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President Obama Makes Video Vowing to Protect Planned Parenthood Comments

Our current President has made his position crystal clear and has demonstrated time and time again that he will always defend Planned Parenthood; he will always defend abortion-on-demand, without restriction; he will always promote the culture of death.  He will even shred the constitutional rights of the Catholic Church and all people of faith.  Continue Reading

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  1. Judy
    2 years ago

    Rob: You should feel inspired not discouraged! Your ministry is marvelous! Three other invisible mystical threads are Responsibility, Respect and Reverence. These threads are also for lost sheep. We cannot give it to them. We cannot hold their hand. But we can pray for them. We can live by Example. We can do what works for others and for us. I also agree w/JoAnn. I thought it very timely that we both wrote to you on the same subject, of the same heart and mind, but in different voices. Yes, the Holy Spirit is w/you! Blessings...

  2. Judy
    2 years ago

    JoAnn: Yes, the old but new I. of Christ are still in print. They make wonderful gifts! Different ones have different art forms...but I prefer the old. Ha! Easter Blessings...

  3. Rob
    2 years ago

    JoAnn, you are very correct about folks wanting to know and wanting to seek. My frustration with our priests and bishops (sometimes not all...sorry if I've given that impression) is that often times I think they fail to clearly address the things that are killing society. We decry the attack on marriage, but we have mediocre marriage prep programs. And the list can go on and on. Like you, I have sought it out on my own hopping from parish to parish if they had programs I wanted to learn (parish hopped just for the programs but always stayed in my home parish...another story). Judy, the men's program that we are running is seperate from adult faith. What we try to do is present the teaching of the church in a way that men will respond to. By having an exclusively male format, we are able to hit the "men" issues head on. Thus far we've focused on creating discipleship groups in our large parishes where men can pray together, learn together and most especially be accountable to one another. The response thus far has been great. We hold a men's conference's annually, bring in some big names and let the Holy Spirit do all the work. I've been very blessed to lead this effort for the last year and a half and praise God that it's bearing fruit. JoAnn, to your point. I do have to agree. To a large extent it's our fault, not our priests for where we are at. God willing, I will keep plugging away trying to do my part. The book you refer to is still in print (Thomas Kempis I believe wrote it.) Another good book is The Cost of Discipleship. Excellent book (not Catholic, but very good).

  4. JoAnn
    2 years ago

    Rob: In one of your posts to me, you stated that your Church was great regarding enlightening your parish, yet you persist in expressing your disappointment in our priests and bishops because they are not teaching the flock about abortion, contraceptives, etc. Well Rob, what is it? What is it exactly are you personally not hearing or, are you just commenting on what people are telling you? If it is something you're not hearing, why aren't you looking for it yourself? And, if the latter is true, what do you say to them? Do you tell them to find a different parish? Do you ask them if they have a Catechism of the Catholic Church in their home? Do you ask them if they personally seek information from the Bible, CD's, DVD's books, radio and TV. retreats, conventions, etc? I'm really tired of hearing that our priests and bishops aren't doing their job. If you ask me, WE aren't doing OUR job. There is no excuse in the world why someone doesn't know that abortion is evil. There is no excuse in the world why Catholics don't know their Faith. The Lord said: "Seek and you will find, ask, and the door will be opened to you." True Catholics are always trying to learn as much about their Faith as they can, and they will find resources to do it. CINO's could care less about their Faith and have no desire to learn. AND, if they do hear something that may disrupt.their lives, they reject it. When God created us, He etched "His law" into our hearts so that we would be able to discern what is evil and what is good without direct instructions from anyone. If we search our hearts, we already know the difference between good and evil and what is "natural" and "unnatural." All we have to do is imitate Christ. WWJD. I know that WWJD is old, but I think it's about time we start thinking like that again. There is an old book (I don't even know if it is in print anymore) titled. "Imitation of Christ." Me thinks that would be a great "coffee table" book for every Catholic home. I have it and I am constantly using it for meditation. Maybe you all can still find it somewhere. God bless.

