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Anti-Christian Attacks Continue: More Mindless Hate Mongering in the Media Comments

According to Larry Doyle of The Huffington Post, the Catholic Church conducts barbaric rituals; its priests wear black robes and cast spells; its devotees eat Jesus meat in a cannibalistic reverie and take orders from the Pope, who is a "former" Nazi, chats with God and will be the real president if Santorum wins. Oh, and Doyle believes that Christians are vicious, ignorant and intolerant. Continue Reading

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  1. JeanCatherine
    3 years ago

    Anyone gets a chance Im at Wordpress: Jean'sBistro2010's blog. A blog set up for Pro-Life and dedicated to the teaching of Jesus Christ and His Bride.

    God Bless everyone.

    By the way the Eucharist is a mystery we dont completely comprehend let alone the above writer mentioned in this article. The scoffers never understood then and they will never understand now as is apparent. The Catechism is the best form of reading about the Eucharist of the early church and the church we have now.

    It has been predicted we would see this today. Persecution of the church has been ongoing. Dont be afraid folks. Trust in the Lord. He will guide us through this. He is bigger than the scoffers of the world.

  2. Mike Stackhous
    3 years ago

    Take it from a former liberal Democratic falling Catholic,and Cultural Protestant Christian if I could not beat you on an issue based on substance I would resort to name calling and cyclical hurtful humor. Keep the faith because you will win and I am an example of that because I swam back across the Tiber River and became a Catholic in June 2011. Praise be to God ,today I considered myself a Catholic Apologists working to bring back fallen Catholics back to the true faith and defend the faith as God wills.

  3. John
    3 years ago

    Larry Doyle is a bigot and as crazy as they come. Nothing else to add.

  4. Roots
    3 years ago

    speaking of black liberation theology, check out a site called the "unfair campaign", but dig deeper than the surface. Check out where this info comes from. This is being implemented in the public schools as we speak. statements such as "all men are created equal" are frowned upon. A guy like Clarence Thomas would basically be called an Uncle Tom, too colorblind-too much into the anglo european mindset. We must get rid of the Anglo-European way of thinking. We must move from ethnocentricity to ethnorelativism. Coming soon to a school near you. (by the way, this includes sexual relativism).

  5. Juneau Alaska
    3 years ago

    Pretty video. A story about hope, love, joy and many other adjectives. Few dispute that. Absent, tellingly, is the word true. Comfort is one thing faith is excellent at. But is it true?

    No evidence of that.

  6. Rex
    3 years ago

    Looks like there is a concerted effort to kick God/Jesus/religion out of our lives as evidence by what is happening in society. My, how that snuck in the back door, but now it is inside the house. It appears people are declaring themselves free from God. I guess when He has heard enough and finally leaves us we will be left to our own devices; probably to destroy ourselves. I suspect we will then say "look what God has done this to us," when in fact we did it to ourselves. I don't look forward to this day and pray Jesus does not allow it to happen...

  7. abey
    3 years ago

    The word "Liberation" is usually associated with freedom from oppression, where as the word "Liberty" is associated with freedom from sin, so theologically the term "Liberation theology" is in error, what ever black, white etc. The type of the mass & beliefs dictated & condemned by this Larry Dole without doubt, with the permission to being encouraged & promoted by his Huffington Post boss/ess, considering the amount of Anti Christian especially AntI Catholic hate feelings all along & in this instance the words of Larry projects actually to "initiations" of freemasonary cults, that which the Catholic Church in its wisdom kept away from, unlike the Anglicans & its Episcopals falling into it, these "'Initiations" in a clear revelation IS condemned by Jesus Christ, for, that which HE condemns remain condemned(any wonder why Obama & his Liberal/Secular gangs are pushing through polices with such undue hast, even to the biblical words-The devil knows that he has not much time) such that this becomes a case where the accuser(s) become the accused, to the ole' saying of the manner"Them who dig a hole, dig it for themselves". More over to the understanding, The Jerusalem Temple was made for the "Arc of the Covenant" & not the arc for the temple, to the Biblical words "For the heaven of heavens cannot contain HIM"

  8. DLL
    3 years ago

    "Talking Heads"! That is the best name that I have ever heard to describe the "Media". The media is always trying to smother each other to be the first to get some form of a sensationalist story out,wether it is the truth or not,as it is all the same to them. False witnesses and prophets with a false faith in nothing but themselves. That is the same kind of group that crucified Christ and is doing the same to Christians today. The lie is the truth and the truth is the lie. Persecute Christians? Why not? it is easy the won't blow your brains out point blank with a gun for burning a Bible as some vengeful religious groups would. Instead they,especially Catholic Christians,will pray for their enemies conversion and they are comanded by a Holy God to forgive their enemies and to pray for them and their conversion.

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