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Time to Reboot Melinda Gates Comments

The problem with the "practicing Catholic" Melinda Gates is not in her end of desiring to improve the life for everyone.  This is a goal with which we of the household of faith will not be heard to quibble.  The problem is in the means she has selected to achieve that end.  She wants to teach parents in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia that, to "bring every good thing" to their children, they must practice vice. Continue Reading

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  1. Ralph Fernandes
    2 years ago

    Enter thru "the DOOR", Exit thru the Gates.

  2. Agnes
    2 years ago

    Really I think pointing out the disobedience of the Cafeteria Catholics to the Church who rely on their human "intelligence" rather than the Church's teaching and the Truth is not a judgement, but a way to expose the wolf under the disguise of the sheep so as to save other people from being led astray. Melinda's high-sounding, self-justifying propaganda will bound to confuse those who are already susceptible to the secular world. She can flaunt her wealth to achieve her ends but please do not justify it using a "practicing Catholic" pretense. While we would not condemn her, we would not condone her wrong-doing and misleading statements. I am pretty sure that her great uncle, great aunt and her teachers ( who must be heart-broken) will tell he that she is wrong but continue to pray for the return of this "prodigal son".

  3. Diane
    2 years ago

    Why hasn't Melinda Gates been publicly excommunicated as she publicly airs her sin? That would guard the young from the confusion she is attempting to sow among people. Also, as regards"Don't judge so you won't be judged" the word judgement means to determine the outcome. When the actions of a Melinda Gates are condemned it is because thinking people are discerning good from evil. We are commanded by God to discern between good and evil and to say so. Don't let ignorant people try to intimidate you from discerning and speaking out by their use of the wrong word which is "judging." The outcome of Melinda Gates soul is certainly not helped if people refuse to correct her lie. We are to correct the sinner and yes, sin is absolutely, objectively wrong.

  4. Leo
    2 years ago

    Ok, so once you've bought 10 house and 25 cars and have move shoes than Imelda Marcos, the only thing the billions of extra dollars you have left over mean is power--power to impose your view on the world. Go ahead Mrs. Gates, do your thing--but don't call yourelf Catholic. For me, you've encourage me to make the switch to the Linus OS . . . it's free, and doesn't give you one more damn dime!

  5. Judy Claar
    2 years ago

    Firmness: How Beautiful! Thank you for sharing. Blessings...

  6. Vance
    2 years ago

    Bill and Melinda Gates doubtfully shadow the entry way of a Catholic Church. The Bishops or clergy should remind the Gates' not to use their Catholic background as a badge of honor to justify their evil work. They just might be misinformed and need to be educated.

  7. Firmness
    2 years ago

    Thanks for this ''rebooting'' of Melinda. I am very happy that The church carries this fight to the battleground of the advocates of contraception through the married Catholics that stand up to defend this church's moral teaching.
    I read her speech from Guardian, and I responded immediately;
    I am an African, from a large family, all well educated and we are VERY HAPPY.
    poverty is not caused by the number in the family, but by laziness.
    As African we believe in ''self control'' than in ''birth-control''
    we believe that every conception is a blessing from God, and it's welcomed with joy as in every ''surprising gift'' from a friend.
    We believe in a better future by loving the fruits of the womb than Pet animals-
    we prefer humans to pet animals, unlike the advocates of birth-control who hate child births but rear many pet animals.
    Africans may not have harnessed their resources for economic boost, yet they are happier than Ms Gates, so should she why swear to turn them into unhappy.
    They may be in need but they are not as ''morally poor'' as Ms Gates.(''in his riches man lacks wisdom'' cf Psalm 49)

    Melinda may have been raised in a catholic background but she has been so prodigal to have squandered the rich heritage of such background in her bid to be relevant to the world.
    Any woman or man who uses contraceptives is a sex machine where the buttons of fertilization, conception, and procreation are turned off, nature defrauded, and irresponsibility promoted.

  8. KarlVDH
    2 years ago

    Robert, I admit to being confused... you say it's not for us to sit in judgement, but then you pronounce her and fully half your fellow believers "Cafeteria Catholics." Can you see why that's sort of a mixed message?

  9. Andrew M Greenwell
    2 years ago

    @Petra Spahr. The Church teaches that natural forms of family planning (as distinguished from artificial forms) are fully acceptable for sufficient reason. The folks in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia could be taught such natural family planning methods with almost equivalent result. For the most part, the natural methods require a bit of discipline and a bit of training, and are as effective as artificial means. It is the artificially-caused disjunction between conjugal sex and procreation that is offensive to Catholic moral thinking.
    You are wrong to believe that artificial contraception did not exist during Biblical times. Indeed, contraception was so prevalent in Rome that Emperor Augustus had to pas the Leges Juliae (18-17 BC) to try to encourage marriage and the having of children.

    The Old Testament seems to condemn artificial birth control in what was called the sin of onanism (Gen. 38:9) as traditionally interpreted, and this was accepted by the early Christians. (Artificial contraception is still considered wrong by the Orthodox Jew as a result of this incident of Onan.) St. Paul arguably condemns the use of drugs to inhibit procreation in his epistle to the Galatians (5:19--using the word "pharmekeia" which is poorly translated as "sorcery," since drugs and incantations were used as contraceptive means in Roman times). Throughout her entire history, the Church condemned artificial contraception (the teaching is extremely well-developed in St. Augustine and St. John Chrysostom, e.g.), and it was a common teaching of all Christian bodies--Orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant--until the Anglican Church first loosened the strings in the Lambeth Conference of 1930.

    Though it is found in its Scriptures, the Church's teaching against contraception is also based upon reason. It is in fact part of the natural moral law, and it makes consummate sense (unless one approaches the issue, as many moderns due, with inherited prejudice and presuppositions, with a complete misapprehension of the meaning of sex, with a complete disregard of virtue). The negative social effects of artificial contraception (on sexual mores, and on marriage, on women's health, and on society, etc.) are pretty well empirically established. While artificial contraception is not wrong because it its bad effects (though that is a practical argument against artificial contraception, artificial contraception is wrong because it is intrinsically wrong regardless of consequences), it follows that something intrinsically wrong--something against natural morality--would suffer from bad effects.

    I appreciate your comments and would just ask you to give the benefit of the doubt to the Church's teaching. If you can overcome the prejudice of modern culture, you will--I am quite sure--realize and appreciate the unbelievably beautiful teaching of the Church on human sexuality, and you will see how dreadful artificial contraception really is. It is unfortunate that we have to overcome such destructive and such deep-seated modern conventions--prejudices, actually--regarding human sexuality to arrive at the truth. Even Catholics--Ms. Gates apparently among them--have fallen prey to such conventions.

  10. Petra Spahr
    2 years ago

    I was reading about Melinda Gates in Newsweek and came to this article through a link. I read it three times to make sure I understood correctly - you're advocating that people have sex without ever using birth control? The consequences of that would put just about any couple (whether rich, poor, married, umarried, or uncommitted) in fairly difficult circumstances quickly and continuously. It's clear why Ms. Gates doesn't follow this doctrine. How did the Catholic leaders come to this position since there were no contraceptives when the bible was written?

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