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Chick-fil-A's defense of true marriage stirs controversy Comments

Fast food chain Chick-fil-A takes pride in espousing Christian values, closing all of its 1,600 restaurants every Sunday. The chain also handed out fliers in protest of the controversial Bible epic "The Last Temptation of Christ" in 1988. Now, Chick-fil-A's President Dan Cathy's recent comments on defending true marriage have stirred controversy - on online communities and elsewhere. Continue Reading

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  1. Angela C
    2 years ago

    I only wish that our president was courageous enough to stand firm in the traditional views of what family consist of like the owners of Chick fil A. My neighborhood has just been blessed to have one of their chain restaurants put in place just under a month ago. I know where my support lies and it lies with companies who are not afraid to do the right thing and say the right things. You should never be afraid to admit that you are a christian and believe in the traditonal biblical role of what a family is. No one is judging the other person or condeming them, only stating that a real true Christian Family consist of a husband and wife. In Genesis God says that he provided Adam with a help mate with whom he fashioned from the rib of Adam to make Eve. The idea was for procreation, not create from test tubes and other forms of science. I am a very devout Catholic, however it does not matter what anyone else's religion may be. As long as they are Christian, followers of Christ, and have no fear of standing firm for what they believe in, I consider them family and friend. I applaud this corporate company for their stance on their morals and christian values and I challenge other even larger corporations to do the same!! Let's start saving some souls and bringing life back to when it was almost unheard of to have a business open on a Sunday. When it was an embarrassment to have children out of wedlock. I also applaud Stephanie Meyer the writer of the series Twilight. I would have never watched the movies or started reading the book if it were not for the fact that Edward wanted to save Bella's soul and not give in to temptation. He made sure that they waited until marriage before giving in to the needs of the flesh. More people should be willing to take a stand on abstinance and good christian values. Way to go Chick fil A!!!!

  2. Steve
    2 years ago

    Having read nothing about this controversy with Chick-fil-A, I am not sure why the CEO of the company made the comment about gay marriage. Having said that, though, I fully support his right to comment on that issue, as well as any other issue.
    As stated in the article, he supports traditional marriage between a man and a woman. The article doesn't say he disapproved of homosexuals, but it did say he opposed gay marriage.
    We are not to judge anyone, and nor did the CEO of Chick-filet-A. He simply said his company did not support gay marriage.

  3. Eleanor
    2 years ago

    Bravo for Chick-Fila-A!!! My family remembers the good old days of family values.

    This company has a right, in the 2nd ammendment , to speak...why is it that only those
    who believe in the new secular ideas may speak...???.

  4. Frank
    2 years ago

    Christ ate with tax collectors and prostitutes. He forgave them their sins and did so with love. People need to remember that it is not our job to judge, that is saved for God.

  5. True Believer
    2 years ago

    Praise God! Thank you Chick-Fil-A!

  6. Maggie
    2 years ago

    Please open a chick-fil-a in Lincoln, NE so that we can support you. Thank you for taking a stand for God's truth.

  7. Greg Harvey
    2 years ago

    Dan, my hats off to you. You have every right to stand for what you believe and I applaud you. Not only that, but the respect you have given to the Lord's Day and close your businesses and reverend God . Satan's full attack from the beginning has been the family. I will continue to support you with my prayers and my stomach. God Bless You!!!

  8. Terri K
    2 years ago

    All I needed was an excuse to eat there. YUMMY. :)

