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The Courage of Bishop Daniel Jenky: Catholics by Conviction! Comments

One of the silverlinings in the ominous cloud threatening the freedom of the Church in America is the extraordinary way the hostility of the new Caesar has mobilized the faithful. Perhaps even more heartening is the way that this growing and open hostility has elicited such courageous leadership from so many of our shepherds. Most recently that kind of courage was demonstrated by Bishop Daniel Jenky of Peoria, Illinois. Continue Reading

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  1. Mary Bivens
    2 years ago

    Does anyone here believe we should have freedom FROM religion? Do you really want a theocracy? Be careful what you wish for.

  2. Magdalene
    2 years ago

    It was not only Jews who died in the holocaust. Stalin murdered tens of millions of his own people, almost all were Christians.

    Do you not think that persecution of Catholics can come to this country? It is not only about contraception, which does have abortifacient properties, but also 'free' abortions and sterilizations which would morph into mandatory. No halocaust here? What do you call the killing of 56 million unborn Americans--and that is the just the surgical abortions.

    Immediately the IRS is investigating: we cannot have free speech and truth allowed anymore? The president is a socialist and is working hard to continue to destroy the fabric of our once great society with the redefining of marriage and family and the promoting of the killing of the unborn here and abroad. And this is just the moral bankrupcy--not mentioning the economic bankrupcy. We are in BIG trouble on many fronts.

  3. Brian D.
    2 years ago

    Unfortunately some readers of CatholicOnline show a typical liberal mindset; such is the situation with Todd who stated “How is this administration infringing on the rights of Catholics? . . .Having a mandate that services are OFFERED does not mean the faithful must ACCEPT.” What part of this mandate don’t you understand? This mandate is not requiring Catholics to accept these sterilization, abortive causing drugs. It does require Catholic institutions PROVIDE them to employees under its health insurance plan. Can’t you see that this mandate is trying to force the Church to provide things it considers immoral? Read the first amendment of the Constitution of the United States- you will see it forbids Congress (and by inclusion the Presidency as Congress passes laws and the Executive branch carriers out the laws) from passing laws that infringe on the free exercise of religion. This is the problem, Todd. By the way, there is no such official “separation of church and state” in the Constitution; the Constitution was designed to limit the powers of the national government, not the powers of the people or the states. The federal government has no authority to dictate to any church what it must believe and practice.

  4. Dr. Thomas J. Miranda
    2 years ago

    Thank you.Thank You. Thank You for telling the truth. Now please don't disappoint me by apologizing for thelling the truth about this monster in the White House. We need more like you shouting from the pulpit about this satanic madness that is spreading over our Great Country. God Bless You and keep up the pressure on satan and his minions.

  5. Joseph jablonski
    2 years ago

    Right on right on Bishop Jenky, and God bless you. It's about time these"so-called"

    Catholics got informed. Even with the writing on the wall back in the '08 election these
    People put this truly evil mad man and all his minions in our White House. Shame Shame on
    Bravo Bishops and Clergy!

    I'd even go one further and start cleaning house. Excommunicate all these phoney
    Cafeteria catholics particularly the politicians. Sibelius should be at the head of the list!

    May God bless you Bishop Jenky!

  6. David Carlon
    2 years ago

    Salve Most Reverend Bishop Daniel Jenky: Sir I will follow where you lead! I bend my left knee before you in honor of your courage and will pray for you and other courageous shepherds! In our struggle against sin I pray for the blessing and the distinguished honor before the heavenly court of "resisting to the point of shedding blood." The saints on earth and heaven and the hosts in heaven are geared up for battle against the Princes! Let's roll! Alleluia!

  7. Mark
    2 years ago

    Hooray for Bishop Jenky!! What a breath of fresh air to see one of Christ's own Shephards stand firm in Christian truth. I don't care if 80% of the pseudo Catholics leave the Church. Please take the Liberal Conference of Women Religious with you and leave the 20% of the faithful Catholics who wish to remain faithful in following the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church teachings without compromise.

  8. Jim
    2 years ago

    Thank you, Bishop Jenky-for your courage, and for your leadership. I hope that your words will influence other Catholics to find the strength to stand up against this sort of government bullying. And I pray for all those that are obviously so blinded by political party affiliation that they attack you for the truths that you spoke. I hope and pray that they all find their way back to the Word and back to the Light.

  9. jpj
    2 years ago

    Deacon Fournier, great write up, keep up the good work.

  10. abey
    2 years ago

    The Birth & life of Jesus Christ which is by word & deed represent the Birth of Christianity, The Death of Christ represent the prosecution of Christianity & the Resurrection of Christ represent the rise of Christianity, from the time of Constantine till until recently man has developed like never before to his benefits, the period that Paganism which is to do with the serpent & his ways was put under foot, but when the serpent was given a breather in these latter years getting back to those Pagan days of swimming in the lusts of the flesh through the rising of the serpent's hood & no greater(worse) way by the ways of the present Caesar & his gangs in their policies of indulgences(commencing from the time of the Clinton's) to the appeasings, to plain "Sorcery.", clung to it as life, even unto Apostate Christians/Catholics who reverse Evil for Good according to the deceitful light of that old deceiver, the devil. In plain simple words through the policies of the Administration purported to please but brought intentional against the Church in its Faith, becomes demeaning to the very basic freedom of man, demeaning to the constitution, a heavy price, never to gain but to loss. Bad Economics.

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