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Fr. Johannes Jacobse: The Republic is Finished and the America We Knew is Gone Comments

With the decision that Obamacare will stand as the law of the land means that America - home of the brave, land of the free - is no more. This great country, the one to whom all great refugee movements of the world for over two centuries saw as the light to escape poverty, political bondage, and hopelessness now turns its back on that legacy of freedom for what will, in a very short time, amount a bowl of pottage. The turn to tyranny won't ... Continue Reading

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  1. Christian
    2 years ago

    Very well said. As a nation we are reaping what we have sown. What we are experiencing are real consequences to sin. We need a collective metanoia.

  2. No Way
    2 years ago

    Oh geez!! Come on, really ? This is a little bit extreme, don't you think ? You're baking it seem like bee are all going to be tied together abd forced into slave labor like in a scene from "Conan the Barberian" it something. This law has it's pitfalls but we will get through it. There's no need to start flipping and flopping like fish on land. And if this be a sign of the end times, then good, praise God and lead me towards salvation.

  3. Esther Marie Ventura Ferencz
    2 years ago

    Words written that ring of the truths of this once GREAT AMERICA.... I see us now as a shallow wasteland. One in which is hollow and filled w/the sounds of laughter and haughtyness that the power grabbers have WON. They are celebrating in joy that God is near but vanished. They embrace such things my ancestors would cring and believe could NOT HAPPEN in this once 'Holy Land' The land now convered with the blood of millions and millions of innocents slaughted at will in ways that are so horrorifing I think we as a people are true evil 'mosters' , straight up from hell.

    God is soon to become more of a forbidden word....As Father so puts it. Indeed under Communisim Churchs will deisapper...after all the STATE is GOD. The Sucor for the masses.

    I blame Americans ALL for allowing this dastardly deed to occur. Many looked upon a man posing as a GOD, having Jesus; name covered at a Catholic Institution so HE COULD SPEAK at the podium w.out the beloved name of the Savior Of Mans' name being visable.

    I shall not forgive my fellow Americans for abandoning all that is GOOD, GODLY, HUMAN RESPECT and mostly for following a mere man via their vote into a wasteland we ALL will share in.

    Pray GOD Justice Roberts KNEW exactly what he was doing so as to awake the sleeping GIANT from its complancey and make radical changes this coming Nov 6th

    This man Mr Obama is NOT of GOD he is in my opinion a man filled with self adulation and even dare say touches of EVIL.

  4. ted
    2 years ago

    sad, as Catholics we should be more concerned with our wallets than our citizens who have been denied coverage due to pre-existing conditions. Perhaps this website's domain should be turned over to real Catholics.

  5. Longinus Nazareth - 59 years a catholic priest
    2 years ago

    Words words words, I'm sop sick of that all ub.....can do???!!!

  6. David
    2 years ago

    I must protest this article as being not in the proper spirit of temperance. Where's the good Catholic virtue of common sense and moderation. The contraception mandate so loathsome to us can be fought on its own, no need to repeal the whole law. Most of the law can be held to be good and even laudable by a reasonable faithful Catholic(or a reasonable faithful Catholic may hold the opposite opinion). Ranting articles with ill founded and extreme declarations are one of the reasons I left evangelicalism to become Catholic. What's needed is sober judgement not doomsday ranting. Pull it together Father!

  7. jh
    2 years ago

    Eloquent, accurate statements, Father. We have witnessed the subtle manipulation of words spoken to people who no longer wish to use their reason and decipher what is really being said. May God have mercy on us all and draw us back to Him. Today I thought that the Statue of Liberty needs to find a new home.

  8. Rose
    2 years ago

    Spot on article, Father, and it is so, so sad. This president told us who he was and what he was going to do from the very beginning. How could so many people have been so blind?

  9. GW
    2 years ago

    When was this time - "the land of the free, the home of the brave"? Was it 100 years ago? Black Americans would disagree, as would my Native American and Irish ancestors. Was it 50 years ago? At approximately that time, my dad and many of his generation were preparing to go into a brutal war with outdated equipment. Was it 25 years ago? (What was the abortion rate in 1987? What was the crime rate?)
    Father Jacobse, I am one of you, a pro-life Catholic. But where I see the opposition as Americans who are sincere, although wrong, you see monsters coming to destroy us. Where I see the GOP as a party in search of scapegoats in order to keep their base angry and motivated (and tuned to Fox and Rush Limbaugh), you see a group that needs to "take all three branches of government" and "overturn this monstrosity."
    But where diatribes like yours really scare me is when my 9 and 13 year old daughters read essays like yours, roll their eyes, and turn away. Your essay might make you feel good, but it does not reflect the reality of young people's lives, especially those who live in urban areas. By and large, they do not believe you, and that makes you part of the problem.

  10. Patrick
    2 years ago

    Between Philip Sherrard and Blessed Seraphim Rose, I think this was pretty much shown to be an inevitability.

    the sinner,


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