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Fr Dwight Longenecker Asks, Does Mitt's Mormonism Matter? Comments

Most Americans are unaware of just how peculiar the beliefs of Mormons are. Do they know about Mormonism's exclusivity? It's secretive rituals? It's strange doctrines? Probably not. Even if they do know all the shady and weird stuff about Mormonism, do most Americans care? Should they care? With the possibility that their next president is a Mormon, does it matter? Continue Reading

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  1. techwreck
    2 years ago

    The column misses the point entirely, which is unusual for Fr. Longenecker. Christ told us, "If you love me, you will keep my commandments", so how we live is more important than the theology of the religion we claim. ... John Kennedy was a flawed person, as we all are, but his behavior told us he had little regard for "the commandments" and raised real questions about his willingness to life a Christian life. ... Barack Obama's failure the share information about his life, his penchant for secrecy, and his consistent record of saying one thing and doing another are not the actions of someone who is living the Christian life. ... Mitt Romney's missionary work, his service to his church, his service to the people of Massachusetts (untouched by scandal), and his family life are much closer to the Christian ideal than either Kennedy or Obama, two American political "rock stars". So, judging by Mitt Romney's actions, not the theology of his church, he looks like a good bet for public office to me.

  2. George L
    2 years ago

    As Chirstians we must accept people, not judge them. The ariticle though interesting has not really helped Mitt but has shadowed his beliefs. We should look at home in our own Catholic faith and see how many moderates and maniac there are. We have those who profess to be Catholic but yet still believe in a womans right to have an abortion. We have Catholics who have, after years of teaching, walked completely away from their faith, and there are those who stand firm no matter what.
    Like some have said the pickins are slim but from I have heard from this Mitt Romney at this time he seems sincere and honest, and it is better than what we have in their now. Catholics do not like to talk about politics but they best start opening their eyes to the real world and know that they have a reponsibility to save their religious freedom. Sacrifices are going to have to be made, to protect the God given rights of each and every American. WAKE UP AMERICA.

  3. rich wooly
    2 years ago

    A Catholic calling Mormonism's beliefs weird?

  4. DLL
    2 years ago

    I have listened to and loved The Mormon Tabernacle Choir all of my life. Their album the Spirit of Christmas was one of the first records that I could buy for my Father,that he really enjoyed when as a youngster I was first able to buy Him a Christmas Present. Their Christian Music is about Jesus and their hymns are beautiful and Traditional Christian Hymns. The Mormons believe in the Same Jesus that everyone else does. The Book of Mormon is a testimony of the appearance of Jesus to the Americas. ??????????That is ????? To me. I am a Catholic because that is a presentation of Christianity that makes perfect sense to me. I can't believe in any other religion but the Catholic presentation of Christianity. God is very real to me in my Catholic Faith but as far as other forms of Christianity are concerned it is harder and sometimes a fantastic fantasy of a presentation,that makes any kind of a belief in God veiled,as maybe a likely possibility at best. A lot of people don't believe in God or heaven or hell. I can understand that. They can be good people no doubt. Faith in God is a gift of God. I would consider Mitt Romney to be a very good Mormon Christian at this point in time. He is a Man of Faith. All kinds of belief systems or faith,are like different languages,as they need to be studied to be understood. At some time we must choose faith or not to be a person with a faith in God. Ultimately we will all believe strongly in something be it a religious faith or something outside of religious belief. For better or worse we will commit ourselves even to the point of serving a system that is a good one or a purely evil one. Be it a Saint or a suicide bomber or anything in between that,WeMust Choose.

  5. Lynn
    2 years ago

    The fundamentalist Mormons are not part of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Please get your facts straight.

  6. Diane
    2 years ago

    I am a devout, daily Mass attending Catholic. I will vote for Mitt Romney because he is prolife, pro true marriage. God is too, being the Creator of life and marriage. Atheistic Socialisms weapons of abortion and active homosexuality are the weapons being used to destroy families, which are the backbone of a healthy nation. Obama is proabortion and pro homosexual "marriage" and "adoption". He also encourages violent revolution. We can't have any of those things as our legal and moral values. The Holy Father has pointed that out to the LCWR nuns. Their 60's liberal/socialist beliefs and practices have done great harm to the people in the Church. Thank God, that under the direction of the Vatican, correction will be taken. The lie that liberal/socialists care about the poor is just that, a lie. Their policies destroy families and more poor are created. The liberal/socialist mantra"It takes a village(State) to raise a child "is so false. It takes a FAMILY to raise a child, not a tribe, avillage or a state. Juan Williams, formerly of NPR, said it well. 'If you want to know what Socialism looks like, look at he black community." Their families have been very nearly destroyed by it. Vote for Romney, the Mormons also support the Natural Law.

  7. Carolee Gifford
    2 years ago

    Father Longenecker's article is an excellent examination of concerns that many of us who do know Morman theology share. I think his three tiers of religion is both amusing and true.
    Carolee Gifford

  8. Scott A.
    2 years ago

    Great piece Father!!! I believe that you hit the nail right on the head. It is scary though that our nation is basically stuck with a questionable Christian in Barack Obama & a window dressing Mormon in Mitt. I would have never have guessed that our nation might elect a Mormon to the highest office in the land. But then our choice seems to be the lesser of two evils, doesn't it?

  9. Harold Olsen
    2 years ago

    The fact that Mitt Romney is a Mormon is irrelevent to me. What matters is his politics. Though he claims to be a conservative, he is, in fact, a liberal, and I won't vote for him. He is little more than an Obama clone. He created Obamacare via Romneycare. In fact, some of the people who helped to create Romneycare helped Obama create Obamacare. Remind Romney of that and he goes ballistic. It's one of the reasons I do not believe him when he says that if elected one of the first things he will do is get rid of Obamacare. He created it so he will keep it. It failed in Massachussetts, which he denies, so he would like nothing better than to try it nationwide. In fact, I think he will continue most of totalitarian Obama's policies. A Romney presidency will, in effect, be a second Obama term. Our choice this time around will be Obama or his closne. Thanks but no thanks!

  10. nunzio
    2 years ago

    I'll take a Mormon over a Marxist or a Democrat that calls themselves a Catholic any day.

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