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Time to Reboot Melinda Gates Comments

The problem with the "practicing Catholic" Melinda Gates is not in her end of desiring to improve the life for everyone.  This is a goal with which we of the household of faith will not be heard to quibble.  The problem is in the means she has selected to achieve that end.  She wants to teach parents in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia that, to "bring every good thing" to their children, they must practice vice. Continue Reading

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  1. Andrew M. Greenwell
    2 years ago

    @No Way. I am not so naive as to think all 120 million Sub-Saharan Africans and South Asians will be chaste anymore than I expect all 360 million Americans to be chaste. But I do think that as "practicing Catholics" we have an obligation to God and to our neighbor to teach chastity, and certainly not to teach unchastity as moral and materially cooperate in encouragin vice. If contraception is an intrinsic and grave evil (as the Church teaches) then it cannot be advocated as a means for any good, and so it cannot be wise or reasonable. A good end does not justify an evil means. That is a fundamental principle of the natural moral law, one which is also contained in Scripture (Romans 3:8). The Depo shot, moreover, has abortifacient properties, so it presents problems in addition to mere contraception.

  2. michael
    2 years ago

    I have a great respect for the church but it seems to me there is something wrong with the line of reasoning in this article.

  3. abey
    2 years ago

    The good news of the Kingdom of GOD is that which was said to Abraham of 'ole like the "sands & stars" through Faith to life, unlike the wealth given to some is used just for the opposite & to them who says it is God who gives such, the wealth to chase un-life to somebody else's agenda, by so saying chase a delusion.

  4. Jessica
    2 years ago


  5. Patricia Cataldi MD
    2 years ago

    As a physician who worked for 12 years in sub-Saharan Africa, I can assure you that contraceptives were already readily available in the 90's. Rural clinics were giving them out yet obviously has not made a difference in the eyes of the west. There is a breakdown of family values, an AIDS epidemic, and children being raised by grandmothers or older siblings due to death or absence of parents. There are other needs more pressing than supplying more contraceptives.

  6. Tara Heuer
    2 years ago

    I agree with Andrew completely. I am single, am divorced, and practice chastity--it is not impossible, I'm not a "dork" with no choices--I date regularly, just respect myself and the other people not to go there. I do try to date other practicing Catholics, but admit I haven't always. However, I do tell people I am religious, so they know what they're getting. For the most part, I've been treated with utter respect. I don't have to lower my standards to get dates. Men actually are looking for women like this, as they are so rare these days.

    That said, why can't these masses be taught Natural Family Planning? Teach a person to fish, so to speak, instead of flood their bodies with drugs? The Gates are simply drug pushers, and I imagine Planned Parenthood is lurking in the shadows as the suppliers. Natural Family Planning takes a thermometer, which can't be too expensive for a 3rd world country, and some charting. It is 98% effective, and "not" the rhythm method, if you're unfamiliar with it. Even Planned Parenthood has info on it, I found out by asking, but the best place to learn to practice it, is in a class setting. That has to be a better use of that $34 billion.

    The research shows that often the contraceptive pills aren't taken daily anyway in these places, and people tend to hoard them or take them sparingly, which eradicates their purpose. By the way, this advice could also be used for our American Catholic brothers and sisters. Peace.

  7. Constanza
    2 years ago

    In order for Melinda to repent, this would require a degree of humility she has never known. Someone who shamelessly bears false witness against her sister throughout an entire lifetime; profiting from this dishonesty, would sooner flout the means by which she made her fortune than admit she had lived such an exorbitant lie on the back of a faithful woman. Her sin is not incompetence; we do not even enter the realm of competency when discussing such a scale of transgressions. Her sin is pride.

  8. gfgrosek
    2 years ago

    Andrew Greenwell has written a very angry letter in an attempt to discredit his neighbor. He does a lot of name calling and speculation. Not much love in his message. It was difficult to read his arrogant ranting. Andrew should know he should love his neighbor, forgive his enemies, and spread the Good News of God's kingdom. His time would be better spent spreading the Good News.

  9. KarlVDH
    2 years ago

    Know what? If we're not going to do the hard work of raising the money to raise the kids who'll be born ourselves, if we're not willing to say, "I personally will adopt one of these children," and if we've got nothing better to offer than our condemnation, we need to SHUT UP. We can either sit here and pretend entire nations of women are suddenly going to remain celibate, or we can live in the real world and acknowledge what while her solution may not be our ideal, it's a pragmatic answer to a real-life problem for which we have nothing to offer.
    Unless, of course, every American Cathiolic is going to say, "Yes, I'll adopt your baby" to women in third world countries. We're long on condemnation and criticism and short on viable solutions. At least Mrs. Gates is doing something more substantial than yelling "that's not right!" on a religious website.
    Go YE therefore into all the world...
    Or shut up about how others are doing it.

  10. No Way
    2 years ago

    In all honesty, and seriously, does anyone here really believe that these millions of women will practice chastity ?? Also, do you even think that those millions of men will be chaste as well ?? As wrong as it is, I think contraception is a wise choice in order to prevent more misery in sub Saharan Africa. Those commercials with those children dying of sickness and famine are heartbreaking, but preventing that misery from even being is a proactive choice. I'm sorry, but realistically chastity will not work in Africa. If anything the Depo shot can at least buy some time to educate the men and women on chastity but in the immediate sense of the situation, the shot is a good alternative.

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