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NY Times accused of anti-Catholic bigotry, cowardice Comments

Sometimes what you don't say reveals as much as what you do say. Following the New York Time's publication of an ad that constitutes a direct, frontal attack on the Catholic Church on behalf of the atheist group Freedom From Religion Foundation, the Times has refused to run a nearly identical ad criticizing Islam.  Continue Reading

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  1. Adamantius
    2 years ago

    Dan, if you're concerned about women, why don't you work to defend the countless baby girls that are slaughtered each year before seeing the light of day. Helpless and defenseless, they will never have the opportunity to become women.

  2. ana
    2 years ago

    Thank you for publishing this article. I know exactly what to do and how to make my opinion known.....with my pocketbook. I will never purchase another copy of the Times. There are plenty of other quality newspapers out there that would be happy to take my money in exchange for timely news.

  3. Jean Jacques Baptiste
    2 years ago

    Dan, you need to take a serious lesson right now: The FFRF is a radical, extremist organisation that promotes mass-murder in the woumb-to the most defenceless innocent human beings- that in fact has already killed at the least more than 400 MILLION human beings let alone in china in the recent is the most devastating mass-murdering EVIL crime ever, that made the 300 million deaths caused by islamic jihad look pale and minor by comparison.The NYT is a bigoted newspaper that showed ONCE again in true colours: it is a leflist anti-God, Anti-human, false liberalist insitutition that promotes mass-murder, tyranny, oppression, gross violations o human rights of all sorts, relativism, and the list goes on and on...I have no idea whatsoever of how you think the catholic church somehow hurts wimen..prior to Jesus, wimen were treated (and still are in many of those anti-christian places) as animals or worse(wimen are considered EQUAL by catholic doctrine, (they cannot become priests but that does not make them "inferior" in any way)...and you dare to speak about "destructive behaviour"?!? The FFRF and atheism in general have produced and continue to produced the most abominable crimes and destructive behaviour EVER!! hitler, pol pot, stalin..some of the biggest mass-murderers in history were and ARE atheists..what happens when you mix power with atheism? GENOCIDE!! people like you are the ones who would be better served to walk out the door of atheism, relativism, materialism, decadence, believe in nothing mentality(be your own God), loneliness, desperation, pride, sin, rejection of LOVE and of the truth that is JESUS CHRIST, our LORD,yesterday, today and forever. Amen!.

  4. Felapton
    2 years ago

    The two cases are not analogous. Many of the editors at the NYT are themselves Catholic or ex-Catholic, whereas very few are Muslims. Catholics are a substantial universally-accepted plurality of the population at large and of the NYT readership, whereas Muslims are a tiny minority and frequently targeted for hate crimes.

    This is why an ad urging people to think carefully about their commitment to Catholicism is within the limits of civil discourse, whereas an ad urging people to "quit Islam" is not. It's inhospitable and vulgar.

  5. Dan
    2 years ago

    I'm an FFRF member and contributed to make the ad possible. The NY Times is an excellent newspaper, but their decision not to run the anti-Islamic ad is dissapointing. But not one of the comments deals with the substance of the FFRF ad. The Catholic Church promotes policies detrimental to women and protects itself as an institution at the expense of many of its members. Anyone calling themselve Catholic needs to understand that they are enabling this destructive behavior and would be well served to walk out the door.

  6. Rob
    2 years ago

    We are so sensitve, we Catholics. Who cares what the NY times is doing? No suprise where they stand.

  7. Kumar khan
    2 years ago

    pamella geller was absolutely brilliant in exposing the biased anti-catholic, pro-islamic policy of this marxist garbage newspaper. But bullbajer as always, sides with the enemy..If you lived in a muslim or communist hellhole country you would see what bias and oppression is all about even more..indeed you diserve it my friend!

  8. Sue Brooks
    2 years ago

    The ad is outrageous. If I didn't need to read this paper for a school assigment, I would never buy it.

    We should pray for these dangerous editors while peacefully protesting their behavior.

    Jesus will prevail. God loves all people, but He will not tolerate injustice towards His Church; nor will Mary. Count on it.

  9. Syte
    2 years ago

    The NY Times ad was either a bigoted attempt to trash Catholics publicly, or was a last-stab effort at membership expansion by FFRF (joke).
    Parody at:

  10. Joe
    2 years ago

    new york times communism, false liberalism, true fascists,showing their hatemongering false ideology..and yes, cowards as they are too scared of muslim reprisals..the double standarts and shameless dishonesty/hypocrisy are here for all to see.who buys this currupt , decadent, dellusional, manipulative garbage newspaper anyway?

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