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Fr Dwight Longenecker Asks, Does Mitt's Mormonism Matter? Comments

Most Americans are unaware of just how peculiar the beliefs of Mormons are. Do they know about Mormonism's exclusivity? It's secretive rituals? It's strange doctrines? Probably not. Even if they do know all the shady and weird stuff about Mormonism, do most Americans care? Should they care? With the possibility that their next president is a Mormon, does it matter? Continue Reading

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  1. snooop1e
    2 years ago

    BRAVO Fr Longenecker!!! Very well written!!! I couldn't agree more. You should write articles for a very popular Catholic web site ; )

  2. Judy
    2 years ago

    JoAnn: I will try to do as you say later on today. If RP voters do not vote, that does not say much about what they supposedly professed. All they purported to everyone that they believed was merely a bunch of hot air. Of course, I am Not speaking about those RP voters who Do Vote. Blessings....

  3. Bulbajer
    2 years ago

    Wow, 122 comments already! I was going to write a long comment, but no one will read it, so I'll just say this: Mormonism's founders were very questionable. That does not mean that Mormons today are unworthy of respect. The Catholic Church, with its almost 2000 year history, has many controversial figures, from its early days to the present day. Strange rituals? That depends on your point of view. Most Christians consider Mormon beliefs and rituals "unusual", but that does not make them strange or unChristian. Many Protestants tsee Catholic rituals and beliefs as strange, but most still consider Catholics as Christians. The Mormons are non-Trinitarian, which separates them from the great majority of Christians, but that does not mean that they aren't Christian. For example... Arianism. It's a heresy, right? "Heresy" implies that Arius' teachings (non-trinitarian) were wrong, but if they were unChristian, Arianism would be called apostasy. Arian Christians and other non-Roman Catholic Christians in the early years were still called Christians, even by the Church itself (I think... not 100% sure about that). So if Arians are Christian, why can't Mormons be Christian?

  4. JoAnn
    2 years ago

    Judy: It's not on twitter. Go to Try to get to his home page. That's where you will find an invitation to join FREE for 14 days. Once you join go to On-Demand and click on Rumors of War III: Target US. You can always cancel afterwards. This is a frightening documentary on where this country is headed with this administration. It's all about Obama's connection to the Muslim Brotherhood and their plan to take over the US. Once you navigate your way through the site, get as many friends as you can to watch this documentary. If it doesn't wake every body up, nothing will. We are threading in very dangerous waters and if we can't find someway to stay afloat, we will surely drown. I can't express enough how really important it is that you see this documentary. I hope everyone on this board tries to get in to see it. I know this is going to sound dramatic, but it is almost a matter of life or death to this nation and possibly us. If you get to watch it, write me your comments. As far as RP is concerned, I have talked to some of his supporters and they have told me that if RP doesn't get the nomination, they are not going to vote at all. Where do you think that is going to leave us? That's about 10 to 20% of the population. Obama then, will surely get re-elected. God bless.

  5. Judy
    2 years ago

    JoAnn: I have only seen RP in the Polls. And he does not compare to MR. If RP runs as a third Party, he knows What it will do. He is not dumb. He knows it will put Obama in office for 4 MORE YEARS. HEAVEN HELP US, if this happens! And if it does, RP is, forgive me, a Traitor. As much as he preaches the Constitution, how could he run to let Obama win?! Anyone who runs third Party is! They know What it will do, and yes, I agree, that they will have been bought. Not because I am Rep. do I say this. I am not. But because we cannot have Obama in office. Period. Yes, it would be nice, even patriotic, if RP bowed out and supported our country, which is at best, MR. NOT Obama! Does he not see what a crucial time in history it is? Yes, I did go to your site. I am not on Twitter so I could not get in. Know another way? And so people will not think we are kooks, worrying about Socialism, whereby I mentioned: The Rise of the Third Reich, which was Socialism, I must clarify that naturally, I am referring to 4 MORE YEARS of Obama, and naturally, I am not referring to such an exact same Third Reich in our country, because the it is different times and the world is different. But in comparison, our country does already have such preliminary set ups in place. And yes, it has been a long time coming. It is interesting, is it not, that Abraham Lincoln stopped slavery and introduced Liberty. And Obama, on the other hand, might take it away? A third Party would guarantee this. I see we are in agreement again JoAnn. I hope RP does the manly thing. Blessings...

