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Fr Dwight Longenecker Asks, Does Mitt's Mormonism Matter? Comments

Most Americans are unaware of just how peculiar the beliefs of Mormons are. Do they know about Mormonism's exclusivity? It's secretive rituals? It's strange doctrines? Probably not. Even if they do know all the shady and weird stuff about Mormonism, do most Americans care? Should they care? With the possibility that their next president is a Mormon, does it matter? Continue Reading

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  1. elcid
    2 years ago

    The Mormons on here apparently didn't really read the article completely or just took out of it what they wanted to, hence the Catholic basting...Father just mention the three divisions within religions that applied pretty much to all world religions, I think he was just making a synthesis of the different divisions and how they apply to the political and social realm, as he stated Mitt's religion should not matter, as for myself I would rather have a Mormon or even an atheist as president as long as they are pro-life, respect the constitution, religious freedom and free markets, I will take this person over the false christian we currently have in the white house.
    As for the debate on Catholicism vs Mormonism (or other religions) base on theology and history and the one true religion ordained by God, I will leave that for another time.

  2. JoAnn
    2 years ago

    Mark: Thank you for your clarification. Just like Mormonism, Catholics have members of the flock, instead of knowing true Catholic doctrine, have their own ideas of what the Catholic Faith is all about. If they are "cafeteria Catholics" they usually don't know their Faith very well and can mislead people with their own interpretations. Unless people of other faiths have studied Mormonism thorougly with reputable resources and ask Mormons that really live their faith about Mormonism, they are probably misled and also mislead other people with what they think they know about Mormonism. It's like asking a pagan what Catholicism is all about. Now, to the discussion at hand. I have a question for the Mormon "scoffers" out there Are you all saying you would rather vote for a communist than cast your vote for an AMERICAN? Are you saying you will not vote at all and leave this country to the communist? Are you saying you would rather vote for Ron Paul and leave this country to a communist? Okay 3 questions,sorry. (I can feel the anger rising in the Ron Paul supporters right now) and I say to you - please go to, take advantage of the 14 day FREE trial and watch the documentary on the Muslim Brotherhood and the White House called "Rumors of War III". If you are a GB fan, you probably already saw the documentary, if you haven't, you must see it. To the people that cannot stand GB, he has nothing to do with it. This documentary is a MUST see for every American that is truely worried about where this country is headed. Again, to the RP supporters, if you have an open mind and are genuinely concerned about our country, please, please, please watch it and then discern whether or not you think RP can handle this atrocity. Actually, I'm begging everyone on this board to please watch this documentary. It is about 1 hr. long and after it, there is a discussion with Home Land Security experts. If you all watch it, (and I pray you do) ask yourself whom do you think will be able to handle this very dangerous situation, Mitt Romney or Ron Paul? After you watch it, please spread it to everyone you can get the information to. American NEEDS to know what is going on. AND, if you do watch it, I would like to hear your comments about it. God bless.

  3. Stringfellow
    2 years ago

    It is clear from this article that the author's keen insights into Mormonism are 'table dressing' for knowing anything about Mormons. Perhaps he threw Mormons into the title to get more exposure for his deeply cynical view of how politicians practice religion. The Mormon religion is very demanding of it's people: in time, in commitment, in resources. The cardboard cut out the author describes as the Modernist Mormon that rejects "divine revelation" is a fantasy. Mormons believe they have restored the Apostolic Church founded by Christ and continued by Peter, James, John and the rest of the Apostles. Dividing the membership along political thought, even the progressive Mormons believe in the supernatural - that God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. God spoke to the ancients in Genesis, talked with Moses, walked among Jerusalem, and visited a young boy in upstate New York to bring more light to a world in need.

  4. Lance
    2 years ago

    I've read hundreds of articles on Mormonism since Mitt became a contender for President, but few miss the mark as completely as this one. To call W Jeffs a Mormon is to willfully misstate his status - even he doesn't call himself a Monmon.

    I've read thousands of pages on the history of the Mormon Church - it is admittedly complex, and there are unanswered questions (as there are in any historical undertaking) - but it is simply not true that the only choices are to be ignorant of LDS history or to reject it as incoherent. There are any number of nuanced views that allow us to embrace both our history and our religion. It is also an extremely odd statement coming from a Catholic. One might completely disregard the lives of the Popes - after all, we must make allowance for the irrefutably wicked examples. But one would not need to study the lives of the Saints (whose Saintly status has been rigerously endorsed by the Chatholic Church) for long before one encountered absurdities that make anything one might say about the Mormons positively benign.

