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Ashley Judd Video Mocks Abortion, Santorum: Women of Virtue Needed Comments

The stars of the "choice" universe have gone way beyond their worn-out euphemisms and are now embracing shameless mockery.  Ashley Judd and crew have made a video that mocks the act of killing babies in the womb. They mock the violence of stopping the heartbeat of a child. What a hilarious analogy they've drawn by comparing an abortion to Rick Santorum's suspended Presidential campaign, if you're someone who finds dead babies and ... Continue Reading

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  1. Judy
    2 years ago

    Michael: Keep the Faith. And as Wes L. said, "'s hard being a pro-life male..." I know this through my sons. A while ago, my youngest son told me before he met is now wife: "If this doesn't work out, I'm taking a 6 month break from women". It did work out. My oldest Granddaughter, now in college, was having a Real time w/Big Bad Wolves, after having a boyfriend for a few years. It only took her a month to give up guys. Her and her x-boyfriend are best, best friends now. Yes, on all fronts it is hard. But I guess that is where Pete Brady's post w/Thomas Aquinis comes in. One in this respect Learns from both good and bad experience. And hopefully Grows, and their Picker, improves. I pray you feel better. Have you read my post of two days ago? That gives a different perspective. Also, I would Not like to be young in today's world. But, we are each born into the Time that we can handle...the time we are meant to be in. Prayerful Blessings...

  2. Wes Lisitza
    2 years ago

    @Michael: Don't fret, friend. It's hard being a pro-life male in a society overwhelmed by pro-choice propaganda, but we have to remember that despite the outlook, we pro-life people still hold the majority. Not everyone is bent on aborting unborn children, which is why abortion clinics still close down, why most people still choose life, and why have to continue praying for God to turn the hearts of men and women away from sin. You'll find the right the right Bride one day, come woman or Church. Just put your faith and your heart in God's hands, and he'll send you on the right path. God bless.

  3. Uche Onwuka
    2 years ago

    Simply, a masterpiece.God bless you.

  4. Beth
    2 years ago

    How sad that these women would choose to mock a man who has truly walked the walk. Disagree with his beliefs/politics all you like, but Senator Santorum and his wife are lovingly raising a child whose condition was supposedly "incompatible with life" - as well as six others, I believe. In addition to being a rather juvenile attempt at "humor", the video lacks any real logic. Senator Santorum suspended his campaign because he lost the nomination to Governor Romney, not because he decided he just wanted to quit. And even if he had just decided to quit - for personal reasons, political reasons, whatever - to equate that with the life-or-death moral decision of whether to have an abortion is an insult to every woman who has faced that awful choice, not to mention an affront to the lives of the unborn. If their bitterness makes these women feel better, so be it - but as a woman I feel sorry for them. They will never recognize the beauty of femininity that is reflected in the truth of our female bodies.

  5. TDJ
    2 years ago

    Wow. Imbecility is running rampart among the elite and the media.


  6. Joseph
    2 years ago

    Superb article, Jennifer. Until women admit to themselves that of the two genders, the female gender is the one that has most bought into the relativistic, hedonistic capitalism that first exploded back in the 60s, until women admit to themselves that they have bought into that hedonism and sold out their values to it, bit by bit, some more, some less, until that moment of honesty and catharsis takes place, nothing is going to change. Just take a look at 99% of advertising – the cutting edge of the Mammon-Hedonistic system. It targets women every time, either exploiting their bodies and sexuality or appealing to their vanity, pride, conceit. Why does it target women much more than men? Because the advertising industry knows that targeting, flattering, exploiting women earns them the best return on their investment. Women in general over the last 4 decades have sold out the previous 2000 years of social and cultural tradition and values, sold out themselves, their husbands, their children, their families. Until there is a concerted and massive mea culpa on the part of women, the beast that is running modern western capitalism is going to get only more avaricious, more egotistical and more murderous. Are men also guilty of selling out? Of course they are! But I would submit that the sell out on the part of women has far exceeded that of most men. Men have always worked, considered themselves the breadwinners, but few of them have ever been deluded when it comes to viewing work and all that goes with it as more than a necessary evil. Women on the other hand have leaped into the satanically (there is no other word for it) tempting flattery and cajolery of late capitalist hedonism and ego-obsessed feminism that lies at the core of modern society and have embraced it with a vengeance. Combine this with a period of appalling failure on the part of the Church to speak out, to boldly fight for and declare the truth, to bluntly denounce both men and women for their apostasy (because that is essentially what we have witnessed) during this same period and we have all the ingredients for the full-blown crisis in western society that we now see all around us. Too many in the Church have obsessed about being ‘liked’ by the atheistic cultural elites; women have obsessed about their image and everything superficial; men with earning money and not falling behind the Jones’. But women have been at the centre of this onslaught because the Beast has always understood that woman, unless she guards herself with virtue, is pre-eminently prone to flattery. It is surely no coincidence that the serpent, that most cunning of animals, as the bible clearly tells us, chose to destroy Adam not by tempting Adam directly, but by first approaching his wife and corrupting her. And as we all know, the Devil succeeded. Woman bought into his flattering lies and both Eve and Adam fell, and all of us now pay the consequences, hacking out our lives as best we can in a sin-cursed world. In this sense, you could say that the last 40 years of relativistic hedonistic capitalism have been nothing so much as a re-run of the drama that took place in the garden of Eden all those aeons ago: the same stratagems, the same betrayals, and the same primary target – Woman. And with pretty much the same result.

