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The Courage of Bishop Daniel Jenky: Catholics by Conviction! Comments

One of the silverlinings in the ominous cloud threatening the freedom of the Church in America is the extraordinary way the hostility of the new Caesar has mobilized the faithful. Perhaps even more heartening is the way that this growing and open hostility has elicited such courageous leadership from so many of our shepherds. Most recently that kind of courage was demonstrated by Bishop Daniel Jenky of Peoria, Illinois. Continue Reading

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  1. Rob
    2 years ago

    Judy, you know I wouldn't say I belong to a liberal parish as I'm not sure what that means exactly. We have a faithful priest who is very catholic, but does not preach on these matters as forcefully as I think others do. Not sure if it's the tone in the diocese or what exactly. I spend a majority of my time in the secular world (work). Most of the people I encounter are unfortunately people of very little to no faith. Something I am working on for sure. :) I think all of these situations will be with us so long as we are luke warm, you know, one foot in the world and one in the kingdom. There is always a thread of the status quo. That is why I am mostly becoming uninterested in politics. Every election cycle turns me off a little more and I withdraw a little more. I was listening to Mother Angelica this morning (love that old Nun!) and she said one year for voting she wrote in Jesus. I am beginning to think that is what I'm going to do this year. Voting for the lesser of two evils still is a vote for evil. I'm growing pretty tired of it.

  2. JoAnn
    2 years ago

    NEWSFLASH: This is not going to be a surprise to anyone. Bishop Daniel Jenky now has the "demonic vultures" after him. Just heard a little about the injustice but I'm sure/hope the news will be on this site shortly. I didn't get all the details but I think it includes Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and others. Who didn't expect this to happen? God bless.

  3. James
    2 years ago

    Catholic Bishop Daniel Jenky , please don't step down. I am not Catholic but believe with all my heart that you have a right to your opinion. This country is under attack from the forces of evil. Religion is under attack. In a time like this we need special people like you to step up for us. We don't have a voice, you are a voice in the darkness. THANK YOU

  4. Esther Marie Ventura Ferencz
    2 years ago

    To 'RON....' YOU sir are the 'idiot'. Deacon Fournier is a decent and fair man, He honors the Magistariam of the Catholic Church, he Honors the first and foremost of all deeds that GOD desires...THAT is to PROTECT the most innocent. Those are the unborn 'idiot'... YOU can call me anything you wish. My decorum is inconsequential, I have dealt w.the likes of people as you many times.... THANKS on VOTING this MONSTER INTO PRES....SUREEEEEEEEEEEEE.

    I am SO SHOCKED at so called 'Catholics' attacking Bishop Jenky. Its stunning and I SEE the OBAMA CATHOLIC VOTERS are out on this page enmasse. DISGUSTING, as to the woman who called Bishops Homily 'HATE SPEECH?" You woman are OUT of your mind, and how dare YOU. Obama and his pastor the RIGHT REV WRIGHT have given more HATE SPEECH to last 3 lifetimes. YOU girlie have no idea what 'hate speech' really is. YOU needed to sit in Russia for awhile under Stalin..or maybe as Sean Penn in Cuba...Catholics who are disobedient or lukewarm to the faith and Gods Laws? They should be vomited OUT!

    Deacon Fournier is FAR kinder than I. I will not tolerate having my faith trashed by the likes of some on this page....................IT will take me a long long time to work up prayers and a God Bless You for this crowd!

  5. Karl Von
    2 years ago

    Comparing American politics to Nazi germany and speaking seriously about "the new Caesar" proves just one thing: we American Catholics don't REALLY know anything about adversity or being persecuted. We have it SO easy we need to manufacture "hardship," and congratulate each other for it. We really need a dose of reality in this country.

  6. Esther M Ventura Ferencz
    2 years ago

    Ron.....Interesting you put down Bishop Jenky as to his not speaking of the 'lives of children already born lost in the Iraq war'....hows about YOUR CHOICE of PRES??..Mr Obamas war in Afghanistan?? DO you not care about about those children TOO......seems to me you had it in for Bush and Iraq BUT your okay w.Obama and Afganistan..This is profondly pathetic. YOU have no care or at least thats what I have gathered as you place the unborn being murdered by 4000 per day on par with terrible loss of life by war. There is no comparsion and YOU sir know it......................ITS beyond me that the 60% of Obama Catholic voters are and have been showing their true colors........ITS so evil and sad that Catholics who voted this evil monster actually have the gall to appear on this page and knock the Catholic Bishop.... I would say shame on YOU. BUT shame is a lost word in todays society. AS to Catholic OBAMA voters? YOU ALL do know God is waiting on you....YES hes waiting on us all. BUT those who w.knowledge and forethought voted for a mass murderer via fiat in abortion.??SCANDAL.

  7. David&Joan
    2 years ago

    Absolutely what many in the Church want to hear a Bishop say as a representative of Catholic values and the Catholic sense of Religious freedom. This is exactly what the secular{not of the clergy}media want to suppress as the views that the Church must not express. Freedom of speech applies to anyone but the clergy. The clergy must be shut up so any talk about religious freedom is turned falsely into an issue that the Church is against the contraceptive and abortive rights of women. The religious freedom issue is ignored as the press distorts and mis represents the Church positions on so many fundamental issues. This is as the fascists did and with the Jews. That group they so mis represented that they tried to re write the textbooks of children so that the Jews weren't even considered to be human beings. It is the duty of the Church to fight against any and all information that is mis represented. Obama is a convincing liar and so are the Democrats. They are so obvious about it and their party platform is simply wrong for America. I don't love the Republicans either but their party platform at least makes some sense. It is hard being Independent as voting for anyone a toss for the lesser of 2 evils. I am simply tired of voting for one of 2 candidates because it is a matter of choosing between the lesser of 2 evils.

  8. Esther M Ventura Ferencz
    2 years ago

    Nick? Bishop Jenkys remarks were 'hurtful and unkind' when he compared the obama administrations attack on religious freedoms HUH? Its clear your an Obama supporter YOUR choice. SAD so many of the 60% of the Catholics who voted this monster into office see fit to come on Catholic Blogs as this and pontificate as to how wrong 'whatever' the topic of the day may be. Are you that loyal to a monster of a human being, one who has NO RESPECT for human life from conception to natural death? If so you have my deepest prayers. Its been said when we stand before God, we will have no one to back us up when he starts his conversation about what we did for the 4000 per day babies murdered in their mothers wombs. YOU may think this is hogwash or whatever....BUT I would NOT want to be you or anyone who has thoughts as to Obama being a good president ...HES EVIL...and yes as Bishop Jenky said, in the vein of a Hitler/Stalin. They had no respect for God, religion and life and neither does obama.

  9. Esther M Ventura Ferencz
    2 years ago

    THANK YOU and GOD BLESS YOU DEAREST Bishop Daniel Jenky. Your a BRIGHT LIGHT in this sea of darkness in our nation. Being attacked by this govt adminstration is scandal. But if ONLY ALL the Bishops had your love and obedience to God and upholding Jesus' Holy Name. Your reward will be great I am most certain. MY Prayers accompany you on all your journeys and speechs and homiliys.

  10. Judy
    2 years ago

    Carol L.: Thank you for your post. It is simple and to the point and reiterates the voice of my soul. Blessings...

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