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Former U.S. President spearheading women's health issues in Africa Comments

While former U.S. President George W. Bush faces some often harsh criticism as commander in chief from those who claim he led the nation into unpopular wars and additional criticism from opponents who claim he initiated failed economic policies, he has taken on a new role as an advocate for women's health in Africa. Both he and his wife Laura Bush have recently opened a women's health clinic in Kabwe, Zambia. Continue Reading

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  1. Noah
    2 years ago

    I think that this is proof right here that people aren't the problem, it's the structures we have put in place that creates the world's ills. I'm a leftist myself, but I can't ignore the fact that GWB has given more financial aid to Africa than any other president in history. That's a fact. Noam Chomsky said it, and I'll paraphrase this poorly here, but "the people who run these giant instituions, governments, corporations etc, may be the kindest, most compassionate people you ever meet; it's not the people who are monsters, it's the institutions that are monstrous." Seeing the pic of him hugging that Zambian child, I'm sure he does genuinely care and does genuinely feel for that kid. But as POTUS, commander-in-chief of a military/prison industrial complex and slave to the interests of the banks and his wealthy donors, he did some really deplorable things. I guess what I'm trying to say here is that this says a lot about our society: as POTUS, he was an imperialist authoritarian and financial sector lap dog, now that he's out, he's on the ground in Zambia helping out. That should tell us that our society and it's institutions need an overhaul and not to take cheap shots at someone doing positive things. Hey, lots of people join the armed forces because they want to travel the world helping people and giving humanitarian aid. But thanks to the military industrial complex that has a single focus of war profiteering, that soldier will be building a ballot box and teaching Iraqi's how to hold their own local elections, and he gets orders from the top to suspend all democratic activity. Maybe Bush genuinely thought he could do a lot of good in the role but ended up doing a lot of bad because, lets face, he, like Obama, is merely a puppet to the global banks. I know this was rambly, but to sum it up. If you met Bush on the street, he's probably a decent guy who cares about other people, but as president, the monstrous institution made a monster out of him.

  2. david c
    2 years ago

    May the Lord Bless you, Mr President.
    You and your lovely wife.

    Please continue being the class act and ignore the monday morning quarterbacking by the press..

  3. level6
    2 years ago

    Oh how wonderful they are.... let me guess.... subtext= vaccines and how good they are.

    never mind that the goal of vaccinating is to sterilize and depopulate. These poor people are targeted ruthlessly and most just say how loving the ultra rich are. call me whatever you will, truth is truth and all one needs to do is open their eyes. If the Bushs' really wanted to help people, then how about an atmospheric water generator so they could get clean water and limit the spread of disease from common wells. Or how bout a biodigester project that uses fecal matter to produce electricity. So much could be done....yet the answer is ALWAYS KILL THEM.

  4. Patricia Lambert
    2 years ago

    You'd think after President Obama forced Catholic hospitals to provide contraception that we as Catholics would finally realize that the Dems have been lying to us from the start and start to treat Republicans with a fair hand. Apparently not. As a lifelong Democrat - who may vote Republican for the first time in my life - it sickens me that even our religious media is in the Democrat's pocket to the point it cannot even give former President Bush a fair shake. He served 2 terms and he's not going to run again so quit attacking him! When I'm through kicking President Obama out of office, I'm coming for Catholic Online next to make it into a FAIR news organization. Quit slanting the news - we are sick of it!!!

  5. Linda Blair
    2 years ago

    This article should be only about the visit, rather than gratuitously throwing in an opinion on the past. Bad job. Really, just another smear.

  6. jay
    2 years ago

    Whaaaaat?! This guy can't do anything right. He should be playing golf, drinking beer and his wife and kids should be taking vacations all over the world.

  7. DeVan
    2 years ago

    I agree with John Galt. Everyone wanted to get rid of Saddamb Husein and establishing military bases in a country next to Iran was a stroke of genius cause then we don't have to ask the stupid French for their air space. And by the way, employment hit record HIGH levels during Bush's "horrible" economy for several years. Does being Catholic mean being truthful?

  8. Phil Bickel
    2 years ago

    I don't appreciate the political spin against our former President. Democrats including John Kerry, Hilliary Clinton, and Harry Reid supported the Iraq War as well, and only opposed the war when it became politically expedient.

    Additionally, the fail economy did not begin until long after President Bush lost control of the Congress and became very apparent that we were going to elect a Democrat President.

    I was going to put your site on my Desktop, but I think I'll pass.

  9. Rhonda Tracey
    2 years ago

    in the end .. history will show that george w bush was in fact one of our greatest a very critical time where we needed a real president.. not a liar and narcissit as we currently have in office 2012.. and george w bush was the most giving to africa of all times... just like bill gates and his wife..have given so much.

  10. Texasrob
    2 years ago

    HeY George Americans Need Help Also, quit trying to fix the third world and focus on Americans

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