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GLAAD Sets Up Ministry of Propaganda to Silence Opponents of Homosexual Agenda Comments

In a sign of their growing intolerance of people who hold positions other than those of the Homosexual Cultural Revolution, the Media Watchdog Organization "GLAAD" (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) has issued a blacklist of commentators. This effort is called the "Commentator Accountability Project". The blacklist includes some people I know and admire. It also includes some of my favorite commentators in both the ... Continue Reading

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  1. JeanCatherine
    2 years ago

    Courage Apostolate by the Catholic Church.

  2. Me
    2 years ago

    There's no scientific evidence that homosexuality is born that way. In order for a behavior to be born that way, there must be a proven genetic, physiological, or psychological (that an MRI or EEG would show) feature to show for it. The homosexual activists use the lie of "born this way" to try to make homosexuality acceptable as a behavior.

  3. JeanCatherine
    2 years ago


    I for one see that Anti-Catholicism is still active in this country. Im glad we have a Catholic League.

    You dont see Anti-Catholicism in this country still? Where have you been. People almost have a veiled hatred of Catholics even to this day. Have your ever seen the Anti-Catholicism on You Tube.

    Check it out.

  4. DLL
    2 years ago

    The homosexual seems to have an identity crisis that runs parallel to the same identity crisis Americans have today that seems to ask the question,who and what am I,as I don't seem to be making much sense of life and it's meaning anymore. America is dying not the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church transcends all national borders. God is very much ALIVE! The good people of God will survive to the last day! Consistent are the teachings of the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church! AMEN! Happy Lent and Easter!

  5. Steve
    2 years ago

    John D., good post!

    The moral demise of a nation always precedes its ultimate demise. Take that to the bank.

    I might also add, with regard to Europe, that the contraceptive mentality has given the Muslims a window of opportunity to take over all of Europe in the relatively near future by simply outnumbering native Europeans in population. Muslims do not believe in artificial birth control or abortion. Perhaps God is more pleased with them than the native Europeans, who have for all practical purposes, turned their backs on God. At least the Muslims are trying to follow God, as they know Him. Perhaps we have a better chance at converting them to Christ than the native Europeans who have embraced the atheism of the Enlightenment movement, begun in France about three centuries ago as an attempt to create a society without God.

  6. Rutherford_M
    2 years ago

    I read a handful of the statements from a few of the GLAAD commentators and did not see any hate. I saw them speaking out against the homosexual/liberal agenda. My conclusion is that activist/liberal gays cannot tolerate disagreement. And libs are supposed to be the tolerant ones. Project much?

    Another thing: not all gays are liberal. There is such a think as the conservative gay who does not support the redefinition of marriage. The activist/liberal gays would have us believe otherwise.

  7. John D
    2 years ago

    David E, this artificial contraception issue is easy to understand. It enables rampant promiscuity, which leads to more divorce, more fornication, more cohabitation, more pornography and more (NOT less) abortions. Because of all the contraception and abortion in Europe, their birthrates are so low, they are not producing enough children to sustain the native populations. Artificial contraception cheapens marriage to the point where the concept of same sex "marriage" is plausible. More divorce means more poorly supervised children from broken families, who will tend to continue the cycle of moral decline and decay. Up until 1930 EVERY main line Christian denomination thought this stuff was evil. Artificial contraception, divorce, pornography, low birth rates, same sex marriage and abortion are all inextricably linked together. These things are destroying the moral fabric of our nation. Lastly, the Church will be here until the end of time. Foolish people (including occasional church leaders) come and go all the time, but the truth does not change.

  8. BobN
    2 years ago

    Oh, puhleaze. GLAAD, like every other organized group, has a division that monitors the press and criticizes statements they don't like. Like the Anti-Defamation League, the Catholic League (a.k.a. the Limbo League in recognition of their ability to bend over backwards to find "anti-Catholic" content).

    Unlike some of those groups, all GLAAD has to do is reproduce what has been said verbatim.

  9. Christine
    2 years ago

    And yet, organizing Christians is like herding cats. Isn't it about time to call a boycott on those companies who enable this social transformation by promoting the homosexual agenda? But, I'm afraid Christians will continue to buy the goods these companies offer.

  10. Mark M
    2 years ago

    I agree with the comment asking the fear ongoing to be ratcheted down a bit. The Church cannot simultaneously be accused of not changing with the changing times ( the one I always hear) and changing with the times. The Church doesn't change because the Truth doesn't change. The problem, I think, is all the non-Catholics who read misinformed stories about the Church and think its fact. Far too many examples there. Or worse, perhaps, are Catholics who aren't the most informed and get influenced by these soothsayers who try to rewrite doctrine through media or political sources.

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