  5. Judy
    2 years ago

    Rob: I hear you. On all counts actually. I have sadly and personally seen what you speak of in teaching children who might be "occasionally" dropped off at Mass. And I agree that we must hope and pray especially in these instances. As for teaching men...point well taken! Wonderful! I have never heard of teaching men except through the normal Adult Program. Is this separate? Or preparation? Do these men come asking about an Adult Inquiry Class? When I spoke of leading by example, following Christ's example, one of his example's that you and I have followed is that of teacher...teaching others. And that can come not only in the form of our teaching CCD, but teaching through our living example of life as Christ did as well. There are also many social justice duties performed. It can also mean having a prayer life as Christ. It can mean being nailed to the cross w/him. Emptying our Self of Everything for Love. That is also example as you know. I can go on, but a Living Example of Christ IS a Tall order. As for Bishops, some are speaking out. People have to taught on what they said? Yes, Church is slow. But so was Christ's Church-Temple in its day. When some changes go too fast, not much good can follow. Patience is a hard one to master. I think no one is more aware than the Church on the stats on the way things are going. Read Archbishop Chaput 2008 book: Render Unto Caesar...A political and moral for Catholics. You will become aware of his thoughts. And stats. And facts. Everything he says is totally backed up! And Rob, as for the lost sheep, they have to want to be helped. And that is the saddest thing of all. Did the Church not advertise, calling the lost sheep home? Remember the saying, "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink"? Contemplate this w/Our Lord. Perhaps it is that time of life when those folks as you say, are still wandering in the desert? We all have been there. To one degree or another. I can hear your sense of duty and responsibility. I can also hear your dismay. Do not let that disturbance overwhelm you, my brother. It comes to all of us of Faith, Hope & Love, w/the heartfelt sincerity of Christ's Church. Read Deacon Keith's Easter Article, if you haven't. Hopefully, it will lift your Spirit. Writing, is also another form of living Christ's Example. Easter Blessings...

  6. DLL
    2 years ago

    Rob: you are right the fire of Faith must be a strong light and a fire of love. If the Bishops see that we are so inspired and particularly the youth,than they can be stronger in their influence overall to express that Faith is important to protect as well as to teach. The Church is trying to protect itself from forces that would limit it's teachings as well as it's Charitable influences such as in the healthcare industry. It is not so much separation of church and state as it is separation of state from church. Political influence for individuals and freedom is a government by the people and for the people. The government is not meant to be everything for everybody and it cannot be that without establishing itself as if it were a monarchy of toletarian influence over all of the governed. The Queen of England overnight abolished the Catholic influence in England so that all must follow the faith of the Queen's Church. "Hail to the Queen"! "Long live the Queen"! these are still the crys of the people even today. What happened to God in a country like this? God became the fairy tale that the Queen should have become over time. When the Queen established that all were to be apart of her Church and hers alone than she established a legacy for herself,that significantly destroyed the Christian faith in time. Today atheism has become the stronger influence. The fire of faith comes from those influenced by the teaching of the faith,the understanding of it as well as how every one lives by their faith. The state must not become the faith. The faith must not become the state either. It is constantly written in these articles and posts here that Faith is a Divine Law to govern by self control each and every individual. Divine law protects individuals from themselves and the influence of sin and how it affects their lives. Civil law is for the governed to protect the governed so that they can act freely,lawfully and respectfully with one another seeing that inspiite of differences in cultures,religions,political influences etc.all can live peaceably with each other as well as respecting each others civil rights. In the case of Divine Law or Civil Law it is still Sin that's destroys all law. There is a right and a wrong in law. Unjust laws are not law at all as these laws divide and destroy all moral law. This was certainly true of laws concerning the enactment of the injustice of slavery that legitimatly included the right to scourge those that were even remotely difficult to deal with. Faith and religion is an influence on the individual's life. Government is a mandate that dictates how all must live and act,the individual doesn't have to like it at all. To act against civil law and to be disobedient to it involves consequences such as a prison term. Divine laws are laws of self control and reverence for God in this world and the next. Divine law is meant to purify one self from sin. Civil law is meant to keep sin in check so that sinning doesn't mean a lengthy prison term or capital punishment. All said and done the Bishops are inspired by a laity with strong faith, just as the laity is influenced by those Bishops who are strong on their faith.

  7. Emmie Ross
    2 years ago

    April 10, 2012

    Can we trust Mitt Romney to repeal Obamacare if the Supreme Court rules in favor of Obamacare or split Obamacare down the middle by giving and taking away from each side?

    "Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power. "
    Republican President Abraham Lincoln (1809 - 1865)

    Dear American Patriot:

    There are many reasons why Conservatives can't trust Mitt Romney as their Republican Presidential Nominee to go up against Barack Obama. It's not because he is super rich. It's all centered on Mitt Romney's character as a leader to become President of the United States.