  9. Bill Sr.
    2 years ago

    This speaks clearly of the depths to which our culture has descended today when any Christian tenant sternly held by the faithful is immediately assume to be controversial even to the extent of being judged a hateful position. Key word and real issue.. judged.
    There was a time in our country when all public behavior or attitudes were viewed through the prism of the Judeo-Christian principles which guided our founders in establishing this nation. This included the freedom of speech of course but the public conscience rested upon those clear but unspoken bedrock values for two hundred years. When our current senior citizens were kids with nothing on their minds but to finish chores and get out playing they could tell when Sunday rolled around by the church bells ringing and to forget play until afternoon at least. Daily business stopped as most families filed into their nearest house of worship thanking God for blessings received. It was judged a normal requirement of our existence under what they believed to be divine providence.
    But that has all changed over the past 60 years as we boldly and selfishly created the need for more re-creation for the whole family to escape from any and all requirements of the old normal activities resulting in more time on the road and less time on our knees. Obsessed with self indulgence Sunday became just another opportunity for our pleasure seeking life styles. This is so evident today, and somewhat ironic, that our current president put an exclamation point on it when he announced to the world America was no longer a Christian nation shocking all of us into the reality of our apostasy. A judgment we really must consider deserved if we are completely honest with ourselves.
    So we have effectively changed the moral optics through which our society is viewed and there is a new normal in our behavior and attitudes which is illuminated no longer by the light of TRUTH in the gospels but rather by the shady marques of Hollywood, the blazing glare of sexual promiscuity, and the luring lights of big city life where anything goes and nothing remains for the imagination. This is why the stance of Chick-fil-A is viewed abnormal, controversial, and out of date and those who chose to stand with them are hated for being such bigots and homophobes. The lights are out on Sunday at Chick-fil-A and they can and hopefully will continue to come on Monday but that is more than we can say for our culture for the light we lived by for two hundred years is being diminished and we need more folks like Dan Cathy to help us remove the bushel we have placed or it.

  10. The Rose
    2 years ago

    7/20/12--Once I was blind and now I see. Once I was deaf and now I hear. Once I was lost and now I am found. Thank you Jesus for saving me...So it is with those who hit back with the tongue for they do not see nor understand the justification for believers stances in their personal lives and even boldly in their business lives. Bravo to Chick fil A. I as one now have a different perspective on Chick fil A which I didn't know until I read this article which opened my eyes and was a blessing to my spirt to know that there are businesses who stand firm in the belief in Word and in Deed. We believeres are surrounded by a great crowd of witnesses. And HOW are they trully going to know about how real our GOD is until we demonstrate to the world the validity of our beliefs. If God opened the Way for Chick fil A to begin and then be prosperous then only God can shut the doors and even then He will use His faithful followers for another great adventure to demonstate to the world the strength in the faith in Our God in Word and in Deed. Bravo to standing up in the business world and have moral and ethical standards which are different from the world...We believers in Jesus Christ and in The Way, are called out from the worlds ways to be different from the worlds ways. Then we trully are lifing up our Christ thru us. Jesus says If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me."....This request is in Word and in Deed. These are the words of The Master, The Teacher. And thus as students in this world to prepare for the next world we are in training to lead others unto TheWay of righteousness, holiness and pruity as all are requested by God to do. Some have a veil over their hearts to not allow the arrows of truth to come in. It could be out of fear to resist and condemn others who do....; it could be out of ignorance, blocking the filtrating words of knowledge to grow up, or.... it could be just plain old selfishness to do what man wants, when man wants and how man wants and thus, not want others to grow up in something different then themselves. All this is common to the nature of man...Thus the reason for the Holy Scriptures, for man to grow up into a higher level of man spiritually, emotionally, intellectually and physcially only thru knowing the Great Physcian to heal mans soul and life. Chick fil A knows this and thus shines the Light of the Gospel into a world of darkness. Praise God, It works. So when you get comments back that negate, Praise God because the Holy Spirit of Conviction makes people react resistantly because a slight ray of Light has shown into their dark caves of ignorance and thus, a shaking has began within that individual...Praise God, Chick fil A just doesn't know what is happening in the rim of darkness as a result of their standing up and being firm in truth in the business world...Know today, I as one, when given the opportunity, will eat at Chick fil A knowing, knowing I support my brothers in the faith thru each nickel and dime God has blessed me with....Be encouraged...keep looking up ...keeping moving onward. The Rose

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