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United for Religious Freedom: US Bishops Unified Statement Comments

Most importantly of all, we call upon the Catholic faithful, and all people of faith, throughout our country to join us in prayer and penance for our leaders and for the complete protection of our First Freedom-religious liberty-which is not only protected in the laws and customs of our great nation, but rooted in the teachings of our great Tradition. Prayer is the ultimate source of our strength-for without God, we can do nothing; but with God, ... Continue Reading

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  1. techwreck
    2 years ago

    Our bishops would have the faithful forget that they urged us to support government controlled health care, which is a threat to personal freedom and is based on legislation that may well be unconstitutional. Only when the bishops learned that they have been lied to by President Obama did Obamacare become a threat to the Church. Of course we, the faithful, will oppose Obamacare because of the threat to our religious freedom, but we will also oppose it because it threatens the concept of personal liberty that our nation was founded on. And, we will patiently wait for an apology from our bishops who sold our freedom down the river, thinking they could make a deal with the devil and delegate social justice to a corrupt secular government.

  2. Rob
    2 years ago

    Hopefully we are not fighting for the right to remain silent. No disrepect to our Bishops, but it's time to start zealously teaching the faith. We badly need a new pentecost. I hope that this just isn't a big song and dance with caesar and in the end nothing changes. I am concerned that I have heard nothing about a renewed focus on teaching. I really do believe that the issue of the use of contraception in our own ranks is being blatantly ignored. Are we going to win this battle and go back to business as usual.

  3. Bill Sr.
    2 years ago

    I will add that once we have prayed and with a contrite heart we must accept the reality of the battle we face yet know that our cause is just and our leadership will have the guiding hand of our Lord.
    Today we find our faith is being demonized by the far left anti-religious zealots. These people have no limits to their debauchery.
    Unfortunately they will not be called out and before this is over we will come to realize these activists who‘ve been walking with Evil and learning how to deceive and corrupt under the cover of free speech and protected by a new age media fed agenda campaigning for us to become our own gods with our own set of rules will be expose and we will finally see what up to now few dare to publicly acknowledge… Satan has been loosed and America is becoming his favorite playground. Why bother with third world countries where the poor and downtrodden are under control of self appointed tyrants or those nations who already are in economic or political decay when America, the once proud champions of freedom and Christian values, is beginning to flirt with infanticide, openly worship abortion, enshrine homosexuality, and have now begun to legally challenge the authority and precepts of his number one opponent, the base and foundation of Christ on earth, the Catholic Church and its hierarchy.
    We are boldly told today our faith is a cult, our worship is barbaric rituals, we promote perversion, we have reigned with terror, and as victims of a tyrannical set of beliefs we should in repentance consider the alternatives of progressive Christianity, Mormonism, or even Islam. These outrageous slanders in a prominent publication will receive little in the way of editorial sanctions by the media since they have officially designated the Church as the whipping boy for religious satire and the bulls-eye for the arrows of Armageddon.
    This in reality has been THE WAR on Christianity for years and it has benefited the enemy when by design and disguised as compassion, diversity, benevolence, fairness, equal rights, preventive health care for women, or social justice it was unwittingly permitted space within the development of our cultural melting pop of ideas and our blind willingness to be fair¸ compromising, and open minded citizens of democracy. Today marks the end of our capitulation and blindness as the enemy has become so bold as to drawn his sword against us in daylight for all to witness his intent. There must not be another step in retreat of our faith and the enemy must be made aware of whom in reality it is that he has chosen to challenge

  4. Bill Sr.
    2 years ago

    May we begin by seeking forgiveness?
    An American’s Prayer for Forgiveness
    Heavenly Father, we as Americans have lost our way, we have forsaken your love and gone our own way into self indulgence through our desire for personal gratification in every aspect of our lives.
    We have lost our grip on your eternal truth. We have chosen comfort over compassion; want over worship, pleasure over perseverance, personal satisfaction over eternal salvation, and now entitlements over personal efforts or sacrifice. Many now depend on the words, power, and promises of “Caesar” more than your eternal word.
    We want to come home to you as prodigal sons and daughters seeking your mercy upon us and our nation that we may be forgiven for our many offenses marked by our willingness to permit evil intent and false doctrines espoused by our own leaders to creep into our lives and society.
    We have not been vigilant, we have hidden our lamps under the bushel, and we have often remained silent as your tenants were judged unworthy by our authorities. As your word and laws were being removed from public buildings and our schools within the sight of our children we mumbled to ourselves rather than witness our faith to those who deny you. We’ve allowed evil to infiltrate our culture one “benefit” or “right” at a time.
    We seek through your mercy and forgiveness that within our nation your truth may at last be saved from corruption by those evil forces that care not for your law or love.
    We ask through this prayerful petition that for the sake of all the faithful here and in heaven that you might come to us as did the prodigal’s father and lead us back into your graces and grant that our beloved America may yet be returned to the one nation under God it once was and our founders intended it to be.


  5. abey
    2 years ago

    Just as Faith without works is of no use, so is words without action & since this matter concerns faith, the opponents of which are seen to be bringing in policies based on old philosophies, which said polices demeaning to the said country to its very foundation. These philosophies of the ancient which became inconsistent at that time & if inconsistent then, then is inconsistent today, 'cause it was found in the tests of time to be against life in the very root & in the corrections to this life, is the Church which is to the worship of GOD, in contrast to the opponents in their worship of demons, understood from their policies arising out of the false philosophies, to err against life, its basis & its works.

  6. Oliver
    2 years ago

    The hour has come! We are totally in suport of this move. Our faith has to be protected lest we are held responsible for refusing to stand for the truth. It is our collective responsibility. May God help us.

  7. Vance
    2 years ago

    Prayer and fasting is one action we should take. God helps those who help themselves. We Catholics should call our Senators and Reps to let them know that we support Cardinal Dolan.

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