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Anti-Christian Attacks Continue: More Mindless Hate Mongering in the Media Comments

According to Larry Doyle of The Huffington Post, the Catholic Church conducts barbaric rituals; its priests wear black robes and cast spells; its devotees eat Jesus meat in a cannibalistic reverie and take orders from the Pope, who is a "former" Nazi, chats with God and will be the real president if Santorum wins. Oh, and Doyle believes that Christians are vicious, ignorant and intolerant. Continue Reading

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  1. JoAnn
    2 years ago

    Colleen: The words atop the Washington Monument are "Laus Deo" - Praise God. God bless.

  2. six bits
    2 years ago

    Doyle is another atheist . His rantings sound like something coming out of the Middle Ages and earlier.

    Curiously, those who are atheists claim they have no religion. Wrong. Doyle and other non-believers are hateful in 'their religion'. yES, THEY HAVE A RELIGION: hating God and his followers.

    Have never read but have seen reps of the Huffington Post on TV. I thought that it was a legitimate leftist post......not one with maliciously insane writers and manuscripts from the Dark Ages. Now I wonder why it was ever given any credence at all.

  3. Barbara Logan
    2 years ago

    Dear American Catholics - after reading your comments on abortion and the attacks on our Church, I am so encouraged to see that there are still so many who love Truth, Life, Love and are not afraid to speak out in love - thank you from a sister in New Zealand!

  4. vance
    2 years ago

    Michael Terheyden, another great article. Thank you for 'Defining' who the 'Secularists' are. "LIBERALS". This and other websites stick to the generic term 'Secular' to describe 'Liberals' Your article is indeed a shining example of Liberal Establishment's war on the Catholic Church and our Christian Society. Doyle is just one out of many of the Liberal Establishment's hand diabolic puppets doing the dirty work. This is all directed by the "Man Behind the Curtain" the Marxist Democrat Party.

  5. Rob
    2 years ago

    Sadly, this is the usual line of attack that comes from folks like this. Given all the Church has been through since the time of Christ, I think we'll weather this attack. The author makes a good point about control of the media. Unfortunately that shipped sailed a long time ago. News has been hijacked by corporations interested in shock value and ratings more than informing the masses. Maybe it's our fallen nature, but I don't know if pure information delivery is possible given we all look at things through a certain lense. As to the other attacks, what absolutely angers me is that our own hieracrcy is solely resonsible for allowing this priest abuse from persisiting. They have refused to properly clean house so that issue is always out there to beat us over the head. Seems like we start to get past it and then another scandal blows up in our face. But more importantly, it's just another thing that makes are witness harder. But lest we just throw up our hands and play the victim, we do need to realize that we've given our enemies plenty to hurl at us. We have to stop pretending that we don't bear some responsibility for this. We've kept our light under the lampshade for far too long. It's going to take some time to regain the credibility that the priest abuse scandal has caused. And it's also going to take some time to form our own. We seem to have problems in our own house, how in the world can we be effective outside it?

  6. Robert Burford
    2 years ago

    I have some Lutheran friends who are great Christians but criticise my faith because the Catholic Church does not permit non Catholics to receive holy communion. I always carry a small childs sissors in my bible and always offer it so they can cut out the offending words in their bibles. John 6: 51-63 offers the same scenerio that Mr Doyle of the Huffington post proposes. Some of Jesus followers did leave but Peter and the rest of the twelve apostles stayed. Why? Because Jesus has the words of everlasting life. If you do not believe that this is the real body of Jesus like He said it was why do you think that you should receive it? Mr Doyle has no credibliity because Jesus has the words of eternal life. I dont have to understand how Transubstanciation works to believe in the doctrine. The Huffington Post should cut out the offending words in their bibles but then again I am not sure if they have one or have even read a bible.

  7. john
    2 years ago

    Wow...this Doyle guy should join up with that other hateful so-called comedian Bill Maher..they could be the hateful version of Abbott and Costello.Ignorance is bliss is'nt it Mr.Doyle.It's folks like you that only strenghten and confirm our faith..your also unwillingly fullfilling Christ said..if they hate you ,,remember that the world hated me well as the prophesies of the coming persecution of the is a man who will gladly stoke the fires of hatred and call for the brutalization of men,women and children simply because of religious belief.Who is the real nazi here Mr.Doyle?

  8. Rosered13
    2 years ago

    His wild theories and insulting lanuage remind me of Luther...

  9. J. Dickinson
    2 years ago

    I know that our Lord said we should pray for and forgive those who persecute us, but it appears to me that Larry Doyle sounds like a card-carrying member of the Klan. After reading Doyle's column "The Jesus Eating Cult of Rick Santorum" that's the only conclusion I can arrive at.

  10. Colleen
    2 years ago

    It is unfortunate that so many Catholics voted for and probably continue to vote for those on the left. Their ultimate goal is to replace God with government ala marxism/communism. In America, they have been attacking us for 100 years at least. Acceptance of equal justice instead of equal rights in our Church is dangerous because equal justice is a tool to marxism/communism. What I would dearly love to see is a rekindling of interest in the founding of these United States by the Church. Divine Providence was how this country was created. 3 signers of the Constitution were Catholic and 1 signer of the Declaration of Independence was a Catholic. All of the signers were devout Christians even Benjamin Franklin. Public schools are not teaching the truth about this country and it's Judeo-Christian foundation and founders. They are remaking history on purpose. The founders had 10,000 bibles printed so that school children could study the bible in school. Christian masses were performed in the Capitol building early on. Let's teach our children these and other truths and facts in our Churches and groups. Question: What is written on the top of the Washington Monument?

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