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Supreme Court Upholds Health Care Mandate Under Congressional Power to Tax Comments

The Supreme Court's surprising decision to uphold the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, not under the Commerce Clause, but as an exercise of Congress' power to tax, shocked the press, confused the Nation and sent the experts - and the lawyers - to read, re-read, analyze and parse the lengthy and complex opinion. This dense opinion was authored for a 5- 4majority by Chief Justice John Roberts. Justices Kennedy, Alito, Scalia and ... Continue Reading

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  1. Rob
    2 years ago

    I agree Theresa. But it doesn't change the fact that our government is making it easier and easier for the owners of capital to enrich themselves and harder and harder for the workers to do so. We need to re-balance the focus on all the stakeholders of business versus merely the owners of it. I am not suggesting some sort of socialist approach of equal wages, but we've allowed ourselves to be lulled into this place where we are told "just be happy you have a job." Personally I believe that these stagnant wages of the working class over the last few decades is an affront to the dignity of the worker/human person.

  2. Theresa H
    2 years ago

    While I don't know what the wages are of the ordinary people at Wal-Mart, I do wonder sometimes what some people with lower wages do with the pay they get. (They have a TV, a car, etc....) We live in a very materialistic society that doesn't know how to use the wage we receive prudently, we want (and buy) what we see others have, and then can't make other "ends meet...;" so turn to the government for what we can get for free (?). And out of the kindness of it's "stony" heart ("government" has no heart!), the government readily assists with what it receives from us in taxes.... I see this at work.... We have got ourselves into such a mess with all our reliance on the government--which keeps getting bigger and bigger and demanding more and more money from us and regulating our lives (and now the Church) more and more!

  3. Rob
    2 years ago

    Felni, unfortunately we tried that economic plan and it's proven not to work. We lowered taxes to unprecedented levels and got rid of all sorts of reguation. We got massive deficits, debt and the economy still cratered. You can give all the breaks in the world to the owners of capital, but unless you ensure that actually trickles down, it won't. Folks at Wal-Mart are still making the same crappy wage regardless of how little taxes Wal-Mart pays and the company just keeps getting richer. Human greed will never allow those plans to work. Great in theory, but just doesn't work.

  4. Theresa H
    2 years ago

    Thanks Mark and Deacon Keith for your initial analysis of the "Obamacare" decision by the Supreme Court. As you indicated, it remains to be seen what next....Like most, I wonder "whatever got into Justice John Roberts"--as if calling Obamacare a "tax" resolved the problem! In any case, we cannot, must not give up. The Bishops have been calling for "Prayer and Penance...." This should not stop after the "Fortnight...." In addition, while, no doubt, we do not have a perfect choice in the coming Presidential Election, we certainly do need to vote--and vote for the one who more closely aligns with Catholic Values related to: LIFE, LIBERTY, and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS--each of which, when correctly interpreted, aligns with the "Natural Law" = the Ten Commandments. Otherwise, we will, indeed see the demise of our country--a big "CHANGE" that almost no one had any idea ALL that THAT word meant when Obama was campaigning for the Presidency--Indeed, he even spoke of : "FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGING" our Country...! God help us and deliver us from THAT ever happening!

  5. mgm.
    2 years ago

    I want bankrupt because of medical bills,you be astonish ! two-thirds of the 50 people in the court room filed for the same reason ( sick kid or spouse )my lawyer said that's normal week in and out.You can say all you want about how much the Church is involved in Americas medical system it means nothing if you do not have insurance .When I first want to Catholic Services guess what they directed me to the Godless State ! see if you can get Medicaid first if that fails go to the Social Security Office for Medicare and Hay! you look like you could be a vet have you tried the Veteran Administration ? if the evil Godless state fails you then the Church we'll help.

  6. DLL
    2 years ago

    I can now imagine myself,in the future,to be 89 arrested,poor and broke,in the state penetentery,because the graduated penalty(tax) is so high as well as the insurance premiums,so I can't afford it,then prison care will be the only way that healthcare will then be truly affordable for me. Anyway you look at it the taxpayer(middle class) pays!

  7. Wes Lisitza
    2 years ago

    I feel that the time has come for the Catholic Church to pull out of their schools, hospitals, adoption centers, and other institutions and stop providing healthcare. The government is simply manipulating our Church, just as the media and secular society have been doing these past few years. The Church needs to take an extended break from saving the world and spend some time saving itself right now; what with dissident religious laity and clergy running amok and causing scandals, I think it's time to consider a re-dedication to the faith and what makes the Catholic Church whole.

    On a somewhat related topic: did anyone else read about the Virginia woman who's suing the Human Life International group because she was molested by Fr. Euteneur while she was undergoing an exorcism? Isn't HLI a big coordinator for the Fortnight for Freedom that we're doing presently? I hope covers this story...

  8. barb
    2 years ago

    I have just plunged into a deep despair. What has taken over our country?

  9. No Way
    2 years ago

    Rafael, consider yourself warned!!! You're a look, a lunatic at best. .

  10. matt
    2 years ago

    thank you chief justice. your are a true hero. you have given millions of american's hope for a better future.

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