in, and yet, people seem to wave their hands in front of their faces, giving him a free pass".We both stare at one another dumbfounded. We don't see each other often, but when we do, we spend a little time trying to solve the world's problems...a lot Obama!
    I, like you Jo Ann, have been praying for my blood line, and future blood line, and the conversion of All sinners for a little over 30 years now. It was at that time, that I read all Fatima material. Have you read any? One adds that, to what has transpired in the world since that time, and history proves fruition. Yes, I certainly know how you feel on the times that will come that we will not live in, and I so pray.
    Yes, I do read the Daily Saint, along w/Readings, Homily and Mary. Oh, to think of the persecution of Deacon Lawrence, now St. Lawrence. I thought of Deacon Keith...I wonder if St. L. is is model, or namesake?
    Time to get to work outside before it gets too hot! Blessings...

  5. JoAnn
    2 years ago

    Judy: It was a personal problem that kept me up the other night. That has been solved so I am okay now. As far as the other, THAT doesn't worry me, at least not for myself. We all know the outcome. We win in the end. I worry for my family mostly, especially my new little great grandaughter, (which by the way is doing wonderfully) She will be 8 mos. old this month. She is just a little doll. She just learned to crawl last month and she's all over the place. My grandson is home from Afghanistan. He is re-enlisting in October. He will be deployed again in the spring, so that worries me quite a bit. The only thing I can do is keep praying and have faith in God and our Holy Mother to watch out for him. The "Great Chastisement" that is coming, they will have to endure more so than me. We can only pray that our families will keep their faith and remain strong. It is going to get ugly and there will be persecutions beyond imagining. Judy, you said you are waiting for some books. That's great, but a lot of the info you can get right off the internet. Our own "catholic on line" for instance. You can get all kinds of info on our saints. Just click on "saints" at the top of this page. I'm sure you already know this but you can go into a lot of Catholic links. On a different subject, you are going to scream when you hear this. There is a man from one of the drug cartels in Mexico on trial in Chicago (where else) He is revealing a lot of info on the "Fast & Furious" debacle. He said that Fast & Furious was a plan involving our government with the cartel that he was in. It was made possible for his cartel to get the guns in an effort to "wipe" out the other cartel in Mexico. If this is true, this is worse than Nixon's Watergate. If this is true, Obama is responsible for all those deaths in Mexico and our border agents. And he is trying to blame Romney for that guy's wife dying from cancer. (By the way, Obama's ad on that has been totally debunked.) The whole ad is full of Pinocchio's. What I find puzzling,(this is just speculation on my part) is why were there two guns left at the scene where our agent was killed? Those guns had to be expensive. Why were they left? Could it be because it would give Obama an excuse to take our gun rights away? Just thinking out of the box here. Happy reading. God bless.

  6. albert
    2 years ago

    great discussions...continue to fight for life... God bless

  7. Judy Claar
    2 years ago

    Jo Ann, Oh my gosh! To your whole post. No wonder you couldn't sleep! Your mind is just full of it. That is good to a point, but not when it robs you of a good night's sleep. Let God give you some Peace. I bought the one book: Bio. of St. Malachy. It hasn't come in the mail yet. I will order the last one mentioned on Ven. B.H now that you mentioned his name again. As far as the others, it sounds like they might get me more riled than I already am. My husband and daughter say I should stop talking Obama. (Not that they like him). I think they are just trying to help me see my stress points and he is a Big one! Especially when I watch FOX news. We are also in the middle of a major project which is quite time consuming. No excuses. Fact. So, I manage what time on CO, and what little time there is to read, it is your books and CO. And a few daily's.Then prayer time, and wa-la! the day is gone. Blessings my dear friend...

  8. JoAnn
    2 years ago

    Rob: Our wealth is being stolen right now. Ever since the progressive/socialists were born, we have been losing our wealth. The "powers that be" are just about ready to pounce. I really wish you would read "The Grand Jihad" by Andrew McCarthy. A "grand jihad" on the United States is in full force right now. They are getting ready to put the finishing touches on it very soon. It won't be Wall Street or greedy corporations that will have all the wealth. Deregulation and the economy is nothing compared to what we will be experiencing in the not too distance future. I'm not going to get into this discussion any further, we just are not going to agree on this. We see eye to eye on some things but it is just pointless to keep beating this dead horse. Especially, since it is the least of our worries. I believe this is much more sinister then you are able to accept. Evil has spread its ugly arms throughout this world. Conspiracy theories have become conspiracy facts. God is the only one who is going to get us out of this. This country has to get down on its knees, repent and pray that God will take this cup away and give us more time. Personally, I don't think that's going to happen. According to Venerable Bartholomew Holzhauser, there are 7 ages to the Church. We are now in the 5th age: which ushers in affliction, desolation, humiliation and poverty for the Catholic Church. Jesus will purify His people through cruel wars, famines, plague epidemics, and other horrible calamities. He will also afflict the Latin Church with many heresies. It is a period of defections, calamities and extermination. Those Christians/Catholics who survive the sword, plague and famines will be few on earth. Nations will fight against nations, and will be decimated by internecine dissensions. During this time, we see only calamities and devastation; oppression of Catholics (sound familiar) by tyrants and heretics; executions of kings, (Middle-east) and conspiracies to set up republics . This prophecy is so long, I'm going to stop here. If you want to read more, go to It gets worse from here. God bless.

  9. Rob
    2 years ago

    JoAnn, pull my head out of the sand? That isn't the issue at all. The issue is that you haven't thought this far enough. In case you haven't noticed, the wealthy in this country have created an environment where there is no where to work. Slaves to the government, hardly. That is merely hush money to keep citizens from revolting while the wealthy steal all of this country's treasure. It's happening right under our noses and we sit back and defend their right to do it.

    Does the government go to far sometimes, you bet. Power corrupts both sides of the isle. But we are poised to elect a man who has promised to deregulate wall street even further. We barely survived the last round of deregulation, we won't survive another. It won't matter what the government has done because once that trigger is pulled, whatever wealth is left will be stolen.

  10. JoAnn
    2 years ago

    Judy: Thanks. I should have added the 10th commandment for contemplation too. You know "Thou shalt not COVET." I was having a hard time trying to sleep tonight; a lot of things on my mind. Sooo, I thought I'd see what was going on here to get my mind busy with something else.. You and I must be the old ladies on this board. Thank God for you. Did you get a chance to read Agenda 21 yet? It's a bear but very enlightening AND frightening. Also, there is a report from the National Intelligence Council called "Global Trends 2025: A Transformed World." It's the plan on how the "globalists" are going to split up all the continents into 10 "kingdoms." Does "10 horns on the beast" ring a bell? When Obama was in Hawaii, he called it "ASIA." Do you think that was a slip of the tongue? Also, in the report, Israel is not Israel anymore. It's called the "Palestinian Authority." Some topics include: The United States: Less Dominant Power. - A world without the West - Greater Asian Regionalism - Correcting Current Global Imbalances (social justice & wealth redistribution). We are in for a very bumpy ride. I think I would put that under "The Great Chastizement" that Venerable Bartholomew Holzhauser said was coming. God bless.

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