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Doing Good for Goodness Sake? An Atheist's Game of Scrabble Comments

In the order of being, there can be no natural moral law without the existence of God.  In the order of being, implicit in the belief of a natural moral law is the existence of God.  A moral law makes no sense without a Divine Legislator. Continue Reading

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  1. Juneau Alaska
    2 years ago

    AJ, well you're right that religion is essentially a poor Third World problem. Religion is all but on life support in Europe, Canada, and Australia though booming in poor Africa. The USA is an exception comparatively speaking. AJ, if people are attending weekly church service then of course they make up less than .01% of the prison population! They aren't in prison! Nice try. However, if you have evidence that weekly church attendance is not in the history of the millions in jail, then your hypothesis would be worth examining. Do you have evidence? My point was to show vance that there is no logical pathway from atheism to violence. None. In other words, vance needs to show me how non-belief in Thor or Zeus or Pixies will lead me toward killing people (as he essentially claimed!). On the other hand, there most certainly is a logical pathway from fanatical religious faith to violence. Witness faithful Muslims, claiming authority from their god, flying planes into buildings so they could meet their virgins in heaven. -Cheers! ~Mike

  2. AJ
    2 years ago

    Juneau Alaska- 90-95% of the people in prison in the U.S. are below the poverty line. 99% of poor people in this country, as well as the world, have some kind of faith. Therefore, it only makes sense that the majority of people in prison will have some faith. Also, it should be noted that people who attend weekly church services make up less then 0.01% of the prison population as well. Cheers! AJ

  3. Juneau Alaska
    2 years ago

    DLL, since you brought up what you think an atheist view point is, allow me to tell you what mine is since I AM an atheist! I see the concept of faith as a dark burqa draped over the world. Free thinkers are the lit candles in this darkness and we have a lovely light. I am not interested only in comfort (a still flame), I am interested in truth and that often means a flickering flame as ideas are tested. Jill Tarter, American astronomer once said, "the story of humans is the story of ideas...that shine light into dark corners." Indeed. -Cheers! ~Mike

  4. Juneau Alaska
    2 years ago

    vance, there is a difference between atheism and atheists. Atheism = lack of belief in gods/supernatural, full stop. Atheists: otherwise diverse people who share one characteristic, they all lack beliefs in gods/supernatural. Apart from that, there is no unifying feature of atheists. There are republican atheists and libertarians atheists. Some atheists like cats, others like dogs. Many atheists have no desire to work toward an atheistic society, rather many atheists work toward a secular society that allows a plurality of private beliefs, or non-beliefs. Regarding secularism, that is simply embracing the First Amendment to keep State and Church separate. There are Catholic secularists and atheist secularists. There are Jewish secularists and agnostic secularists. It's just that simple. I find your claim that there is a logical pathway from atheism to violence just plain silly. The facts don't bear that out. Atheists, adjusted for population, make up less that .01% of the US prison population. People of faith, like Christians, make up over 70% of the population of prisoners that society needs protecting from! Just think about that. These facts are available from the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Cheers! ~Mike

  5. Juneau Alaska
    2 years ago

    JeanCatherine, I'd like you to consider the following 3 points. 1. Communists are bad. 2. Communists were atheists. 3. Atheism is bad. If you are unable/unwilling to see the fallacy in #3, then I'm afraid we won't be able to make any progress toward understanding one another. Cheers! ~Mike

  6. DLL
    2 years ago

    As the old song says maybe we are just candles in the wind. Each life is as a single candle. Light the candle and watch it burn for the lifetime of the candle. The wind is the force that is controlling how long the candle will continue to burn. If the wind is too strong the candle must become re lit many times and the wax in the candle becomes misshapen,distorted and the candle it self becomes a useless item. If the candle is protected from strong winds and kept safe and lit inside a room,it can burn brightly for the full lifetime of the candle. Too many viewpoints,too many different lifestyles, the issues of what is right or wrong,true or not,is there a God or not,are like the strong winds blowing on the candle,distorting the form of it and eventually rendering it to be useless,the potential lifetime of the candle is significantly shortend as well. The candle inside a room sheltered from the wind,burns evenly and to a fuller potential for the life time of the candle. The light of it remains on,illuminated,the fire of it is not wild and wavering and constantly blowing out,always needing to be lighted again and again. The atheist viewpoint is like the candle always trying to burn in the wind. The candle in a room is one that is protected from the wild outdoors and the wild wind of time. Sheltered,the light burns evenly for the candles lifetime. Sound thinking and faith in God is the sheltered room. Morality is the sheltered room and immorality is the great out doors wild with the ever changing winds. God has given us faith as a gift to nurture us,as if we were always within the sheltered room,as a light in our lifetime,burning brightly and evenly,for the full lifetime of the candle. The candle represents a human life from birth to death,in faith,it is lighted and exists in a room so that it can burn beautifully,brightly and evenly to the potential and fullness of its individual lifetime. God's love is a room of faith. All are welcome,enter in and be a candle of faith burning brightly and in unison in a flame of light which is the love of God itself. The old candle gives light to a new one before it burns out and dies but it is the a same continual light of everlasting love. The Catholic Church is room where the candles are made,they become lighted and lighted,again and again,as all lives are lived in time,time and time again,until the end of time,this is the time when the Light of the World comes again in Glory. Life is anticipation of the light of Christ,the love of God,as this is the shared light,through the power of the Holy Spirit,given to each Human life,created to be like an Easter Candle.. Keep the Faith,keep Vigil,as Faith is the Light of a shared joy of Praise and Thanksgiving to God the Great "I AM"!