  6. Judy
    2 years ago

    George and MarkV: I see a lot of people commenting on the article. Plus Some people Are answering the article, but in a round about way. Perhaps may I say, nicer and more intelligently, to a degree...I do not want to deride anything the author said. Because, I don't think the article was long enough to go into the explanation that he should have gone into to do it justice? So to a degree, I agree w/him, but there are spots where it is a bit insensitive, as I believe Vance was stating by way of his post. JoAnn made a very good explanation on TRANSUBSTANTIATION. One that explains Some differences among us. I have noticed, that most Catholics do not say anything negative on this board about other religions...even though, some of us are well versed in them. The reason being perhaps, is that, most were taught to respect those of other religions. As my son's Catholic H.S. principle told kids and moms and dads: "Catholics are not better, just different". Humility was a trait of Jesus. It is a trait to which we aspire. But, as you know, it is hard. Remember the old adage: "Don't discuss politics and religion?" Well, here, we do. And it is hard at times. One has to always pray, before hitting the board. One's own Truth in religion or politics may differ from another, and we must still TRY to discuss here in the humility and Truth of Christ. As to other supposed different topics...they all are ongoing...referring to politics, and certainly this article does. Blessings...

  7. Susan
    2 years ago

    To commenter: We talk of Christ, we rejoice in Christ

    Any well informed Catholic does not fear another religion because we simply know Christ founded the Catholic Church upon Peter the Rock our first Pope. It simply doesn't matter much; the church is a 2000 year old WeeBee "we be here before you were and we be here after your gone". "the Church has had some very sinful Popes in the past. Yet, not one of them in the past two millennia has ever definitively taught a dogma contrary to the doctrine of the Faith handed down from the apostles throughout the centuries." - Mark Mallet.

    Reference to Mormon teaching on the Catholic Church and the Great Abomination or the Great Whore of all the Earth:

    "Both Catholics and Protestants are nothing less than the "whore of Babylon" whom the Lord denounces... as having corrupted all the earth by their fornications and wickedness. And any person who shall be so wicked as to receive a holy ordinance of the gospel from the ministers of any of these apostate churches will be sent down to hell with them, unless they repent of the unholy and impious act. If any penitent believer desires to obtain forgiveness of sins through baptism, let him beware of having any thing to do with the churches of apostate Christendom, lest he perish in the awful plagues and judgments, denounced against them. The only persons among all nations, kindreds, tongues, and people who have authority from Jesus Christ to administer any gospel ordinance are those called and authorized among the Latter-day Saints. Before the restoration of the church of Christ to the earth in the year 1830, there have been no people on the earth for many generations possessing authority from God to minister gospel ordinances. We again repeat. Beware of the hypocritical false teachers and imposters of Babylon!
    - The Seer, Vol.2, No.4, p.255

    Also, read in book of Mormon starting with 1Nephi 13:5-6, 1 Nephi 13:8, 1 Nephi 13:28, actually the list is so numerous in this book. 2 Nephi has three quotes. It is also in your Doctrine and Covenants 29:21, as well as 88:94.

    Apostle Orson Pratt, Divine Authenticity of the Book of Mormon, p.40. Apostle John Taylor, Times and Seasons, Vol.6, No.1, p.811,- Prophet John Taylor, Times and Seasons, Vol.6, No.1, p.939

  8. CaptainO 44
    2 years ago

    Heard from the planet Kolub lately?


    The Earth's creation, according to Mormon scripture, was not ex nihilo, but organized from existing matter. The faith teaches that this earth is just one of many inhabited worlds, and that there are many governing heavenly bodies, including a planet or star Kolob which is said to be nearest the throne of God. According to the King Follett discourse, God the Father himself once passed through mortality like Jesus did, but how, when, or where that took place is unclear. The prevailing view among Mormons is that God once lived on a planet with his own higher god.[3][4]

  9. E B
    2 years ago

    I am a Mormon. You have several accuracy problems here, beginning with the fact that Warren Jeffs is not a Mormon! His sect is some off-shoot of Mormonism, and in no way affiliated with the LDS Church today. Second, there are no hoaxes, fraud, or scandals in early LDS history beyond in the minds of its detractors. Third, all members of the Church are encouraged to pray and seek inspiration for themselves, and we all try to follow Jesus Christ. I find your classification system abominable.

    There are better sources of information.,, and are great resources for fact-checking or for your own enlightenment. Thanks for listening.

  10. TElden
    2 years ago

    I am truly sorry about the content and tone of this author's article. It is very condescending and portrays "Mormons" (members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) as being ignorant sheep (even though in the 2010 Pew Forum Survey of Religious Knowledge, including knowledge of the Bible, “Mormons” had the highest number of correct answers, ahead of Jews, Evangelical Protestants, and Catholics: Since the Catholic religion became so corrupted that millions of Protestants rejected the Catholic church, you would think the Catholics wouldn't be attacking other religions. People who live in glass houses shouldn't be throwing stones, you know. In many places, Mormons and Catholics agree and stand together on many moral issues that are being attacked by atheists, secularists, and non-Christian religions. Fortunately, other Catholics I know do not behave like the author of this article.

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