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GLAAD Sets Up Ministry of Propaganda to Silence Opponents of Homosexual Agenda Comments

In a sign of their growing intolerance of people who hold positions other than those of the Homosexual Cultural Revolution, the Media Watchdog Organization "GLAAD" (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) has issued a blacklist of commentators. This effort is called the "Commentator Accountability Project". The blacklist includes some people I know and admire. It also includes some of my favorite commentators in both the ... Continue Reading

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  1. Jennifer
    3 years ago

    Juneau Alaska, I rejoice this morning just to ponder how very wrong your statements are. The truth never changes. It is not swayed by opinion polls, much less shaped by them. The truth is a steadfast rock giving us a firm place to stand while everything else is going topsy-turvy. What the Church teaches about sexuality, marriage, family, and the human person will never change because it cannot change. It is true. Always has been true, always will be true. Thank God!

  2. John D.
    3 years ago

    Juneau Alaska, "The problem is opinion polls. When those change, the Church will change. History supports this speculation." No, history does not support this speculation. Did you not read this article? The deacon specifically mentions the belief of Early Christians, who rejected pagan practices including abortion, infanticide, heterosexual promiscuity, and homosexuality. Many Christians of that era were martyred for these beliefs. So, I'm sorry, you are completely mistaken. The RC Church is NOT about public opinion polls. The beliefs now are the same as they were 2,000 years a go. They are part of the Catechism, which is protected against corruption by the Holy Spirit. Not even the worst Pope in history was able to change Catholic doctrine.

  3. abey
    3 years ago

    Glaad or whatever, supposedly with Obama & Hillary as its chief Patrons, their intentions & their ways reflect to early Christian/Pre Christian days of European/Asian Paganism to the Biblical understandings & to Prophecy in the ways of Ancient Barbaric Scythians, to the repetition of History in the projections today. Biblically speaking of the chief Prince Gog in the land of Magog, to what is seen in the lusts of the flesh, into the days of Abominations.& injustices, in the name of strange freedoms, as strange as the Hindu monkey faced god "lucky charms" carried by Obama, to which the Bible in Daniel calls " In his estate,worships a strange god, a god of forces, not the God of his fathers." The Bible it seems says it all.

  4. Robert Burford
    3 years ago

    We are truely foreigners in our own country. We have to adress the reativism of our society as the Christians in Rome did. Rome fell and the United States is falling but the truth of the natural law will remain. The one thing that was not mentioned was the comparision of the Civil Rights movement of the sixties with the gay agenda of today. The only difference is that the Civil Rights movement was a moral issue. The gay agenda does not have the support of scripture. Lev 18 and Romans 1 . We are foreigners and while our country my go the way of Rome the truth will survive.

  5. Joseph
    3 years ago

    Great article, Deacon, The homosexual movement is essentially totalitarian in its demand that society embrace their perception of reality and only theirs. Anyone who has the temerity to differ is immediately branded a bigot. This movement is now extending its tentacles throughout the West and appears to be co-ordinated since the very same agenda and tactics are being applied to many countries simultaneously. In the UK you may be aware that David Cameron, the CONSERVATIVE Prime Minister (recently on a visit to the USA) is now aggressively pushing for a change in the law, to permit gays to marry each other, with their marriage fully recognised by the law as co-equal in all respects with heterosexual marriage. This man, in his craven lust for celebrity, has actually stated: "I support gay marriage not in spite of the fact that I am conservative but because I am conservative!" I mention this as further evidence of just how deeply the decadence of neo paganism is burrowing its way into every corner of our society. Cameron is saying that once the law is passed no Church will be forced to hold gay marriage ceremonies if they do not want to. Of course, no one believes him. If the gay marriage law is passed everyone expects gays to immediately challenge in the courts any refusal by a Church to allow them to get married in the said Church. The Catholic Church has already stated that no matter what any court may say, it will never permit gay marriage services to be held in a Catholic Church. Meantime, the drums are beating, the sound of the guns is growing ever louder, the unavoidable battle is approaching us with gathering speed...

  6. Gerald Grosek
    3 years ago

    It is the American way to get angry and fight. St Patrick changed the world by spreading the Good News of Gods Kingdom. He never got involved with politics. The Catholic leadership should follow the example of St Patrick. Catholic leadership will accomplish more by staying away from politics. They can accomplish more by spreading the Good News and changing peoples hearts.

  7. Vance
    3 years ago

    Any lucid minded person would recognize that GLAAD is an overt rebellion against God and his church. GLAAD has the political and financial backing from George Soros and the Marxist Democrat Party. Their stooges who own and operate the Marxist Media Complex is GLAAD's propaganda arm. These monsters will become increasingly militant. So get ready.

  8. Juneau Alaska
    3 years ago

    In 300 years the Catholic Church could very well be championing their "unending support" for the rights of gays to marry.

    Isn't that how these civil rights issues pan out? The problem is opinion polls. When those change, the Church will change. History supports this speculation.

  9. Daniel
    3 years ago

    Please put me on the blacklist. Homosexuality is defined by sex. Heterosexuality is defined by God. Homosexuality cannot be defined by marriage. It cannot be defined by children. And it cannot be defined by love. It is defined by a perverted sexual act between two folks of the same sex. Were sex not involved, the relationship could not be "sexual". Homosexuality is defined by sex. Heterosexuality is defined by God. Amen.

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