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'Roman catholic Womenpriests' Attempts Ordination of Woman, Bishop Coyne Responds Comments

On Sunday April 15, 2012, the Feast of Divine Mercy, a 71 year old former nun named Maria Thornton McClain attempted to be ordained as a Catholic Priestess by the laying on of hands of Maria Regina Nicolosi, who pretends to be a Roman Catholic Bishop. The event took place at Friedens United Church of Christ on the south side of Indianapolis. Continue Reading

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  1. DLL
    2 years ago

    Let the women defect from all the Church Teachings that they would wish to openly deny.They can have a sect for women only and with women priestesses only. They can have their own Churches and supporters. They can practice any abomination that they want as long as it makes them happy. The devil likes everyone to be openly disobedient as long as that makes them happy,he or shedevil,if one would rather prefer that term for devil,is laughing at us all. The fire the devil loves is a fire of pure defiance,as long as that would create the everylasting fire of pure ignorance,that would completely destroy any atmosphere of charity and faith on earth.The church of satan as well as the devil himself will be extremely happy. The devil hates dogma and obedience to the one and only Holy God,Father,Son and Holy Spirit. The devil just loves it when women are lead to believe that God is just another male entity that exists to abuse them and them alone,because He created them as women,procreative with all the blessings of God Himself,bearers of the children from the seed of men. These women have an inferiority complex. If women want Godly and satisfactory men to exist with them on earth than please let them be Priests as they can be celebate Apostles,giving up all to serve God and God alone,as well as the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. A mother cannot be called a father and a father cannot be called a mother. It all becomes a futile argument just like same sex marriage. Besides in the Catholic Church there is only one "Mother of God" Mary most Holy! Amen!

  2. John
    2 years ago

    Hi Judy...what I meant by the rosary being a cultural tradition..I meant it as in culture of the wonderful and powerful as the rosary is a tradition with a small t..meaning one is not required by the church to pray it and that it can be changed or enhanced as it was by Pope John Paul 2 the great...I was merely trying to point out examples of what the differance is between the two types of tradition regarding the church...I love the rosary and I believe it is more powerful than any weapon on earth..that if all Catholics devoutly prayed it..the world would be a much better place.May God bless you and thanks for pointing out that I did not articulate myself clearly..I hope I did this time.

  3. Finian
    2 years ago

    Though it is a sacrilege to the Roman Catholic Church. but we have to pray to God for them that through His infinite mercy, they may make a u turn to the Roman catholic Faith.

  4. Troy Heuvelmans
    2 years ago

    Let us please pray for their conversion. This poor woman has excommunicated herself and her immortal soul is in grave danger.

  5. Greg
    2 years ago

    Dear Kim - do not even think about it. It will never happen. As it will never happen tha the Church declare any of the dogmas non existing any more. Abortion was and will always be evil. Gay 'marriage' will always be as bad as adultery of straight people. Contraception will always be declared a lie done through the body. The Eucharist will always be His Body and His Blood, and Christ will always be offering them at every Mass in the person of a priest regardless how unworthy the priest is and how unworthy we are to receive Him. It is His Church, and it is Him who builds Her. It is not a human made institution. Glory be to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now, and will be forever, Amen!

  6. kim
    2 years ago

    If a woman becomes a priest I think I will leave the church.This is something that is not open with the Catholic church but some people just cant seam to understand that .There are a lot of other churches out there that ordain women

  7. Greg
    2 years ago

    At least two instances, when Jesus was bringing someone back to life, He was telling that he/she was not dead but sleeping. Look at the Cross - Jesus was not dead but sleeping. His side was opened while in sleep. The same as in case of Adam. From Adam's side The Woman was taken out - his bride, his wife. From Jesus' side Sacred Water and Sacred Blood poured out. A new bride, a new Adam's wife was born - the Church. The priest, is married - he is married to the Church. He must be a man in order to bring life. A woman as 'priest' is as barren as a woman in gay marriage. If that nun wants to serve the Church, let her put the wedding gown back, come back to the order and obediently serve the Church. Only through such death through obedience will she become Christ and bring healing to the Church and the people. There is no other way...

  8. Jason
    2 years ago

    Why does she not consider the Episcopal Church who would gladly "ordain" this heretic in a heartbeat?

    Because in their invincible pride all of these sixties generation types think they're being the next Rosa Parks. They're too prideful to admit to themselves that the sun is setting on their decades long trampling of the faith. Then it will be game over and time to be held to account.

    Did they not realize that those of us who were born after the council would not forever be innocent children, easily misled? And that one day we would be adults who would look around and be able to determine exactly what was done to our birthright?

  9. rafaelmarie
    2 years ago

    THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS 'Roman catholic Womenpriests'!

    IN TRYING TO BE 'Roman catholic Womenpriests'



  10. Diane
    2 years ago

    That woman calls herself a "priestess"? Gee whiz, thats what women in witchcraft call themselves. Scratch the surface of that baloney and I'm sure that's what will be found. A return to the pagan occult.

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