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Ashley Judd Video Mocks Abortion, Santorum: Women of Virtue Needed Comments

The stars of the "choice" universe have gone way beyond their worn-out euphemisms and are now embracing shameless mockery.  Ashley Judd and crew have made a video that mocks the act of killing babies in the womb. They mock the violence of stopping the heartbeat of a child. What a hilarious analogy they've drawn by comparing an abortion to Rick Santorum's suspended Presidential campaign, if you're someone who finds dead babies and ... Continue Reading

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  1. Amanda
    2 years ago

    The article doesn't mention that not only are these actresses turning abortion into a joke, but they also are making fun of RAPE and VICTIM-BLAMING RAPE SITUATIONS (in the first minute of the video, if you listen to the language they use you will recognize this atrocity). This is just as appalling and just as damaging as making fun of abortion. This is NOT okay to blatantly attack sexual assault victims like this; they are just fueling the fire of making a woman whose heart and soul is already shattered to make her feel like such a trauma is HER fault and she should have been able to prevent it. It is disgraceful and disgusting for these women to dare call themselves "feminists" while promoting these negative, oppressive, offensive, cruel and destructive ideals to impressionable young women. Girls will grow up tricked into thinking it is alright to make themselves into sex objects, at the whim of any and every man with no regard to their integrity or self-respect. Should sexual violence become a factor, they will be told it was their own fault and will be humiliated and forced into believing they "let it happen" and in turn will be shamed into declining to seek out support (counseling etc) and will deteriorate emotionally, mentally, and physically. What's more, if a baby should start to grow in their womb, that child will be viewed as a burden, an object, an abomination; something to be repulsed and eliminated--akin to slavery or a cancerous tumor--and that poor life will be lost without even the slightest chance or consideration. Society is trying to raise the daughters of this country with such highly misguided and destructive carelessness; they want us to be animalistic, valueless, and easily manipulated. It is our job to fight back and retain our humanity and morality.

  2. Jennifer Hartline
    2 years ago

    Emma, I am wiping away tears after reading your comment! How I thank God for your beautiful son and your courage and trust! I can imagine how frightening it must have been for you and your husband, and the leap of faith you took in trusting the Lord, and your example is inspiring. You and your husband are heroes of LIFE. I thank God also for revealing your heart condition and helping you get the care you need! I will remember you and little Mateo in my prayers and be rejoicing for a long time to come at your miracle. I can't thank you enough for sharing it with us. You've given me and all of us at Catholic Online a real gift. I promise you we will continue to expose and confront evil with the truth and because God is greater, He will do amazing things. I'll be smiling all day because of your letter! God bless you!

  3. Emma
    2 years ago


    I first visited this site almost 2 yrs. ago. At that time, I stumbled here doing research for a summer school class. This month my husband and I will celebrate our first wedding anniversary. Last fall I discovered that I was pregnant. Because of some medication that I'd been taking at the time, there was a high probability that any child that I had would suffer serious birth defects. The first doctor that I saw was at a Planned Parenthood Clinic who highly recommended abortion or more nicely put, "terminating the pregnancy". I was so bereft and confused! I was not even sure that I would even tell my husband about it. I couldn't see both of us sufferring through the ordeal. After leaving that day, I came to this site. It was one of those many articles posted here that made me wonder if there was another way. I searched through referrals on my campus and came up with a doctor affiliated with our university med school who specializes in high risk pregnancies and made an appointment, then sat down with my husband. When I went to this doctor, I discovered that the prognosis was not as grim as I'd been led to believe and we decided to put our faith in God, pray (ALOT) and go forth and give our child a chance at life. Further on, I was also diagnosed with a heart defect which went unnoticed until the pregnancy had progressed to the third trimester. That put me to bed until last week when it was decided that to go any longer would more than likely put me in the grave. So, with a wonderful team consisting of not only my obstetrician, but also cardiologist and neonatologist I delivered a beautiful 3 1/2 lb. perfectly normal (for his age and size) little baby boy! I won't say that our resources weren't maxed out. But, neither of us would trade this little fellow for the luxury of having had it easier the last few months!!! I only put this here because the three of us wanted to say thank you to all of you for putting the truth out there. Had I listened to that first doctor at pp, had I not read about them here, I would not have questioned their advice. So, thank you all for this beautiful little baby!!!! Emma, Rico, and little Mateo :)

  4. Judy
    2 years ago

    Rob: Your statement of 3 days ago was very good. Not only good, but True! Again, Blessings...