  7. KarlVDH
    2 years ago

    SO FREAKIN' WHAT??? A rich hollywood actress is ripping on a rich career politician, and NEITHER of them realy gives a hoot about YOU or ME. We give these people way, way too much attention and interest in our culture. If you are offended by Ashley Judd, CHANGE THE CHANNEL, the power is COMPLETELY in your own hands. Just don't watch her and focus on more important things. Like Jesus, and how to live here in the real world.

  8. Michael
    2 years ago

    Jennifer..great article.I wish I have met a REAL woman like you..I have on my curriculum two ex-girfriends who DUMPED me, the first for another man( two different men already...) and the second for the pleasure of being alone and opened to a different man that fits best her second ex actually CUMMITED and abortion of our child , which I tried desperately to avoid with no results whatsoever...I am alone, sad, destroyed and so are these two FALSE wimen who prostitute themselves to satan over and over, and over again. Satan really is so happy with these false wimen isn't he? I am really starting to loose all hope in mankind, looking and the FRAUD that mainstream society dares to classify as "modern independent wimen".they are not wimen; they disgust me, their lies, their evil, their sins , their poison sickens me to the core.

  9. Rob
    2 years ago

    There is defintely a moment of the Holy Spirit in the US church that is impacting women. Last year we had the most successful men's conference to date and this year we are having our first women's conference. Jennifer, I think women like you need to seriously consider starting movements of your own. The men's movement, that I am blessed to be a part of, really boils down to helping men realize who they are in Christ. Our roles and responsbilbilites as catholic, christian men flow from that. The same is needed for women. Our Christian identity is so important and so often overlooked. I think as we embrace our true identity and really begin to understand our baptismal call is the moment when everything the Chruch teaches begins to make sense. It's the moment your eyes are opened to the world around you. I see the impact our efforts are having on men. We need women like you to begin the same efforts for women.

  10. Judy
    2 years ago

    Jennifer: Like Vance, I thank you for bringing this to our attention. It is a sorry place that we have come to in our society. More than sorry. As a woman, not speaking on Ms. Judd's character, or women like her, or even men like her for that matter, I think as a society, one needs to dig deeper as to how it became like this in the first place. If one is honest w/their Self, a woman's esteem comes when she is a child growing up, hence the family. Of course, her chances are better if she comes from a non-dysfunctional family, but that is not to say, that given religious training, or by the Grace of God, she cannot be an esteemed young woman. Having gained that self-esteem, she then goes out into the world. And the world as you know are full of Big Bad Wolves. It is here, if nothing has happened earlier in her life to cause mental damage, where many things can and do Transpire...for good or bad. Then, besides the Big Bad Wolves, (Body and Mind Esteem Lowered) we have the Big Bad College Professors, (Mind Enlightened, Conflicting Values, etc.). This is not my story. Or, Thank God, so far, my family. I have often thought of writing a book on this. I especially liked and was inspired by: Run With The Wolves, by Clarisa Pincola Ph.D. (I could be spelling her name wrong. (My books are packed away as yet). Her book is based on the young woman, w/fairy tales used to back up the transition of young maiden to womanhood. That aside, this day and age, w/abortion, drugs, alcohol,etc. rampant, that lends itself to a decaying society. Of course, history is full of them. I will say, that it is a much harder vocation to be a mother and father. In short, I if I were in utopia, where all is perfect, all would be Loving. But, its never been that way. So we must make the best of it through our individual Catholic Action. Voting. Praying. Blessings..

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