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The Courage of Bishop Daniel Jenky: Catholics by Conviction! Comments

One of the silverlinings in the ominous cloud threatening the freedom of the Church in America is the extraordinary way the hostility of the new Caesar has mobilized the faithful. Perhaps even more heartening is the way that this growing and open hostility has elicited such courageous leadership from so many of our shepherds. Most recently that kind of courage was demonstrated by Bishop Daniel Jenky of Peoria, Illinois. Continue Reading

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  1. judy berube
    2 years ago

    Dear Deacon Fournier:

    As a Catholic and an American I am deeply ashamed of Bishop Jenky's comparison of President Obama to Hitler and Stalin. I am also surprised that you are celebrating his comments and calling them courageous. The President of the United States is simply, as a Christian, not judging woman on the choices they make. He is leaving the judgement to the woman's conscience and to God. The President has never attacked the Church. It is outrageous that American Catholic clerics would defame their President in this way. It's a sad statement from a Church that has had so much scandal and covering up of child molestation and abuse. I don't think the Bishop's remarks are courageous or in line with Jesus' preaching. Very disrespectful.

  2. Jed
    2 years ago

    It's excellent to see our bishops not only teaching the faith, but living it in their positions of authority! God bless Bishop Jenky and all those who preach the Catholic Faith!

  3. Mark
    2 years ago

    20,000 children will die worldwide today because of lack of food, water, shelter, or medical care. One of the largest Christian countries in the world has a GDP of 15 trillion dollars per year. The average American home has increased in size from 700 sq. ft. in the 50's to 2000sq. ft. today. What is this I here about morallity?

  4. emw1
    2 years ago

    Deacon, this bishop is mean, and abusive, and that you would support his words is a travesty. You should be ashamed of yourself. If religious organizations want to be in a secular business, they need to follow the rules of the government, pure and simple. For this bishop to be name calling our president what he did is shameful, and it's certainly NOT what Jesus would do.

  5. John Guciardo
    2 years ago

    There is enough bad ideology to spew about both party s. Pick your rant! . Who is the party of war? Who is the party of the poor? Who is the party of hate. ect & ect...The Catholic church should not contribute to the polarizing of this country.. Haven't we chased enough sheep from the flock? What comes to mind. You blind guides! You strain out a gnat but swallow a camel" (Matthew,24) I will continue to pray. love, John

  6. Carla Johnson
    2 years ago

    Bishop Jenky did not give a homily. He gave a political propaganda speech.. It was similar to the hateful speech Ted Nugent gave at the NRA. However, Ted Nugent is an entertainer and Bishop Jenky is a leader in the Catholic Church. It was a new low for the level of discourse in this country, and an embarassment.

  7. Paul
    2 years ago

    May God give you the courage to publish what I said about the Church's silence during the Iraq war so that your congregation can reflect upon this grave injustice to humanity and not let it reoccur as the American war machine ramps up it's rhetoric against Iran. Born human life should be as precious to Christians as the unborn.

  8. ace
    2 years ago

    It's not courageous to compare the President to Hitler. It's actually something the Tea Party does often. What it is, is offensive to Jews, and those who lost family and relatives under the Stalin regime. There are ways to defend your beliefs without using that kind derogatory hyperbole. Read a history book, get a clue. Offering women subsidized birth control isn't exactly the same as gassing six million human beings. Shame on you.

  9. American firefighter
    2 years ago

    Was it Jaques Maritain who commented on these same scriptures during the height of the Nazi war? Not only the six million jews died because they were "subhuman", but also many other millions were killed like animal, 3 million Polish at least- among them many, many Catholics. (hey,a shout out to msnbc. how about reading the Nuremberg trials-yes, there actually was a systematic approach by the Nazis to neutrailse the Catholic Church among other churches. and who, MSN, was that Rabi in Rome that named himself Eugenio?) Nobody wishes to trivialise the persecution of the Jews, but many others, including the Catholic Church were tortured and persecuted. This good Bishop has recognised the beginning of tyranny. Hitler did not do his dirty deeds alone-he had the blessings of his government who voted in favor of his takeover of the government, not unlike this administration. But my main question- I ask to my union leader, Mr. Shaitberger-how long will it be before you will be pushed against the wall to support the socialist movement overtaking our union today? My union brothers have told me I should not bring my faith into my union hall. My city administration has said what I believe is bigotry. what will you say, Mr. Shaitberger, when the relligious freedoms in the work place are compromised? What say you about our brothers in SanDiego whose speech was compelled? You say we should remain neutral on these issues and vote our personal feelings at the ballot box? well, it is no more with my union. Mr. Shaitberger, how many doorways to Catholic churches have you darkened attending funerals for our brothers? who was casualty number one on 9/11? Your unions are forcing Catholics and others to choose between their unions and their churches. I know who I will choose, Mr. Shaitberger. Is this a fight you want to take on with your brothers? A day without risk is not lived, Mr. Shaitberger,.One of the first things they did in Germany was to get rid of any kind of orthodox Christian ethos in the unions. It made it much easier to end collective bargaining rights.

  10. Bill Donahue
    2 years ago

    It is critically important for Catholics to support our bishops now. Silence in the face of wrong thinking and possibly great evil is not prudent. When great moral danger looms, it is important to speak up. The failure to that that in the past has resulted in tragedy. We cannot and should not speak with anger or hatred, but with a clear and firm resolve to preserve our rights to practice our religion. These government policies are designed to quiet and remake religion into little more than a social Sunday activity-- something to be forgotten as soon as you leave the Church, if not destroy it altogether. That reduction of religion to little more than a polite tea party is a purposeful goal, a goal held by those now in authority. There is a subtle message here-- neither life or religion is sacred, only convenience, immediate "practicality", human ease and human ego are important. For such, God has become a polite myth or illusion and human thought is above that of God. Logically therefore, those in human authority can define what is "important" or "worthwhile" for us. Certainly, that would be more convenient and 'budget friendly.' However, we are a democracy. We entitled, and in fact required, to exercise diligence in preserving our rights. Others may pursue such a course of "lite" religion or no religion, but we may refuse and exercise of First Amendment rights to our freedom of religion. Benjamin Franklin commented after the Constitution was passed that "You now have a democracy--if you can keep it." This may once again test whether we can keep it. We may have differences, but now is the time to stand together. Like Thomas Paine said as George Washington kept his troops together at Valley Forge, these are the times that try men's souls. The summer patriot will run away, but the true patriot will stand firm. Let's hope we are not "summer" Catholics. Support your Bishops and Bishop Jenky in particular now as those who prefer that religion be "little seen and never heard" attack him. They will take his words out of context and twist their meaning relentlessly. Let the Bishop know that he, and the ideals he voiced, are supported. Tell your legislator that you are not in favor of this attack on the Church or any religion. And I must not forget to pray in humility for the Holy Spirit to guide us. With that help, may we speak with wisdom, prudence and also with the courage and the boldness of St. Paul.

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