    1. Using Conservatism for political expediency and throwing the issues under the bus in the General Election of 2012.

    Mitt Romney top advisor says Mitt Romney's Conservatism can be erased after Republican Primary like an Etch-A-Sketch

    A Mitt Romney vs. Barack Obama 2012 has nothing to do with repealing Obamacare

    The winners:
    If Mitt Romney is the Republican Nominee:
    • Democrats will automatic keep Obamacare whether or not Romney beat Obama. It take Obamacare off the table as an issue for Romney to run against Obama in 2012 General Election. That's the reason why the Liberals are pulling for Romney.
    • GOP Establishment hoping to regaining their chairmanship seats that they lost to the Democrats back in 2008 Election. Even with their endorsements of Romney, they are not confident if Romney can beat Obama.
    The losers:
    • Conservative, Tea Party, Independent voters, and the repealing of Obamacare.
    Election 2012 is the most important election of our lifetime. We cannot afford to allow the Republican Establishment and the Liberal Media pick our nominee for President of the United States of America. The Republican Establishment and the Media have tried to convince us that "Mitt Romney is the only candidate that can beat Barack Obama" since the Republican New Hampshire Primary of January 2012.

    2. 2012 Republican Primary
    ABC exposed Romney's earmarks while Governor of Massachusetts
    Republican Candidate Mitt Romney finally got busted after 20 Primary debates of a repeated lie.

    3. A papertrail that even the Etch-A-Sketch can't erase. At the end of this video, Mitt Romney will admit there are many reasons why he shouldn't be elected President.

    4. Mitt Romney can't win the Republican base - the South.
    Romney has been running for six years in the Republican Primary for President of the United States since 2007, and again in 2012. After pouring millions of dollars into these states in 2007, and 2012 to destroy his Republican opponents through negative ads, Mitt Romney has never won a southern state in either Republican Primary.

    The Republican Establishment and Liberal Media's myth - "Mitt Romney is the only candidate that can beat Barack Obama."

    Rick Santorum campaign has always been about defeating President Obama. A new poll out recently from Public Policy Polling confirms Santorum campaign is virtually tied with Obama in the General Election with Mitt Romney trailing in the State of Louisiana.

    Saturday, March 24, 2012
    Republican Louisiana Primary
    Santorum 49% (91,305) vs. Romney 27% (49,749)

    The exit polls in Louisiana shared some interesting information - when people can get to know the real Rick Santorum, he wins in almost every polled category. Rick won Tea Party voters, Conservatives, Moderates, Liberals and every income group except one: people making over $200,000 a year (Mitt Romney won this group, but it was close).

    5. Can we trust Mitt Romney to repeal Obamacare if the Supreme Court rules in favor of Obamacare or split Obamacare down the middle by giving and taking away from each side?

    Mitt Romney as Governor of Massachusetts (2003-2007)
    "Romneycare" Revealed As Blueprint For Obamacare & Republicans Still Support Him?

    6. Obama Diverts $500M to IRS to Implement Obamacare - Monday, 09 Apr 2012 11:35 AM
    By Newsmax Wires
    Where was Mitt Romney?

    Monday, March 27, 2012

    Former Pennsylvania Republican Senator and Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum leaving the Supreme Court where he joined other Conservatives rallying against Obamacare

    "Americans want leadership and a concrete plan of action. They don't want an Etch-A-Sketch candidate who redraws himself when it's politically expedient to do so. That's why we can beat Obama and Mitt Romney never can."

    "I am just now leaving the Supreme Court where I joined other conservatives rallying against Obamacare and expressed my unequivocal support for the overturn of this awful law. With its big government mandates, Obamacare is nothing short of a direct assault on our Constitution, and an insult to every freedom loving American. And if it is not overturned or repealed, it will have fundamentally changed our country forever, and will lead to even more erosion of the basic freedoms and rights we have cherished since the birth of our nation. That is why I protested and that is why I have made full repeal of Obamacare a key agenda item for my campaign for President. "

    We have a chance for the Supreme Court to right a massive wrong, but let me be clear, if the Supreme Court doesn't strike Obamacare down, repealing this law will be the first thing I do when I am sworn in as President next year.

    Let me finish by saying the most tragic part of all is that a member of our own party, Mitt Romney, is considered the architect of Obamacare. In my opinion, this disqualifies Romney from being our nominee, because it shows him to be a proponent of the type of freedom killing legislation our Party is against and it completely takes off the table one of the most potent issues we have to defeat Barack Obama."
    Stand with me and join the fight for full repeal now!
    Working hard for America,

    The Good News - Thank God the Republican Primary is not over - the second half has just begun!