    Finally, the cynical concept that religion is simply window dressing put on for public consumption may be true for somebody - be they politition or clergy, but it is impossible to spend an hour or a month studying Romney's biography and come away with evidence that he considers religion a suit & tie to put on for public events. The very concept is absurd - why would any poition with a modicum of political savvy wrap themselves with anything as troublesome as Mormonism? Surely anyone who has not been in a coma for the last 5 years knows that it would be more expedient to drop Mormonism altogether and become a Unitarian Universalst.

  5. Belloc
    2 years ago

    I am a Latin Mass-going Catholic. I understand my faith very well. But I'll work for Mitt Romney like he's Blessed Karl come back as Ronald Reagan (whom I had the pleasure to meet). He's certainly no worse than the two Adamses and William Howard Taft, all of whom were professed Unitarians, not to mention Washington, Jefferson, Madison and Lincoln, who were probably Deists.

    Obama is a threat to not only the citizens of the United States, but every inhabitant of the planet. He must be stopped, and fate has determined that Mitt is the man to stop him. So be it. Now up and to your posts, and it's Mitt on November 6th!

  6. Peter Marlow
    2 years ago

    There is another kind of Mormon of whom you make no mention. Having converted from atheism in 1977 and having worshiped with Mormons since that time, I have gotten to know Mormons pretty well. By far, the largest Mormon "mode" comprises those who feel a profound love for God. They continually humble themselves before God, repent of their sins and seek the forgiveness offered through the Lord Jesus Christ. They continually prayerfully thank Him for His love. They ponder the goodness of God and show their appreciation for His redeeming love by continually committing themselves to serving Him, keeping His commandments and doing His will.

    Mormons testify to all who will listen that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, our Savior and Redeemer, the only name given whereby we may be saved. They testify that He atoned for all our sins and offers forgiveness to all who will repent and follow Him. He died and rose again on the third day in a glorious resurrection, never to die again. He lives today and stands at the head of the church that bears his name, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He organized this church through prophets and apostles He has called. Through them, He had also restored His priesthood authority to the earth. Mormons know these truths because they have been and continually are being revealed to them individually directly from God by His Holy Spirit.

    The typical Mormon is very happy with his religion. Mormons understand that many distrust them and distort and malign their beliefs. Anti-Mormons are very busy spreading many lies and falsehoods about Mormon doctrine and history. It doesn’t bother them that much. Unfortunately, many good people have chosen to believe those lies rather than seek the testimony of the Spirit so that they can know the truth for themselves. They are only hurting themselves. A simple reading of the Book of Mormon can dispel many common myths about Mormon beliefs. To get to know Mormons better, you might consider attending a few of their Sunday meetings. I am certain you will be graciously welcomed.

  7. Rob
    2 years ago

    At the end of the day Catholics didn't support the only Catholic in the field. And while there were good reasons not to support Santorum, too little too late to have some buyers remorse. I am just hopeful that all the nonsense with our President will stop and we can finally start getting some work done if he is elected. It's pretty clear nothing will get done as long as Obama remains in office. Which makes me ask why we permit these people to stay in DC? Why not send them all home and let their campaigns pay for their nonsense.

  8. Rose
    2 years ago

    I don't believe any President would have a chance at espousing his/her religion from the Oval Office. The peeps would roar like the days of Nero. I do know that Mormons are good descent people, who come together as a community when one is in need. They seem to have the corner on WWJD IMHO.

    On another note I just wish all would come to know the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, only then will we put away our differences.

  9. E. Barry
    2 years ago

    Can any honest individual claim to be perfect? Can any of us Roman Catholics claim to be perfect?
    We voting citizens of the United States have elected officials that have greatly helped the citizens of this Nation (and citizens other nations.) Some telected officials have performed poorly. However, this Nation still remains a country where most residents (and inhabitants of other nations) prefer to live (or would chose to live if given the opportunity.)
    Since a number of voting American citizens claim to be believers in a Higher Power, I imagine will vote for candidates according to the dictates of their consciences.
    I, a cradle Roman Catholic, registered Republican, if alive on the next Presidential Election day, intend to cast my vote to re-elect the hard working, decent, honest, intelligent, even if not perfect human being (presently the President of this great and blessed Nation), named Barack Obama. And may the Lord bless him and his family.

  10. mike
    2 years ago

    As a Catholic christian and a true disciple of Jesus, agree or disagree, we are not to judge a person on their faith or their path to God. We are to judge wisely based on a persons deeds, but never to condemn.

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