  7. joe
    2 years ago

    You made a saint your authority figure and god to make your argument. The atheist did not need to do that. The atheist does good to do good and make things better for all. You do good for yourself and your group to keep out of trouble and avoid punishment. Who does God really favor? The universal do gooder who lives his faith, hope and charity or the person who tears him down and finds fault with his beliefs and motivations to make himself important. Does anybody who writes these articles ever actually understand the Daily Readings.

  8. Juneau Alaska
    2 years ago

    Diane, some of the remaining mysteries that elude scientists may indeed never be answered (at least in our lifetimes). However, that is distinctly different from the mystery in faith whereby so-called religious "answers" may never be questioned! As far as your comments about fear, rejection, etc., let me ask you a question. As to your other point, do you ever fear offending the Hindu gods Vishnu and Brahma? I would guess not, because you probably don't believe they are real. You're probably are not afraid of Bigfoot either, right? Likewise, Diane, I have no fear of Yahweh as there is no evidence for his existence. It's as simple as that. On the other hand, it's interesting that you mention fear because don't you believe that eternal punishment awaits those who disobey Yahweh or his Church? I suppose you would be very afraid to disobey your God, yes? Cheers! ~Mike

  9. JeanCatherine
    2 years ago

    Juneau Alaska

    You dont find a link between Communism and violence? Your for real right? You lived during the cold war right and you know what took place between Russia and America during this time?

    You mean to establish Stalin's power he didnt establish his control through purges? You really think that violence isnt instituted in Communist countries like Viet Nam and China today?

    You have read the story about the Chinese dissident on this page right and you still believe in Atheistic Communism right not having any links to violence and control?

    Im sorry but I dont buy it. I dont think Atheistic Communists are going to stop violence in this world and bring about peace for too long. I dont believe Atheism is the answer in our world period to anything because it stems from a belief in nothing. Im sorry but that is the bottom line.

    I do believe that cryptic information is key in a book called "Revelation". I believe it will be unlocked in our time as it has been prophesied in the book of "Daniel" in the old testament. I believe that is logical information.

    I do believe the "mark" mentioned in Revelation is among us today. It could very well be in the form of the microchip as well.

    I believe in the possibility that Revelation reveals the war which will take place between Atheistic Communism (The spectre of which is still with us today) and that of Hedonistic Capitalism. I believe these two are the big one's mentioned in Revelation today. I dont need to read books which are humanistic realism. I need to focus on what I believe in and that is the crucified Christ who rose over 2000 years ago and gave us a promise that He would return. I feel for you and will pray for you but you cant pursuade me either but I respect you but I also know I am a realist somewhat as well and know in my heart and gut something is playing out in this world and that there will more than likely be a false peace someday before something very big will hit humanity.

    That I believe is what Im trying to get to you. No comment necessary but I wish you well in your endeavor as an atheist but my endeavor is to remain a staunch follower of Jesus Christ (Christian). I probably couldnt change and atheistic viewpoint even if I tried so dont try to pursuade a dye in the wool Christian either. Just a little humor from me on such a serious topic. Im a simple women who tries to see the commonsense of it all in a crazy world not quite yet peaceful but with some of the beast just below the surface.

  10. vance
    2 years ago

    Juneau Alaska, No, I am not confusing secularism with atheism. However the two run concurrent with each other. Atheism by definition is the non-belief in a god or anything supernatural. You are correct in your response to abey when you say atheism is amoral. You say because they don't subscribe to a moral authority. But they do. As you well know they subscribe to the moral dictates of their own libido or to the dictates of their leader's commands. Bottom line, their sole purpose for choosing to be an atheist comes from their rebellion against God because God stands between them and their libido and they will have none of that. An atheist will steal, kill, or destroy anything that gets between him and his desires.

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