    Submitted by: Emmie Ross
    A Conservative Republican and Tea Party Member of the Northwest Ohio Freedom Alliance

  8. Rob
    2 years ago

    Judy, I think all levels of folks need to be taught, but given the current state of affairs I would focus on adults. I've been primarily teaching two groups for the last 10 years. Middle school aged kids and men. Teaching the mid school group was my introduction to so many adults going through the motions. I typically have 20 - 30 kids a year and of those kids I may have 3-5 who actually go to mass. If you have nonconverted parents who do not live the faith, the best you can hope for with the kids is that you are planting seeds that bear fruit later. I focus on men because the stats show that when you have a man in the family who lives his faith, his family typically does as well. I know what it did for my family when I turned my life over. Lead by example. Judy, I think the one thing we have to accept when it comes to youth faith formation and the sacraments is that for so many they view them as milestones to have parties with confirmation not being the adult acceptance of faith, but instead a graduation of sorts where you don't see the kid or their families again until they need to get married etc. I love these boards because I get to encounter so many people of faith. While we may all disagree on many of the paths our government takes, our leadership etc, I have never doubted once that the folks who post regularly love Christ and His Church. There is no doubt the folks in here are engaged. But there are so many that are not. We have a crisis of discipleship that I believe is rolling out the red carpet for evil to gain a foothold. We really need our bishops to respond to this. I know that the church does things very slowly and her way is not always my way, but sometimes I feel like scraming What are we waiting for! I love that our Bishops are standing up to the President/government. But I wish that we'd see the same zeal for the lost sheep. Sometimes I feel that we are doing what we can but our leadership isn't there to support us. We seem to have a disconnect. We are just going through the motions and it's having terrible consequences. For many they see the forces of evil presecuting and there is some truth to that. But I have always had the sense that for whatever reason we've put our light under a lampshade. Folks can't see the light anymore and they are losing hope. If we don't build disciples, we will never be the light the world needs.

  9. Judy
    2 years ago

    Rob: In reference to (4 Days)To which particular age group would you like to see the Catholic Church "ramp up" their teaching in this area? CCD...teen years before Confirmation? Because this IS the time one becomes an Adult in the Church. They are taught for three years. Have a sponsor the last year. Then as you know, CHOOSING ON THEIR OWN, using FREE WILL and FREE CHOICE, ONE DECIDES IF one IS READY or not, to become an Adult member of the Church. After that, regular Mass, hopefully more will follow. Perhaps you are saying you would like to See more taught during this phase. Because after that, between school, home, experience, and CCD, it is GROWN-Up time. Sacramental Time has made them an up-standing legal Adult. And yes, Liberal Secularism surely does Not help the college lamb-sheep. The best we can do after that is live by Example. And that takes in a lot. More than you know. Or perhaps we shall never see or know. The other is Prayer. How many things have been wrought through prayer? Faith. Hope. Love. These are the invisible threads that weave one's mystical tapestry. The one that when complete, will be holy. This is the tapestry you will bring to present Our Lord to hang on His walls of Heaven...His rooms of many mansions. Yes Rob, the world goes as it will, but we do not belong to Caesar. We have our own King. And to please Him, we follow His Example living in this world. Blessings...

  10. DLL
    2 years ago

    Juneau Alaska: The old saying goes "You can't take it with you"! After death or during death,the first amendment rights are not of much help. We will all die and at that time we will have hope in Christ,or we will have given up,thinking that death has in the end,more power over life. Oblivion is in the end what awaits most as most are common folks easily forgotten. Christ has remembered all as he has won salvation for all through the Holy Cross. At deaths time for us we will either say,God help me or to hell with it all. I can do no harm if I believe and act as a Christian. As a Christian I can tolerate much more than if I were not one. This is a quote that you can ponder on, pursue the meaning of it and it will help you to have strength to endure injustice. " God is Love! Love never dies!" We must always and everywhere be a spirit of love acting in this world. Love is the Christ and love is our true donation to all others as well as the gift to others that makes us memorable. The story if that is what you believe,is a story of love,a faith that in Christ all are simply trying to be what God is and that is love. Holy Communion is a communion of a sacrament of love. You seem to be searching diligently for something in life to give it meaning for you. Good luck on your journey as life is just that for all of us,simply a journey. The ultimate question is: " What is Truth"! It seems that we have only one lonely lifetime to sort this out for ourselves and ourselves alone. For me without Christ life is a toss of the dice as circumstances dictate it's terms for better or worse. Christ is the spirit of love given for all and to all so that no matter what the circumstances all can still live a life of hope. A love filled existence is a full and memorable existence. In Christ all truly exist and are free to be free as Christ was in living and giving,with a full spirit enriched by a love greater than any humankind will ever know and that is a Divine and everlasting love of God. God is a Divine Principal of Love in Christ we find it's recipe. The recipe for the bread and wine of life is a love for life given in a spirit of loving communion with God and with each other. Good luck on your journey my friend. Happy Easter.

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