  5. "G.G" a pro-life Catholic
    2 years ago

    Jennifer, I love most all of your articles, but this one is like a Hollywood gossip column!
    STOP ALREADY! Why doesn't Catholic Online stop mentioning this woman's video....STOP
    mentioning her name....She hasn't contributed anything to society to mentor our young girls
    to live a life of virtue and self respect....She is NOT a decent role model for our young girls...
    I have had the belief that she is a good self respecting Christian....Seems she has fallen for all
    the lies and deceit of Hollywood's evil lifestyle to accomplish "being a star"! Is it worth it?

    As pretty as she is on the outside she should especially be on the inside....Being a planned
    parenthood supporter makes her an accomplice to murder!!...How cheap she is treating her
    sexuality and herself....When her youthful beauty fades and no one in Hollywood wants her anymore she will feel "used"... Then I pray that she will become a woman of Virtue and remember that she is one of GOD'S children...Ridiculing Rick Santorum and comparing the
    termination of his presidency as an abortive act was disgusting and evil....

    So stop advertising for her stardom and don't do anything to acknowledge her....We DO NOT
    need these kind of articles on Catholic Online....You've said enough already! Stop emulating
    "The Enquirer"!

  6. N
    2 years ago

    This is sad but true. We have let this world degrade women and we thought it was freedom. Freedom to be bold, but how wrong we have been. In obtaining this false freedom, we have lost families, lost purity, lost respect for ourselves as women. It is not shameful to cover ourselves, but empowering. It is not shameful if one chooses not to paint themselves. A woman's beauty comes from within her soul. Our souls have been corrupted - tv, radio. We are NOT man's equal we ARE his helpmate. We have a place in this world and it is NOT to be greater than man. God gave us a special gift to help procreate life with our bodies. Having large families is not a sin, crime or burdensome, but a blessing. We have become impatient and require immediate gratification in life. That is not the way. I suggest every woman and man get the book "How to Change Your Husband", by a friend of Medjugorje. It will inspire you to turn away from these unfeministic ways and obey as our Blessed Mother does. Obey is NOT a dirty word, we have made it one.

  7. A mnority voice
    2 years ago

    Now that the lynch mob has hung Ms. Judd in effigy (Although I am sure there are those who would hang her literally), perhaps we can pray for her, that God will open her eyes? On the subject, perhaps we can pray that those women who are actually considering abortion are enlightened to the reality that God loves them and has a plan for them AND their child. I have generally found prayer more effective than venting, not to mention more Christian? Just a thought...

  8. JeanCatherine
    2 years ago


    God Bless but dont dispare remember to go to your Lord and dont be bitter by women. Remember your Lady was and is a woman. She is the epitomy of womenhood to the world but the world cant see past the mist and veil that have temporarily blinded us from this.

    If you get the chance go to adoration and ask the Lord for healing if that is what you need now. Also Im sure that you could find a good Catholic women out there if this is the case you might find one on the "Singles" button above. Or maybe God will show you one out there. Just ask for Him to guide you. Check it out. If not may God Bless you anyway.

  9. Eileen Wicke
    2 years ago

    I am here, Jennifer. But thanks for reminding me. Maybe our prayers should also be for us, women, to be strong, to get off the fence, to nurture one another, to pray for our holiness.
    I am a substitute teacher. I always try to get in my little prolife, pro holy woman, holy man speech as often as I can to my students without crossing the boundaries of promoting my religion.My children are grown, but everday I pray for my sons' future wives. I have done that since they were young.

  10. Dawn in Kansas
    2 years ago

    We are followng an old outdated feminist model where women hate themselves so much that they want to shred every piece of dignity and femininity that they have; so much as to kill the very life that strives to spring from their womb. How much more have we allowed the man, who is under God and protector over the woman and child, to be shredded into utter meaningless as to heading the family. Freedom comes from God's law and God's kingdom. I pray that enlightenment of God's design for the family be restored. Each and everyone of us must first pray that God strengthen our men and release them from all sorts of bondage. Women will never benefit if not for being fulfilled with devotion to one's family. If I am free to make the wrong choice then I will reap the punishment. If I am free to make the choice pleasing to God then I will reap the reward. Over and over, scripture tells us that we will not know or understand if we do not have eyes to see or ears to hear. When God fills us with the Holy Spirit, then we are no longer left to wander in darkness of sin, we are finally enlightened. So, learn to nurture and praise your young men when they follow the Lord. Then we will see gentle servants of God who become good husbands and fathers. If the man is seperated from God; all else fails.

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